Donald Trump calls biographer a "maggot" as dispute ramps up

  1. Trump's word on the one side, anyone else's word on the other. I know which one I'm betting on 99.999% of the time.

  2. I'll remember that the next time some progressive laments how underhanded and uncivilized the right wing is.

  3. Trump steals everything he can get his hands on, big or small. Not sure if it's driven by extreme narcissism or he's just a cleptomaniac.

  4. It's because for years he's been living like Henry Hill near the end of Goodfellas when the helicopter is circling and she's flushing the coke down the toilet.

  5. Donald Trump was my first experience of hearing an adult politician use school yard vernacular and name calling. I hoped it to be my last but it seems to have become a feature for Republicans and this shitheel started it.

  6. I am what you would call a seasoned person and I could not believe his vocabulary. It grated on me his four pathetic years in office and it still does. How he won in the first place is beyond baffling to me because he is a narcissistic con man, and other descriptive words that I can't say here.

  7. In all honesty, I am surprised he's still kicking. Between a diet you know is garbage, zero exercise, and you'd think the stress from all the law troubles would be adding up...I'm legitimately surprised a massive heart attack or stroke hasn't hit him.

  8. The irony of these people getting upset about a private corporation exercising the freedom to choose which content it allows on its platform is palpable...

  9. They're not mutually exclusive - he can be a turd and she can be a maggot. Like many others, she knew of massive fraud and incompetence going on but decided to keep it private until she could cash in on it.

  10. Reports of Trump scandals and crimes have been constant for years now. I cannot imagine anything being different if Maggie had disclosed anything earlier. No minds would change. Nobody would be made suddenly aware of his document theft that wasn't already aware.

  11. US intelligence services should hold trump in a small room and fill him up with sodium Pentothal and find out who has seen , or who else has those missing documents.

  12. Coming from a traitor, thief, documented liar, draft dodger, misogynist, tax evader, and all around cheat.

  13. This is really like Homelander realizing his followers still love him when he’s being his unadulterated shitbag self.

  14. It's only slander if they cannot show proof. In Trump's case there is a ton of evidence to back her up. That's why Trump yells I'll sue but then never files the suit. Also in a slander trial the defendant can subpoena all of Trump's records and it would destroy him

  15. This is how you know this is a lowdown motherfucker. His own flesh and blood. If he will publicly insult his own family like this, he’s what my grandmother would call “A real piece of shit.”

  16. He didn’t call her a maggot. He changed ‘Maggie’ to ‘Maggot’. A third grade level dig.

  17. Gosh, "maggot" doesn't sound like a unifying phrase from a Unifier in Chief to me. Is Trump dividing us ?

  18. obviously maggie haberman got it all correct or he wouldn't be losing what's left of his tiny, diseased brain. (not much.)

  19. Trump is a child and just can't handle the truth about anything. I'm surprised he didn't call the biographer a loser since that seems to be the only comeback he has.

  20. I thought I was going to be clever by calling him a vagina neck but I did a quick google search first and his face popped up in the image search.

  21. Haberman is a nepotism hire, but despite that she’s a pretty good journalist. She won the Pulitzer for a story that never happened, that Russia collusion baloney that was never proven.

  22. Post this on your real account. If you have any other opinion of any Doocy linked with Faux News then it's likely you are in the same category.

  23. Haberman and her access journalism helped to build up Trump and now she's cashing in. Hate to say it but o can't disagree with him.

  24. I love this guy. Who the fuck has the balls to say this shit lmfao. He could have been a fucking comedian, it’s fucking gold, the funniest shit is when the anti trumpers get all mad, it makes me laugh 😂

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