Freight train hits truck at railroad crossing

  1. I was trying to figure out how he just flew out of the seat belt but then I realized he never latched it. Just threw it over so it would look like it was on.

  2. I don't get what the point of doing this is? Why is you putting it round yourself and not latching it, any different to actually latching it, other than the fact that one could possible save your life, and the other could potentially turn you into a meat crayon?

  3. In 99% of train related collisions, it's always the other person's fault. Trains always have the right of way. Train companies can and will sue people in situations like this.

  4. Were there any flashing lights at the crossing? Seems like he just wasn't looking for a train. He was looking over his left shoulder the whole time and the second he looks right he instantly tries to get it in gear and get out of there.

  5. Looks like Crazy Corner in Ada, Oklahoma. There's room for one car to cross the tracks and wait their turn at the stop sign; everyone (usually) waits until that space is open to cross the tracks. This driver obviously knew his rig was too long to cross safely and wait at the stop sign. It would have cost him only five minutes to take a right just before the crossing and go two blocks west where the side street goes under the tracks.

  6. This intersection combined with the speed the train was allowed to be travelling makes it look like it was engineered specifically to kill people...

  7. I don't know about you, but if it's a choice between blowing a stop sign and getting hit by a train, that's no choice at all

  8. Can't see but are the light flashing? Why not stop to see if train is coming? Why is the stop sigh just after the tracks and not before?

  9. Why did he brake himself after seeing said train….. if I realized I fucked up that bad I would of blown that stop sign.

  10. yep, you can see at about 7 seconds if you go full screen it is easier that the lights are absolutely flashing red.

  11. Not sure about all the lights, one set (around the left side of the frame) was flashing but it didn't look like others were. But yeah, wtf did he think would happen stopping halfway across train tracks. Absolute idiot

  12. I can see the lights flashing in the video, he just wasn’t paying attention to anything other than appearing to be wearing his seatbelt.

  13. Don't forget he completely ignored or didn't even notice the flashing lights meaning a train was coming. Hard to see on the top lights in the vid, but the one on the left is CLEARLY blinking for warning

  14. Longer version shows he put the seatbelt on because a cop just drove by in the oncoming lane. He was likely too distracted, trying to see if the officer was going to turn around and ticket him to notice the train and the bad situation he put himself in before it was too late.

  15. Somebody’s getting fired and probably fined by DOT. No seatbelt, no full stop…. You can literally SEE the train coming on the dash cam video. And, trains ALWAYS blow their horns before they get close to a crossing. He’s just a sh&t truck driver!

  16. Hell, he might dead. He got tossed head first and bounced around like a rag doll. I wouldn't worry about him being fired. Is there confirmation of what happened to this guy?

  17. They still definitely do it around me. 3x per crossing so you can hear the train hit my town center a ways off, then there's 3 more pretty close to my house as it crosses at a backroad near me, then 3 more a few miles down as it hits a crossing in the next town.

  18. You know, if you just wear the seatbelt, you don't have to keep a lookout for cops and casually throw it over your shoulder to avoid a ticket or worse, get got by a fucking train and bounced around the cab/ejected.

  19. I've wore a seatbelt every time I've been in vehicle for 34 years now and never once have I even noticed it. Even if it were uncomfortable, which it isn't, it's hardly a taxing price to pay for not having your body smashed about the cabin like a ragdoll.

  20. Had some guy a few weeks ago unironically tell me that seatbelt laws are unconstitutional and need to be repealed. Some people are just too stupid to be helped.

  21. He don't care either! And eventually fucked up and seriously injured by this. And the last minute of his life was comfortable because he didn't care much about safety

  22. What's with the seatbelt? Based on how he got tossed around the cab, it apparently wasn't fastened all the way. But it didn't retract when he let go of it. Did he just hook it on something so it looked like he was wearing it?

  23. I was thinking the same, like okay he should’ve put his seatbelt on, duh. But why am I watching the last couple seconds of somebodies life? I wish the vid lasted longer so we could see if he started moving after.

  24. Looks like fencers pose- see it with certain concussions. I'd guess he's alive and thoroughly unconscious in the video. Prognosis depends on time to definitive care and a bunch of other factors.

  25. Whenever this is it looks like no one gives a fuck about a train coming, tons of people went through while the train was coming. Also love how he decides to stop at the stop sign but has no issues blowing the red flashing lights.

  26. Alright, a couple questions I'd have... Didn't or couldn't see the train coming? Wtf kind of crossing is this? No warning lights or anything?

  27. He glances right (in the video it's left) one time at the 7 second mark and the train isn't visible yet. He never stops for a good view of the track before entering them.

  28. You can get through life pretty far just being stupid, ignorant, and entitled. It doesn’t always catch up to everyone but when it does, thats what the word schadenfreude was made for.

  29. This is in my hometown, and the intersection is commonly called "Crazy Corner." There's an intersection right next to the train crossing and causes quite a few traffic jams, at least for a small town like this.

  30. That stop sign right across the tracks seems like a disaster constantly waiting to happen. If accidents are always happening it seems like they’d redesign the intersection.

  31. I work in a quarry with a train track at the entrance. We've had 3 trucks this year (2022) hit by a train. Our crossing does not have arms or lights, you simply have to look. Just because you have a special license to drive a large truck, does not mean, in anyway, your intelligent enough to be actually driving one.

  32. Driving is one of the deadliest things the average person will do on a given day, yet the US is so reluctant to actually do anything useful that will cost money like public transport that we just hand out licenses to drive these incredibly dangerous machines like candy.

  33. Good point. They do that to keep traffic moving on the frontage road. What gets me is that it has bells and lights, but no gates. A gate mechanism is a relatively small add-on to the existing active warning system. RR doesn't want to maintain I suppose.

  34. Ok, so shit truck driver obviously, but wtf is that crossing? A stop sign after a crossing? No barrier? All they got are two times two tiny lights? Was there even an alarm? And why were there multiple cars in the other direction still crossing when the lights were flashing? What's the traffic law on this situation in the US? And how expensive would normal traffic lights be that only work when a train approaches?

  35. Drivers Ed taught me that Trains always have the right of way, but ultimately right of way belongs to whoever has it, and well... