Russian mobiks, location unspecified, recording an address to the public, saying they were abandoned, they are all sick, they were given weapons which are not registered anywhere, they have to buy their food, and there are mentally unstable people among them.

  1. Sorry state of logistics if so few receive weapons out of a group that size. This groups likely to surrender, given the opportunity.

  2. This kind of Mickey Mouse operation I would assume to happen in the pre-internet age, but now theres no excuse to have this sloppy organization. No wonder they are getting whupped by a smaller country.

  3. So many people are being mobilized who I imagine would surrender immediately if given the chance. Prisoners, old people, handicapped people, highly educated people, etc. First thing I would do if I was one of those was surrender. There would be absolutely no incentive for me to fight for my country. Even if I was a Russia stan and called myself patriotic, if my leadership dumped me at the frontline without weapons, training or equipment I'd be bowing out.

  4. Surrender will become more and more appealing, especially if they can surrender with something of value. Like the recent video of three russian soldiers surrendering with their BMP.

  5. It was a common tactic in WW1, WW2, and Korean War to give a soldier a clip/bandolier of ammo and not a gun. They were instructed to pick up the gun of the soldier that dies in front of them. Maybe that's what Russia is going for?

  6. Russians like to claim they defeated the Nazis singlehandedly, they don't want to admit, or don't even know, that the US did the logistics and supply for Russians in WW2, transferring tens of thousands of vehicles, tanks, and planes as well as massive amounts of general supplies.

  7. Iv got a feeling in a couple months we’re going to be seeing lots of videos of Russians frozen to death huddled up

  8. What if…now hear me out…what if the whole point of this is for Russia to send its “worst”, poorest, criminals, etc. so that they surrender and overwhelm Ukraine with their “least desired”? They are sending these people into battle with nothing, knowing that they will surrender, so that Ukraine needs to take care of them.

  9. Funny thing is that in Gulf War 2 we shipped soldiers out without armor plates for their body vests. I still remember the internet having to start a fundraiser to privately buy a bunch of them for one platoon.

  10. Have they ever thought of starting a Go Fund Me? Maybe that’s Putin’s plan for financing the war.

  11. The company i work at gets letters from local ministries along the lines of "hey, could you please support our soldiers and buy something from this list?". And the list is pretty basic stuff that i believe should be provided by the army. Some stuff from the list is literally so cheap (toothbrushes, hydrogen peroxide, socks. are you kidding me?). But oh well, what do we know :/

  12. Yes it’s called use oil monopoly to raise oil prices 3x or more and sell. Also use republicans stooges to blame American leaders when oil prices are mostly set by companies pulling the supply from the ground. I.e. Russia. But if this is your game plan you are a desperate and pathetic piece of cow dung who deserves all the bad things.

  13. There's evidence that these guys a Wagner mercenaries, and they staged this scene. While it's undoubtedly true the mobilisation is a fiasco, I saw a previous video of several hundred men abandoned overnight in a field with them huddled around camp fires not knowing what the f was going on.

  14. I hope this comment gets more attention. While I have no trouble believing the Russian army is a shitshow right now, we need to remain critical of what we're seeing.

  15. Interesting. This is even worse for Putin than a bunch of low level mobilized men staging a protest.

  16. Putin's now in damage control. He's trying to deflect blame as much as possible to his cronies in the military. He's allowing his disinformation apparatus to criticize the army and his generals, to cover up for the fact that he is the one person most responsible for this fuck up.

  17. This video would also work well as a Wagner recruiting tool. Join us and be well equipped and cared for or, or wait and be conscripted into this. Also isn't this actually discrediting the armed forces? It could easily get Wagner leadership arrested.

  18. My guess would be that they use the NK approach. Underfund everything except nukes, because they're all you need to have leverage on the global scale and stop the world from destroying your evil regime

  19. They also have dangerous bioweapons, enough to kill the whole world over multiple times. But no worry - they went "missing" during the last political upheaval.

