Trump is offering to 'head up' a group to negotiate peace between Russia and Ukraine

  1. How awesome would it be to set up a Punk'd-style show where they tell Donnie he can do this, and then hire a bunch of people to play negotiators and film the whole thing. All the actors would act like he's the smartest and most brilliant person alive and everyone would cave to every demand. Let him forge the deal he wants, and then broadcast it all.

  2. Be interesting to see what kind of charges could come out of something like that. Is there even a way that he could get himself in legal trouble on this show? Like could you get him to sign a paper or say something treasonous to the fake Russians? Is it negated by it being entrapment even if it's private citizens filming the show? I don't know diddly, but how many minutes do you think it would take for Sacha Baron Cohen to trick Trump into prison?

  3. It would be a total mind-fuck to see the teams coming out of the negoiations and announce that they have agreed that the US Presidential elections were fake.

  4. "Ukraine gets to keep it's sovereignty, in exchange the United States will now be under Kremlin authority to which I, Donald Trump will be govenor-King of."

  5. Ukraine gives up all contested regions, and all they have to do is announce that Trump won in 2020, and Biden is under investigation.

  6. Breaking news: Donald Trump negotiates deal that will have Russia assist the 2024 US election in an effort to ensure a free and fair election.

  7. He's just looking for an excuse to leave the US for a non-extradition country at this point, without looking like he's fleeing.

  8. He still thinks he matters in terms of anything related to politics and he thinks the government will say "OMG He is offering his help!! We are all now saved!! Thanks, Voldemoron!!" What a fucking narcissistic asshole.

  9. Trump fleeing to Russia is like the only worst case scenario imagined when he became president that's left to actually happen.

  10. I would say that's nonsense, but he literally rode out Ian at Mar-A-Lago so he could get out of today's deadline to get deposed for the New York lawsuit.

  11. Just me? Or does everyone who reads headlines with Trump in them more than not says to themselves, "This fuckin guy...."

  12. You probably already know this, but many people here might not--Trump went to the USSR in 1987, ostensibly to explore a Trump Tower Moscow, and was feted by the Kremlin. They certainly collected kompromat on him, because that's what the KGB always did, and the only reason they would have taken such an interest in him that they groomed him and invited him there for a nonsensical deal that could never happen.

  13. If Trump was president now I bet we would be aiding Russia with the invasion of Ukraine. In fact we would probably be on a trajectory toward WW3 with it being USA and Russia against the rest of the world.

  14. That's what I was thinking. All a ruse for trump to seek asylum in Russia, maybe even seek citizenship there. Trump heard Edward Snowden was granted Russian citizenship and got all jelly because he thought he was daddy putin's favorite minion.

  15. “I bet this would involve some funds I can misappropriate uh donations. Auto-recurring donations. Also please no oversight, because gubmint bad and things!”

  16. Sounds like Trump has ample time to do his document review after all. This would seem to fly in the face of his requests for additional time to Cannon and Dearie. But whatever Trump wants. He's the golden bronze child that can apparently do any and every wrong with zero consequences.

  17. It's a deal between Putin and his puppet. 'Komrad I stop, they vote you back in, then you give me everything...' Trump stops kissing his feet and says ' of course'.

  18. Hey. Guys, guys. Putin wants a way out where it looks like it's his decision. Trump wants a touchdown so he can celebrate in the end zone and secure the presidency. This is exactly what this is. It's not an escape. It's securing power, exactly like when Putin had the Dem servers hacked. Putin needs Trump to win if he wants a slim chance to snap back from this epic failure.

  19. I have so many questions: What is Trump Charging besides total immunity to all prosecutions? Is Zelensky going to have to stand trail in Moscow for being difficult? Is Trump going to appoint himself the new President of the Ukraine? Will we have to give Alaska back to Russia as part of the negotiations? Has he offered to expose Hunter Biden as the true culprit behind the special police action? It boggles the mind.

  20. Can you imagine Trump as an “honest broker” in a negotiation? In any negotiation? He lies routinely, reflexively, and instinctively. He doesn’t read. He can’t be trusted to maintain confidential information. He’s always and only out for himself. He’s literally the last person to select for a job like that. Seriously, we’d be better off giving the job to a Kardashian, or a random fifth-grader, or your uncle who always gets drunk on Thanksgiving. Anyone.

  21. I have 0% belief that Trump will do anything that would be useful, more likely the opposite. Most likely he sees some kind of way to make money off of it.

