Hundreds of sheep have been walking around in circles for 12 days in mongolia

  1. Honestly sheep are known to circle because they follow whatever sheep butt is before them, when stressed. There are all sorts of videos of them running around cars circling it because that is where the first sheep ran. The more concerning part is they haven't done something to break it up.

  2. Predator nearby; caribou do the same thing when a wolf is close. It's harder for the canid to single one out as a target.

  3. They likely have leptospirosis. I'm not sure why they haven't been tested/treated/slaughtered. They'll just infect other animals and it's cruel to let them walk themselves to death.

  4. Listeriosis. Circling disease. We had horses go blind and cows abort their calf's. Treated with antibiotics.

  5. I think they're fucking summoning a king universe sheep to wipe out humans. Hopefully they start at 55.7520° N, 37.6175° E.

  6. My grandma was a farmer and she told me sheep secrete a chemical from their hooves to follow each other's scent, so maybe, I dunno... these sheep are bored and decided to walk in a circle?

  7. That makes all the sense. This same thing happens to ants, I was wondering if it had a similar explanation. Entire ant colonies have died of starvation going in endless circles when part of a scent trail is erased, causing them to backtrack and start the circle. Crazy.

  8. Ya know it’s funny because ants do something similar and often also get caught in circles like this called death spirals iirc , because they will go until they die if not stopped

  9. There's videos of ants following pheromone trails in death spirals, following what they think is the way home until they collapse and die of exhaustion. Hopefully sheep are a little brighter and take a break before they exhaust themselves.

  10. they are stuck on a migratory circle. they will literately do this untill they exhaust themselves and keel over and die. They wont eat or drink they believe they are just following a herd and migrating . You need to break this shit up its not interesting or good you have to snap them out of this circle.

  11. See, I'm up to thousands. I started from the beginning and keep waiting for the end, but there just keeps being more of them.

  12. I'm up to a couple a thousand right now. It's easy just fixate on a single point and as a sheep passes by you count it.

  13. This was my thought. The way to get a herd of sheep moving is to walk in a direction with purpose. They will follow anything familiar that is walking away from them.

  14. This herd as listeriosis from what I understood it’s a brain disease that cause them to walk in circles it’s contagious even to human at some degree it’s treated with heavy use of antibiotics and quarantine of the infected animals

  15. No this was my first thought but I lacked the name "Death Spiral". Animals are smarter than we give them credit for and they could be doing a death spiral because they see the impending fate and are accepting it..

  16. i would imagine if a group is walking in a circle, it would start to look like a perfect circle after about an hour...

  17. Listeriosis is a potential cause. It's a bacterial infection which can cause odd behaviour in animals including circling, staggering, loss of appetite and death

  18. Stand around and look bored. It works. I used to do it on the playground in elementary school. Then in the upper grades a small group of friends and I would just walk around the outside of the yard along the fence during recess. They just don't have that big of a yard.

  19. Look up ant death circles. They follow each other and don’t stop until they are exhausted and die. They need to break it up and quit thinking this is some sort of bullshit sign from a god and save them before they kill themselves.

  20. Ants do this shit too, until they fatigue themselves to death. The same will happen here if someone doesn't FUCKING STOP IT. Guess the farmer only cares about his short famous stint, and not the health of his animals nor the revenue he's about to lose? Makes zero sense

  21. Is this like the ant thing? Are they all about to die? I know that with reindeer (and maybe other deer idk) this is a defense mechanism. When a predator approaches or attacks the entire heard encircles the vulnerable members and runs in a circle. This serves two purposes: 1. It makes it very difficult for the predator to gain access to young/injured heard members and 2. It disorients and confuses the predator and when they inevitably try to flee from the circle, they often get tramples and killed by the heard. Maybe this is a similar reaction? EDIT:Typo

  22. No it's a sheep herd thing because they see the sheep in front moving they follow same for the one behind . Then it becomes a huge chain where the first sheep ends up following the last sheep

  23. Could be a mass hysteria event, not sure if it happens in animals but stuff like this has happened to people for over a thousand years

  24. Guyzzz were finally about to see the wrath of the mighty aliens on our planet earth just wait for a few months until were under the rule of aliens

  25. I’ve seen this before, probably just some dude at the front in a sheep costume leading em around

  26. I remember reading about how when ants do this they end up circling until they die unless the circle is somehow broken because all they know to do is follow. Makes me wonder if this is the same thing?

  27. This is usually a sign of Listerosis, this is a death march sadly. The fact that they have survived 12 days is nothing short of a miracle, some of them must be following the others and catching it as they go.

  28. Sheep in America have been following an ass for the last 2 years, they must watch mainstream US news too

  29. Follow the leader but the leader is a dumbass and started following the leader and so on and so forth in a never ending cycle only stopped by starvation.

  30. probably a death spiral like ants do. herd mentality of just following whoever’s in front of you but because its a circle they just keep walking until they collapse.

  31. Some sort of viral cordyceps that’s infected them, and will soon species jump and the “Cult of the circle” will finally rise up and the new Khan will reign for a thousand years.

  32. O saw this on Twitter the other day. A while ago (thanks to a TikTok) I found out about CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) and I read a couple articles about how it affects deer. Now I'm no biologist and I don't know what's going on here but safe to say this reminds me of that in an eerye way.

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