  20. Russia is suffering a man power shortages that is clear, what's worrying is that they are sending the soliders who usually guard nuclear weapon bases to fight in Ukraine. Three nuclear weapons guards were captured in Ukraine with their tank. That's damn worrying.

  21. I bet you the nukes in those submarines are working just fine and most those submarine captains are completely loyal to Putin. It’s not the ICBMS in Russia that worry me but the ones in those submarines that give me pause.

  22. Part of the curiosity of this is that for the US, there is a broad range of weapons from small to big to very big before stepping up to nuclear. There is a breadth of weapons to use. Russia, well, Russian has stuff that's 40-50 years old, flew planes in with phone strapped on just to have GPS functionality at all, and are using low tech bombardment of pretty low yield ordinances. There has been no progression, nothing big, nothing new. There's so little stuff, suck old stuff, and almost nothing between ancient and today. There doesn't seem to have ever been an active program of any sort, nothing appreciable, nothing of use. It's just ancient garbage. And Putin's solution isn't to pull out the big stuff or newer stuff, or better stuff. No. It's just throw bodies at the problem and pray it goes away. This implies he doesn't have anything else as a choice.

  23. What makes you think they do? They are probably hollow shells that have been stripped and sold off over the years like everything else.

  24. At this rate…we can almost assume their nuke silos may not even be properly calibrated. Probably blow up the nuke just trying to launch it.

  25. There are 2 situations. Either all their budget is going there that's why we're seeing this poor condition OR it's also poorly maintained.

  26. This is what happens when a country with a tiny fraction of the economic power of its main rival tries to keep up in a nuclear arms race.

  27. This legit reminds me of the accounts of soldiers in WWI losing their shit about the meat grinder they were being thrown into, denouncing their countries’ leadership, and tearing their rifles apart in the trenches.

  28. I was just thinking, wasn’t this kinda what was happening on the eastern front under the Tzar during WWI? Took some hefty losses, poorly supplied and disgruntled vets returned to an economically destroyed homeland and started flipping tables on those in power.

  29. Every student of history knows a leaderless rebellion is doomed to fail. It is nothing more than a peasant revolt. Easily crushed by government forces.

  30. You say that like it’s so easy to overthrow someone who had anyone who even remotely disagreed with him commit double bullet Suicide.

  31. It’s crazy but you would expect in a Russian army for someone to just assassinate the guy and take the moment to pick up a bunch of power.

  32. Sure. All you have to do is risk the next 50 years of your life in a Russian torture chamber if you fuck it up.

  33. I really thought Ukraine stood no chance. After seeing the Russian army is a cluster fuck I might have been wrong. The bad part is as we mock what a joke their military looks like, Putin will get closer and closer to using those nukes in spite. No winners.

  34. Those guys look like some group of ragtag guerilla fighters, certainly not like soldiers belonging to the "second strongest army in the world."

  35. I saw the movie Enemy at the Gates. In the movie, they gave 1 man a rifle and the other a bullet. Now they upgraded it with 1 magazine lmao.

  36. "When I joined the Corps, we didn't have any fancy schmancy tanks! We had sticks! Two sticks and a rock for a whole platoon! And we had to share the rock!"

  37. God damn, Russia sucks at everything. I mean for real, how the fuck did they sneak up into pretending to be a superpower?

  38. Nukes. USA would destroy them in a ground and air war. But nukes are the great equalizer. Also their access to fossil fuels has made many UN nations dependent on them.

  39. Russia's economy also sucks. It's a nation with 142 million people but only has a GDP of $1 trillion. The Los Angeles Metropolitan area has a GDP of $1.2 trillion with 20 million people

  40. Also most mobilized aren’t even considered military but volunteers, no paperwork, no government obligations to them, full send fodder.

  41. Please surrender. Don't make it about your ego or the pride of Russia. Putin is a peace of shit. You don't deserve to die because an idiot sent you to die.

  42. Lol. Like go to Ukrainian army to have an opportunity to surrender it is easy. They have to outlive artillery, their own comrades, who would call them traitors, road to Ukrainians, and hope, that they won’t be shot on sight. Most of them would be dead before they would have an opportunity.

