Thousands of people attend a ‘Birds Aren’t Real’ Protest in NYC

  1. That is data deletion material….if you scoop it up, and run it through some sophisticated software, you may crack into some classified government secrets.

  2. From their website: “Bird poop was originally thought to be oil discharge from earlier bird drone models. After further research though, this was disproven. Bird poop irregularly falls on vehicles in large amounts. Recent studies show that 87% of Bird Poop in populated areas falls on people’s cars. Why is this? Confidential documents leaked in 2018 revealing that “Bird Poop” is actually a form of liquidated tracking apparatus. If you walk outside and notice some bird poop just “happened” to fall on your car, be aware that you are now being tracked by the United States Government. It is recommended you clean your car exterior regularly to avoid this.”

  3. There's a reason why most of those "protestors" are about 18-20 years old: Washington Square is essentially the campus of NYU and of course college students would flock to it after 6 weeks of the fall semester.

  4. Right so after googling this for 2 minutes, it's actually a real movement to poke fun at actual idiot conspiracies. The genius of it is that morons to whom this movement parodies would flock to it as an actual belief.......because ....morons

  5. "Any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots who mistakenly believe that they're in good company."

  6. That’s also the problem with it. It starts as a joke but people don’t realize it and next thing you know they’re storming the capitol.

  7. This is literally how most of this stuff starts. Someone makes a joke and people find it funny and take it to the next step, then someone who doesn't know its a joke jumps on and it spirals into well .. Q, Pizza gate, and most of the crazier nazi like stuff they all came from people joking around.

  8. Yes, I live in a condo. Ive seen many baby birds. Fun fact baby seagulls are grey and loud as fuck. Pigeons, a type of cliff dove make their nests on ledges, which is why cities are optimal places for them to exist. They also sleep on ledges and I've seen whole rows on tiny ledges just sleeping even though 90% of their body weight seems like it's hanging off the ledge.

  9. The founder of the movement made it as a joke to point out all the ridiculous conspiracies. So yes, and no.

  10. One of my favorite podcasts had a running joke about a secret child hunting island for corrupt elites. They got so much mail by people believing the obvious joke that they're now calling onto people on their shows to not do stupid things and that it was all just a bad joke.

  11. It's supposed to be a spoof that goofs on conspiracy theorists. Unfortunately, they may not understand it is bullshit.

  12. It is a massive satire that some 18 year old kid started 3 or 4 years ago and now it's spread. I wonder sometimes if there are followers who really believe it and are not in the the joke.

  13. If I went to NYU I would love to skip class on a Tuesday get shitfaced and then chant about birds being fake. I wouldn’t believe a word I said, but I would have a great time doing it. So, I estimate that 61% of these people know that birds are real.

  14. Was Q a joke? Flat Earth? Are you asking if people are dumb enough to believe this? There are people still looking for Bigfoot and the TV series has been on for 29 years they never found Bigfoot but every week they tune in thinking this will be the week!

  15. Joking or not it after the last 2-3 years of dumb shit to protest this sounds like a fun dumb one to do. Just for fun. Fuck why not have a good laugh while youre there.

  16. I assume a completely made up estimate of > 98% are joking and only there for the laughs, but there are always a few real nutjobs in the lot.

  17. most of the young people there are probably there for the joke, that one guy at the end holding the sigh in his late 50's or so... yeah he looked fairly serious.

  18. This is how things like flat-Earthers and QAnon start. It's all a joke until idiots take over and take it serious.

  19. Tribalism is stupid powerful. Many times, the core belief eventually ceases to be what draws these groups together.

  20. All these comments and no one is talking about a portrait video cropped into landscape? This is why we can't have nice things, people

  21. A lot of comments are pointing out "morons" who join this movement...but the whole point of it is to never break character. The ones protesting know it's tongue and cheek, but if they act like it, it will ruin the entire idea behind it.

  22. You say this, but one of my former friends is completely convinced that birds are government drones. Where once he was joking, he's since adopted the delusion as full truth.

  23. Yea but this is exactly how flat earth and qanon started. It was a funny meme and everyone at first was in on it, then people came in later who took it seriously. I just can't find this stuff funny anymore.

  24. ... saying something is real and acting like it is 100% of the time might as well make it true to you, you... clearly realize that, right?

  25. I'd argue that atleast a fair amount of them are joking and aren't being serious. And those people are GODDAMN SHEEPLE. WAKE UP AND SHOOT DOWN ANY BIRD YOU SEE. ONE LESS GOVERMENT DRONE SPYING ON US!!!!!!!!!

  26. it's ok, I'm pretty sure these people are part of a satirical movement, they don't actually believe it.

  27. I think we're in a transition with this one, it's been around a good while now as pure satire. The satire is starting to be lost on some people that are prone to believing conspiracy theories.

  28. Another interesting conspiracy, if you think about it, almost 100% of people that has consumed water has perished. Coincidence? Absolutely.

  29. I went! It was just a goofy thing to do if you were free that day. No reason other than "it's weird and sounds funny". Really wish I made a sign though haha

  30. Look for the interview the founder of the movement did with Howard Stern. He explains the movement fully and displays tons of personality.

  31. for those who dont know, "Birds Arent Real" is a meme that mocks crazy conspiracy theories. its a big joke, be in on it.

  32. I feel like in 20 years some people will take this too seriously and become the very thing they are mocking.

  33. I'm going to assume that 95% of these people are just having fun and taking a piss and the remaining 5% include some number that actually don't believe in birds and some people that showed up but don't really know what is going on.

  34. For those who don't know, the guy behind this sets up next to other protesters (Trump-humpers etc) and makes them look dumb by association. Frequently they leave in disgust :)

  35. I did the Harlem Shake with a couple thousand people in Times Square back in 2013 based on a facebook post and reddit word of mouth. Theres more than enough bored 20 somethings packed into a dense space to pull off anything.

  36. Remember this when you see people thinking a large protest means their issue is important or of widespread concern.

  37. that's the kind of conspiracy theories that i miss, the early 2000-2010 ones where also funny as hell with the lezard people and the alien that built the pyramimd, and my favorites abouyt the davinci code ....good times

  38. Birds not being real has been a long standing internet satire of the moronic blind distrust of "authority" and "the establishment/government" and the insanity that comes with conspiratorial thinking.

  39. If only people could gather like this for shit that mattered in the states instead of stupid fucking memes and conspiracies. We deserve the shit years we're about to have.

  40. I have a flag for my front door that says birds arent real, as a joke. I also have a garden flag that says eat trash hail satan once again a joke. I just love my elderly conservative white bread neighbors reactions. its the little things 😄

  41. This is a hoax, parody of all the ridiculous conspiracy theories and how without doing even the most basic research it’s easy to spread a lie and pass it on as fact to someone else.

  42. It's all fun and games until Trump supporters start fully believing and supporting this and merging into their other crazy conspiracy theories. Mental health in the U.S. is no joke.

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