China shows an alternative feed when fans are shown on the main World Cup feed, to avoid showing unmasked people

  1. They do censor stuff, of course, but what they also (used to?) do on Chinese TV is only allow a strict 90 minute slot in the schedule for a film.

  2. The ending to the Chinese version of fight club is that the Chinese police stormed in and arrested everyone and saved the day. This was available as a text card. No joke

  3. My FIL (Chinese immigrant) thinks it's not about COVID anymore but about it being a loyalty test to the government. Also, apparently the Chinese government has a track record of not wanting to admit they're wrong.

  4. There is a multitude of reasons here... Firstly, China has probably the strongest face culture in the world where an admission of fault loses face for the government which cannot happen. There is always either a scapegoat or nothing wrong has happened. Xi wants to make beating covid his big achievement for his reign and if he backs down now it would be too much of a humiliation. That's why they won't show other countries already beat it.

  5. China's vaccines don't work as well with the new strains of COVID and more importantly there is a low vaccination rate among old people who are the most likely to die They calculate they'd be millions of deaths if they opened the country up and weighed this against the economic slowdown and obviously bad effects on younger people, especially the lockdown fire that killed people not long ago.

  6. Because they have set the virus up as the enemy. That means there are only two outcomes: victory, where the virus is eradicated, and defeat, where the virus is allowed to continue existing. At this point, the party believes that if they relax restrictions then they will have "lost" the fight against COVID.

  7. I remember a time here on reddit where casting doubt on a zero covid strategy was massively downvoted or resulted in an outright ban. I would say China's doing exactly what most redditors wanted to do.

  8. It actually has to do with a lot of the underdeveloped parts of the country. China is a highly paradoxical country, in that it has some of the most modern, high-tech cities in the world, and then you go to other parts of the country and they’re still stuck in the 1950’s. Most of those parts of the country are still something like over 80% unvaccinated and only until recently have some of them had their first major outbreak. The Chinese vaccines for the most part aren’t as effective as the western ones, and if there was a major COVID outbreak there, it would absolutely decimate those rural areas that don’t have a lot of medical infrastructure.

  9. In the beginning, I thought maybe they knew something about it that we didn’t. Maybe covid antibodies stay dormant and we all become zombies in the year 2040. My tinfoil hat is showing.

  10. I think we have to admit, that so far the zero COVID strategy has worked well for China. The issue with this strategy is that you never reach flock immunity. Now they either have to start vaccinating thoroughly or keep the very strict restrictions. And since the rest of the world have started relaxing the restrictions it becomes harder to avoid contamination from outside. I guess it's not possible for the Chinese government to admit that this is indeed the situation, leaving the people very angry.

  11. less than a year ago the discourse on reddit would have been all in favour of of zero-covid and permanent masking.

  12. China really sucks and makes me worried for the future of their citizens and the citizens of their enemy countries. This is scary twisted.

  13. It's darkest before the dawn. All Xi's increased control is backfiring on him, just like the excessive control of the Iranian regime. Both of those along with Putin could crumble faster than we think. What replaces it will be interesting.

  14. I feel bad for the people right now in lockdowns though. It’s inhumane. Watching this feed is just manipulative as fuck too, it’s just sad.

  15. Not china, china is a multicultural country with dozens of ethnicities and a beautiful heritage. Fuck the CCP and it's followers

  16. Fuck us. We buy so much shit from China. Damn near everything in the USA is China made. China supports slave labor and tyranny? We buy all their shit so we support all that

  17. Research has come out that confirms the chines market would rather see the reactions of coaches and players over random fans. Tbh I made that up.

  18. While I think that it is bad that they do it for the wrong reason. I actually prefer see the play. Sometimes the main stream misses quickly executed free kicks or corner kicks. While showing fans.

  19. Can't have the Chinese population learning that the rest of us have moved on while they remain under extreme lockdown.