  43. So, are they saying that if they were better equipped that they would actually want to still fight against Ukraine? Or are they against fighting in this irresponsible invasion all together and are complaining about their current living conditions?

  44. You're asking about the conscientious soldiers dilemma. Even when soldiers disagree with their home country's geopolitics, there's usually immense social pressure to put personal feelings aside for the sake of duty/honor/God/etc. It applies to Russians no differently than any other nation.

  45. Depends on the individual. Some of them probably would fight if the living conditions were better, but many of them don’t want to be there at all, as we’ve seen very clearly throughout the war

  46. Putin keeps sending bodies without supplies but still won’t admit to losing. This only ends one way for someone like Putin who is unwilling to accept defeat and that’s dropping a nuke.

  47. Putin didn’t personally torture or kill Ukrainian civilians though. Don’t hate Russians but their soldiers are something else.

  48. Good luck telling that to quite a large chunk of people on Reddit. Many of them are unnecessarily bloodthirsty. It’s at the point where I’m surprised you have some upvotes.

  49. Imagine spending fucking decades trying to disprove the myth That russia just drowned the nazis in humans, and then russia drinks their own koolaid And legitimately tries it

  50. If you are able to surrender. You can't just arrive there and start waving a white flag without getting shot at first (if you wave a white flag probably from both sides.)

  51. This is how you get people to turn on their officers and if you have your own army fighting itself, it's all over.

  52. Internal corruption and rot. This is what happens to a country when a megalomaniac dictator that rules with propaganda and organized religion is allowed to remain in power.

  53. Ivan, I just noticed something. Have you looked at our jackets? The badges on our jackets… they have skulls on them.

  54. As a formerly active duty Marine.. the military protocol that was hammered into us is screaming and gnashing teeth at this. 2nd day, as is the day after we got there and checked in, we got functioning weapons and full career issue. Not to mention more shots than I could literally count, full med work up, and all the rest. The fact that these dudes are standing in random ass Ukraine right now, in a big group making videos says all I need to know about the "big bad Red army".

  55. Fuck Russia for everything and fuck Russia for treating their people—soldiers nonetheless!—so poorly. Those unfortunate guys, their families having to face sickness and death—all because of some deranged old rich man’s deranged end of life pipe dream. Fuck.

  56. This war is about to go into the winter, where Ukraine's troops can be rotated easily, relatively of course, back east to warmth and some semblance of home. Russia is going to send troops mobilized to fight a russian winter war, we all know what happens when mobilized troops fight wars in the Russian winter.

  57. I find it so ironic that Western communists are sitting here rooting for Russia in this war. Simping for billionaire oligarchs as the lower class people in Russia get sent to the meat grinder with no supplies or support. Someone like Lenin would have had a field day with these conditions. I hope the Russian people stand up, take control of their country, and end this needless war.

  58. Do you know any western communists personally? Communism in Russia was killed by spineless corporate stooges decades ago. No one is simping for putin, certainly not them. Russia was far more formidable when it was actually the soviet union

  59. No sane communist that is actually a communist support Russian government in this war, don't associate actual communists with some nazbols or shit

  60. Hear me out, I don't know shit about what's happening here from my home 1,000s of miles away, but this looks like the best piece of Ukrainian propaganda I have seen. Think about it.

  61. Are you suggesting that this video is a fake? Produced by Ukraine to show the Russians in a unfavourable light? What about the other videos? I'm honestly quite stunned that you think this is a psy ops instead of Russia being incompetent. I mean the last 7 months have shown how very inept they are as a fighting force.

  62. Surrender or body bags... A win/win for Ukraine, with the exodus of ruzzians fleeing their homeland to escape mobilisation they will be defeated!

  63. It is at such moments that you realize how much the world has changed due to internet, mobile phones and socials. Moments like these would never come out in WWII or give the soldiers the opportunity to do this

  64. To think, before the invasion of Ukraine...this is the army a lot of people around the world feared. Putin has done far more damage to his own country and reputation with this war than they could ever hope to achieve against Ukraine.