  22. You know how it would go,remember him calling his fallen troops suckers and loser’s in Normandy if he would that for his own troops,do not discount Helsinki when he threw his own National Security team under the bus,imagine the plight of Ukraine did he ever forgive them for not digging up dirt on Biden? Putin would love for him to take over just like over 40% would,he may get his chance.

  23. They also forget how Trump ignored the intelligence reg as regarding Putin's bounty on dead American servicemen. Or the release of Taliban and Isis prisoners that our troops died to capture. Or the fact that he negotiated the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Or that he wanted to prevent the shipment of weapons and military supplies to Ukraine as they were already under siege at their border. And on and on and on and on his demonstrations of admiration and validating support for the dictators of the world while consistently insulting and tearing down our allies.

  24. We can send Rodman too while we’re at it and can take care of that whole north/South Korea thing while we’re at it, that would be great.

  25. bc he did such a great job w ukraine before? come on orangeman...we all know your bro-mance with putin.... what an absolute wait...youll coerce ukraine to dig up dirt on biden or youll let russia do whatever they want...yup that went well too

  26. This would literally be the same as if Lukashenka was the mediator. Basically 2 Putins negotiating with Zel

  27. Ha! Here, let me guide the process according to these people in whose pocket I very obviously am. I swear I'll be fair and balanced. Who does he think he's kidding?!?

  28. Is he hoping that if Putin gets his pickle tickled that things will simmer down? Someone needs to break it to Trump: the only reason Putin talked to him was because of the damage he could do to the US. Now that he's out, Putin's already got any number of post-surgery-Ivanka-level hotties to give his pickle all the tickling he can handle.

  29. He liked the whole golden shower experience that he'll just about give any excuse to go back there. It's either that, or he's got some documents to deliver to a certain non extradition country.

  30. Sure. That will work; who is more qualified than a narcissistic, traitorous, morally corrupt failure of a person?

  31. Trump is the best negotiator there is. I’d definitely let him try. Most redditors have no idea of his list of accomplishments while in office.

  32. Good way to end all life in this solar system, and probably the next one over after they die of laughter.

  33. I propose we help the guy. Send him in a big yellow and blue shirt 🎽 right to the front lines. He'll make a great impression. I mean a big impression. Like, you know, you'll need something to pull him out of the impression is what I'm trying to say.

  34. He needs to go there to have a meeting on how to win the election again with Krem de la Kremlin’s help

  35. Is there going to be Ukraine after those negotiations? I already see him patting himself how smart he is and how his brilliant diplomatic skills stopped the war.

  36. His idea of a deal would be that Russia gets all the territory they've claimed to annex, and Ukraine gives him made-up dirt on Biden and DeSantis.

  37. Trumps brolove of Putin makes this a farce. If Trump where President we the United states would've been either neutral or helped Putin. This war for Trump is a major chess piece. But as you know you need to be skilled and knowledgeable to play chess and Trump is lacking dearly in such skill.

  38. This the same Trump who got impeached for trying to extort Ukraine for dirt on Hunter Biden? Yeah, that'd go swimmingly.

  39. He didn’t negotiate anything while in office and he tore up every deal he touched and didn’t repeal or replace the ACA. This MFer can’t get anything done.

  40. Trump can't negotiate shit. He's going to tell Putin to offer what they want and then just not give it to them. That's his technique got everything.

  41. And amazingly the road to peace involves both a Hotel Branding in Moscow and finding Hunter Biden's laptop. Of course he will need donations to help bring this plan to action.

  42. You mean the traitor trump will talk to his community buddies who clearly have black mail on him and the entire GQP? No thanks

  43. I am pretty sure that Ukraine would very politely decline and maybe ask him to 'do them a favor though' before considering moving foward.

  44. I don't think Ukraine needs tangerine traitor. The terms seem pretty clear. Russia can gtfo our keep throwing corpses at this war.

  45. This will be as successful as when Jarrod was anointed the task of bringing peace to the Middle East.

  46. Holy fuck people. None of you here seem to have any idea what’s actually at stake. Putin just rewrote the Russian policy for a first strike nuclear attack to include protecting territory. He just put a (sham) vote out to the people of the Donetsk about being part of Russia. He now has the complete ability to say that this war is violating Russian territory and be able to send a nuke to Ukraine under the guise of this re-written policy. Do any of you understand this at all?

  47. Good thing the world is remote now. Im sure he'll be able to use the prison conference room in between building a volleyball court for the farve family.

  48. Until the last Russian is pushed back from the internationally recognized borders of Ukraine, there can be no peace. Only resistance and bloodshed.

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