  20. Sigh. I find this rich. Covid is in its deadliest time yet where I live. Literally has not been worse and we have absolutely 0 precautions. We're literally having classes of kids needing to congregate in gyms or stay home because there's not enough staff healthy enough.

  21. So my wife is Chinese and we both use the same app (weixin) for texting. Since my account is connected to a US number, I can send and view videos of the protests going on there. If I send the to my wife, the videos just wont show up on her end. She had to screen record my phone to send them out.

  22. Chinise cadres literally read that and sayed "I like where this is going, but needs more Chinese characteristics" and made it 1mil times worse

  23. and almost 10k upvotes with everyone being angry... when a quick google search shows that this is straight up a lie. And this is dangerous because it can make other real allegations about the CCP seem illegitimate.

  24. Are they out of focus wide shots of the audience or close up shots of unmasked audience members? I'm hearing the former is allowed and the latter is not.

  25. More anti Chinese propaganda drumming up hate against China. China really sucks but why do we have to resort to these brain washing tactics on our own people?

  26. China is just doing what most governments wished they could do. If it wasn’t for “misinformation” creating a global pushback against covid measures we’d still be wearing masks and dealing with lockdowns.

  27. Kind of terrifying that any broadcast could do this to us without us even knowing it. Maybe in China they are all like: Look how the West cuts to the audience to avoid showing the coach's authority over the team.

  28. Imagine if there were only a few companies that controlled media outlets around the country and they were owned by billionaire oligarchs with more influence than the government and who were choosing to disseminate information that solely benefitted themselves. That would be insane, undemocratic and a sign of a state that had failed to protects its people.

  29. Commercial broadcasters would probably choose video streams that contain the perimeter billboards around the stadium, so they can serve more ads leveraging virtual advertising tech. While official streams (FIFA/Qatari) might show how people are enjoying games, so people forget all the controversies.

  30. Not the same. Here we are actually allowed to discuss it. This thread, the one we are commenting on, with people from all around the world? Not allowed there. They can’t access Reddit or Twitter. They can’t be exposed to the foreign internet.

  31. are we sure it’s to not show unmasked people or is it to not show people having fun - both seem to be outlawed in china

  32. I’m honestly curious.. what info is there available that suggests the feed is different due to Chinese censorship in relation to masks? I’m seeing non masked people on both feeds and different countries do have different directors and camera crews during international sporting events.. I really just want to know why mask /Covid censorship is the go to here?

  33. This looks like a broadcast of field action only. They're not censoring the people on the sidelines, they're just excluding the crowd. I wish they'd do this for the NFL. Also, who cares and how did you wind yourself up into this?

  34. Well not even half a year ago Covid was killing hundreds of thousands of people. Not it’s not. What’s your point

  35. It's amazing people are still so naive that they think the media can't be/isn't manipulated. Even in America the other video showing all the different news outlets reading the exact same script and and yet they (at the most) will still say it's something only china and Russia etc would do and not their beloved democracy

  36. Nice work china, and this will definitely work too because not one single person from China owns a cell phone and knows anyone else anywhere else on earth who might take an interest in the World Cup, and can send a pic or vid.

  37. Isn't it kinda scary? With Covid being on the cusp of becoming endemic (though some might argue it has already become endemic this summer) and the whole world being ready for that, China is probably the only country still trying to stick to a Zero Covid strategy. Most other countries had strong vaccination efforts + community transmission and that ultimately helped defeat the virus. I don't think there are many people in the West that did not have multiple contact points with the virus. You either had the jab (or multiple jabs), the virus or a combination of both. Ultimately, we are all ready to move on - apart from China where lacklustre vaccination efforts and uber strict lockdowns ensured that many, many people in their population never had any contact to the virus. China is essentially still stuck in 2020 and the question is how long they are going to stick to a failed strategy (if the goal is to enable living with the virus) and learn what the rest of the world did. Even more cautious countries like New Zealand or South Korea never went full China.