  65. “One man gets a rifle. The other gets ammunition. When the one with the rifle is killed, the other picks up the rifle and shoots.”

  66. Thank fuck that corruption runs so deep in Russia, for decades we were led to believe in their power. But all this time their government has rotted the "motherland" from the inside. What an incompetent nation led by a self serving mad man.

  67. This seems like a target for the easiest propaganda operation ever. Just dump leaflets over the Russian occupied areas that say "join us, you'll get a hot meal and medical care"

  68. Maybe the Russians will win after all.. by dragging little Poopoo out of his office by his tiny collar and reclaiming their country from his bullshit.

  69. Three days without food is most humans limit for staying 'decent'. After that it's pillaging time. But if Ukraine set up some Strategic Soup Kitchens they could funnel russians from the front line straight onto buses to a nice warm POW camp somewhere, with food and beds and UN oversight and all the crazy luxuries russia certainly doesn't give prisoners.

  70. I feel like many grass roots resistances around the world are better armed than Russia at this point. Like how are they out of gun? I mean I know they got sold or never made via corruption but I mean come on.

  71. It’s scary that as someone from the US I know their history better than they seem to... first things first let’s address the guns from the 70’s and 80’s. This is one point where I don’t agree with them because it’s t doesn’t really matter. There are a LOT of countries that still use the basic AK-47 which has remained relatively unchanged. There have been some newer versions that are better but they aren’t issued to everyone. Realistically an AK-47 from the 70’s and 80’s is still quite viable. What’s great about them is they just fucking work. You can dig a hole, fill it with water, toss an AK in it, burry it with dirt, leave it like that for 20 years, and I’d be shocked if it didn’t fire. That’s one of their best attributes honestly lol.

  72. Those AKs still need to be stored properly. They are robust, but not immune to corrosion. I also doubt the 2 men 1 gun tactic will work well for them on a modern battlefield.

  73. maybe it’s time to just surrender and wait out the war… you guys haven’t done anything criminal yet, you are obviously forced to be there, just surrender and go home when putin is dead.

  74. This is so pathetic. There was once a time that the Red Army was feared! They whooped up on Nazi Germany. It's sad what Putin has done to the country. I mean the country was never a saint, but this is just sad.

  75. I honestly feel bad. They don't seem like they want to be there. They're barely armed, barely fed... barely living. It's a sad sight to see.

  76. I now see why Russia threatens with nukes. The US alone would steam roll through their troops and into Moscow probably within a few weeks. Can’t imagine Russia facing all of NATO.

  77. When you have a corrupted state to the bone and the money is on oligarchs yatches and pockets, instead in the hangars and bases where it is has supposed to be. Surprise!

  78. I dunno, something about this feels off. I don't understand russian, but the body language and tone feels like it's almost some kind of joke.

  79. I smell a mutiny. Hopefully it turns in to revolution and removal of the regime. Hard to imagine how these men can be sent to fight a fight they are under equipped and trained for.

  80. What I understand here is that Russian government is doing this in purpose to have a higher number of deaths to cover the massacre they are doing. Im living in Saint petersburg im from Peru, believe me IS NOT RUSSIANS is THE FUCKING GOVERNMENT the shit one. russians are very polite and good persons. Poor guys in the video. Sent to their graves.

  81. Russian people, for the most part, don’t want any part of this war. This is some dudes ego trip on steroids. This is Purim’s war and he doesn’t give a fuck about his people. Russians tolerated him because they were better off than they were before but now they’re just getting sent to die without any sort of hope.. surrender? Prison.. run way? Prison…

  82. Seeing the allegedly 2nd most powerful army doing this bad make me wonder what US would actually look like in an all-out conflict

  83. Glad to see Putin is keeping up with the russian tradition of just fucking sending soldiers to the fromt line and hoping for the best.

  84. Fuck them. They're not complaining about their mission, they're complaining about not having the tools to do it right.

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