A teenager from Madhya Pradesh, India has an ultra rare condition called 'werewolf syndrome' (hypertrichosis). This uncurable condition is so rare that it is believed that only 50 people have had it since the Middle Ages.

  1. Damn man, is this where legends of werewolves come from? Extremely jacked murderous hermit with a rare condition?

  2. Imagine him getting in shape and playing Football or Basketball. Dude would be a instant star even if he was just average. Kids would make their parents buy tickets just to see The Wolfman.

  3. Wow, to be honest, if he can get good, he has a potential to become most known fitness influential. Especially nowadays. I really wish he could turn this into something good for him, cant imagine what a struggle it has been.

  4. That's what I thought. It's all downy like baby hair. I wonder how it ages. It makes him look more like a teddy bear than someone with a genetic anomaly.

  5. I thought the same. I was also thinking some people have a thing for furries so I’m sure he’ll find someone to admire that glorious mane.

  6. An option, but laser hair removal on his face would possibly be better. I'd hope he would be able to embrace it and rock it like MJF in Teen Wolf.

  7. It just grows right back. Imagine having to shave your entire face daily. Would get old pretty quick and kids are usually frowned upon for handling razors.

  8. I was born with a cleft pallet which made my nose a little flatter than normal and I don't talk normal. So I can attest... Yes, kids are mean. But towards adulthood it gets better. Not great but better. I still get looks.

  9. He can youtube as a werewolf or Bigfoot. But one can get tired of making wolf noises, and the other will be chat wanting feet pics....

  10. Poor kid. Hope there is a cure or at least some form of treatment to help his condition. He’s still got a lot of time ahead of him so hopefully he can get help as science progresses.

  11. I wish this was a much more common and celebrated thing among human species, like vitiligo or something. Looks hella cool.

  12. If a medieval person with the same condition was teased and bullied their whole life for looking different, it wouldn't be a giant leap to see why they would be inclined to run around at night scaring and enacting vengeance on people!

  13. Most legends have some origins in reality. Then with a gigant game of telephone and a little extra pepper for seasoning you take an easily explained situation and create myths and legends.

  14. Probably this and unrelated cases of rabies. Dark age serial killers can also be credited with spawning stories of werewolves and vampires.

  15. I like him. I think he looks rad! Bro fuck the mean comments and weird looks. You are one of a kind. Embrace your appearance and make it your strength!

  16. Once you get past the rareness of how it looks, it’s actually not that weird..?? Kinda looked good in fact!

  17. People aren't bringing this up, but there is a group for him. He may not want to be part of it, but he'd find some level of fame in it.

  18. Yeah it’s interesting how most animals that we find cute are hairy, think dogs and cats, rabbits, hamsters and such, and the ones that are bald we mostly find creepy or ugly, but then we humans ourselves are mostly hairless too

  19. I knew about the Mexican brothers from an episode of the X Files. I'd never heard about the Canadians. I'd think it far more likely that there are 50 people in the world NOW with the condition rather than the assertion that there have been 50 people in the last 1000 years. That seems like an unsupportable claim.

  20. Hypertrichosis itself isn’t rare. There are many forms - I’m guessing this specific form may be rare, but I doubt it’s that rare.

  21. In the Hallmark movie of this guy's life story, he moves back home from the big city and falls in love with the town's hairdresser.......

  22. Nah. His Christmas wish is to be normal and Santa makes it come true. He then sees that the grass isn’t greener on the other side. Finally he’s comfortable in his own skin and then suddenly he gets hit by a car driven by Hershel Walker. Werewolves might kill vampires but demented ex football players kill werewolves.

  23. No, there's tons of other people throughout documented history who have had it and I read about this one Chinese guy who was born in 1849 and passed away in 1928 while he was living with the condition, meaning he lived to be 79 years old

  24. Agreed. Despite or maybe because of some sadness in the eyes. Growing up any kind of different is traumatizing, especially something so visible.

  25. Maybe. But laser is expensive. I’m in the same state as he is and his dad is a farmer. So no way they have enough money for multiple laser treatments.

  26. Electrolysis hair removal is the only permanent method of hair removal, so laser wouldn’t be as effective. You have to zap the follicles individually with the implement, and it takes a long time to get it all, especially with how thick that looks

  27. From an evolutionary perspective this is interesting. Imagine he passed his genes on and in a few thousand years this was the new norm.

  28. I would go to gym, shape well and then look like freaking badass beast. Let’s be honest, nowadays people have so weird kinks. It would be probably not that difficult to find girl or two who likes furry stuff and would go crazy about own werewolf.

  29. I’m fascinated. I’d love to spark one up with him. But that might be dangerous with the fire and hair so maybe a few drinks, if he is within the legal age of course food anything. Just to hang out and ask and get to know what life is like through his lens

  30. Idk if furry chicks would give you a very fulfilling sex life. A sex life, sure. Idk about fulfilling though.

  31. It is not uncurable because it is not a disease: it is a condition just like eye color. People suffer no health danger or harm because of it except the social impact of it. Many men that have it shave all the face. Women are also affected but far less.

  32. I remember a family of Mexican boys back in the 90s having some popularity over this condition. It’s weird to me that anybody would be bullied over this because they look super fucking rad. That Michael J Fox Teen Wolf Movie is all I could think about when I saw them and I remember being a kid and praying that god would bless me with this so I could wear a letterman jacket and be popular at school.

  33. Those men proud of thick beards would be put to shame by this dude. He just needs to embrace it.. get jacked and maybe some hair gel.

  34. The hair grows more quickly than a normal beard or body hair would i believe, it would be stubbley and itchy all the time if he tried to keep up with it I would imagine. Not to mention time consuming and expensive in hair removal products. Shaving the sensitive skin on your face especially around your eyes regularly seems like It would be damaging too, imagine all the ingrown hairs.

  35. Interesting as I have seen this like 5 times in my lifespan through tv, internet and magazines… granted that’s not many but the Middle Ages were about 1000 years ago. The math just doesn’t add up to me

  36. I live in a small town in Brazil, and my dad told me that when he was a kid there were rumors about an old lady that didn't use to leve her house often, and some people said she was a werewolf woman. I always wondered if she had this syndrome.

  37. Honestly tho, if he looks in the right places he can certainly find love. You can see his eyes and lips, the rest is just a really big beard aside from the nose. But how often do you interact with your partners nose?

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