  38. I fucking knew it!!! I was watching the France-Denmark match from here in Beijing and they just simply refused to show replays of the first goal. They just showed two straight minutes of the French manager and i thought what the fuck? Why aren't they showing a replay? Then i saw the replay on YouTube and they had all the fans cheering. I didn't put two and two together but I knew something was fishy.

  39. Surprised they were broadcasting at all since China couldn’t even qualify. Imagine if Olympics were happening this year? Blocking and scrubbing out all the masks for an event like that would be a mindfuck.

  40. Is that the stated reason, or do they just think it’s silly to show fans instead of players, coaches, and officials during the game?

  41. Who else remembers that china was flexing that they were "covid less" about a year ago? Pieces of shit invited international news programs over to flex while the rest of the world was dealing with their illness.

  42. I genuinely forgot about this. Now that you mentioned, yes, I do remember. I remember watching a load of people in China at some kind of water event and everyone was jam packed together, maskless. During that time Covid was at its peak in the West and China was trying to portray how safe it was, that they had kept the virus away, and that it’s citizens were enjoying life whist the West was having a hard time.

  43. I worked in the 2016 Olympics in Rio for OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Services) and I can give a little insight of this.

  44. China bad? nah, not really. keep pissing yourselves about China, dipshits. Keep blaming all the problems of your rich countries on China and whoever else you can think of.

  45. fuck all you anti China morons who will eat up any small/stupid lie just to hate China more. You fucking losers.

  46. It's like 9/11 where we were all patriotic until we got the bill for a $2 trillion war and saw our freedoms were taken away.

  47. countries like russia and china want their citizens to basically live in VR, a world that's actually a prison but everything around them gives the faint illusion of freedom despite being totally fake.

  48. So now Reddit suddenly turned and find China's zero-covid policy and mask mandates infuriating? You cunts were ready to crucify each other for not wearing a mask 6 months ago.

  49. True. But to be fair US channels superimposed masks on the crowd in sporting events over the past two years. Did you guys memoryhole that already?

  50. Sorry, but I'm out of the loop about this China mask thing... is this the same as anti-maskers here in the U.S., or is there really no good reason for them to continue wearing them now in China?

  51. China is still welding apartment complex doors shut when people get COVID, and if you get COVID, you and everyone youve been around is quarantined, plus everyone they were around.

  52. This video is dumb propaganda from the Epoch Times/Falun Gong people and misses the real issues going on in China now. Chinese lockdowns are harsh and recently caused a number of deaths by locking people in a burning building. The government just says they found a case and will lock your whole neighborhood in for a period of time. My brother-in-law (Chinese) has to travel between provinces for work and is subject to constant hotel lockdowns. He joined the protests you may have seen yesterday because many people have been jumping out windows as they face eviction due to being unable to leave home to go to work. Their problem isn’t masks.

  53. China has maintained a zero covid policy, meaning when a case is detected entire buildings or neighbourhoods, factories etc are locked down and locked down hard. Plus the Chinese vaccine is not a good vaccine, not as good as the one we use anyway. So the people would get extremely pissed off if they see that the rest of the world is not wearing masks. Keep in mind they already are extremely pissed off because of 2 plus years of hard lockdown and are on the verge of rioting (protests are currently afoot). So the government doesn't want the people to have more ammunition to riot.

  54. I have friends watching the world cup in China - they told me there are plenty of shots of the crowd. This is such a dumb conspiracy theory, so easily disproven.

  55. Doesnt all network show different feed since there is many cameras so its just pick and choose what to show, China gov pays for their network so they show what the gov wants to show

  56. Nope. There will generally be one big setup with all the cameras covering the game. Every country gets that as a feed, and will have their own cameras for presenters and so on.

  57. downvote me all you want. all i’m seeing is people saying china sucks, yet if you were to reverse this to about half a year ago people would be praising them. shits crazy

  58. The virus came from china, what if they know something we don't and their zero covid policy is actually a secret government agenda to prevent their people from another virus that will then cause a global genocide where only the overly protected chinese citizen survive? /aluhat

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