This crowd has gathered in a stadium in Afghanistan’s Logar province, not for a game but to watch public execution by the Taliban. Stadiums previously home to sports events are now used for hanging, shooting, stoning, amputation, and flogging by the Taliban.

  1. Damn. That poor woman survived by the skin of her teeth multiple times, only to have her family murdered in front of her at the end. Heartbreaking. How can one go on after that

  2. The Saudis carry out public executions too. They often do it on street corners via beheading. In 2022 81 people were executed in a mass execution some of them charged with holding "deviant beliefs".

  3. That's hella gnarly but a segment of Americans would love that. I was once outside a prison when people gathered there for an execution and some people were singing Amazing Grace and others were drunk and chanting FRY HIS ASS etc. It was a circus and it was disgusting.

  4. The Ticketmaster scalpers make it almost impossible to afford a ticket. $1,500 for a General Admission ticket to a flogging? Ridiculous.

  5. I take your point, but "interesting" does not mean "nice". Bad things can be interesting, and good things can be boring. I don't like my nightmares, but I can't deny that they're interesting.

  6. These stadiums were previously used for executions and sports before the US invasion but this headline makes it seem like the executions are a new thing.

  7. They used to do this in Iran too when I lived there, but eventually stopped it due to public backlash. I remember walking home from school one day and the streets were closed off so that people were forced to stand and wait for the authorities to reopen it, as a result a large crowd was formed who had no idea what was happening. Suddenly they brought a guy and executed him in front of everyone, afterwards they opened the streets again. I cried for days. Even thought I turned my face away I could hear him begging and asking for his mom.

  8. What year is it? This is such a weird timeline. We have the internet to watch this horrible stone aged activity take place.

  9. Attendance might be mandatory. It is a very harsh regime. The government probably would object if no one came to their public hangings.

  10. At least 12 people have been flogged by the Taliban in Afghanistan this week in a football stadium for committing “moral crimes”, it was reported. The civilians included three women who were flogged in front of hundreds of onlookers inside the stadium in Afghanistan’s Logar.

  11. Serious answer: Standard of living for ordinary Afghani people skyrocketed thanks to the work that went into infrastructure, education, governance. Infant deaths plummeted, the number of children, especially girls, attending school went up massively (until it began to stagnate and then drop again in the last years before the Taliban took over, primarily because they increased attacks on schoolchildren), literacy increased, malnutrition dropped, etc. Cities enjoyed an enormous economic boom, although this also meant that large slums developed as impoverished people from the countryside flocked into population centers.

  12. there were plenty of people genuinely interested in a mission of nation-building... just had to learn the hard way you can't build someone else's nation for them without their eager participation.

  13. Talked to an Afghanistan vet just a couple hours ago, it's really a shit show. He didn't see a purpose in what they did there either anymore - which is honestly heartbreaking, considering he spent quite some time over there, risking his life for others.

  14. Defense contractors made boat loads of money while also restricting some of our “freedoms” and gave the evangelicals a glimpse of how their ideal world would go. That seems to sum it up.

  15. How is this news? This is exactly what they were doing before we got there. They waited us out, and now are right back to where they were in 2001.

  16. You consider this to be “interesting as fuck” and not completely devastating or infuriating?? What a weird thing to post for imaginary internet points. I’m an Afghan-American, those are my people they’re executing.

  17. The ONLY thing I agree with what Trump said. There are definitely shithole countries out there. Mostly the ones that embrace theocracies and autocracies.

  18. They had their shot at a better life. They didn't take advantage of it. They should have fought harder for their country.

  19. Football (soccer) is huge in afghanistan. Taliban are huge football fans. They do the religious punishments after after midday prayers and before football games to maximise attendance and morale.

  20. And that same caliber of sadistic, extremist, lunatic loves right here in the states... They're just Christian instead of Muslim... and this is what they want.

  21. Fucking disgusting all in the name of religion. Absolutely disguising. The minute they came out of hiding we should have ambushed them and took em out.

  22. The people who go to these things are just as fucked up as the people performing them honestly. Whatever inspires someone to go watch that is beyond sanity

  23. We used to go watch public executions in the west too once upon a time. And then we moved on. Something these backwards-ass religious extremist countries seem utterly incapable of doing. At least the women in Iran have had enough, and I sincerely hope they're successful.

  24. Taliban was leading with 3 decapitated heads till half time and scored 2 more heads after half..civilians unfortunately went out headless.

  25. They wanted it, they got it. The US spent billions training their military, and what happens? Five assholes in a jeep overthrow the nation. If they're not willing to fight for their cointry, AT ALL, they don't deserve it.

  26. This is the truth. It is also why we never should have gone into Afghanistan or Iraq. Just Zero Dark Thirty OBL and be done. When those people are ready for freedom, they will fight for it. Until then, everyone is just wasting time, money, and lives.

  27. There must be a silently understood threshold for where political correctness gets left at the door to deal with this kind of inhuman bullshit.

  28. Imagine going to get flogged by barbarians in a stadium for violating their primitive, backwards rules and thinking "I'm one of the lucky ones."

  29. Just drop a healthy sized nuke, that'll take care of these gimps that are clearly stuck in the stone ages

  30. What barbaric animals. The pure scum of the earth. It’s like the Stone Age brought to the modern world, and the scum of the Stone Age.

  31. I think it's well deserved. they had active support of most powerful military in the world to defeat Taliban but that initiative didn't gain much support among the majority. welp, enjoy

  32. All those people coming to watch kind of explains why we left. Pretty soon they'll back polo played with severed heads.

  33. Don’t know why reddit is obsessed with putting stuff like this on my feed. There are intellectual arguments in favor of harsh penalties. Even mainstream media outlets (that normally are critical of the current regime) have recently mentioned that the new government has successfully lowered crime by a huge margin. Meanwhile here in USA, murderers like the white supremacist buffalo shooter is still alive and eating in prison from the citizens tax dollars. Let’s fix our problems in our own countries before obsessing over a country on the other side of the world.

  34. Love Middle Age. Seriously, they have oil. Why there’s not a big country in the world (won’t say a name) to liberate them and bring them peace ?

  35. In a thousand years this will be in the background of numerous dating profiles just like the coliseum is today

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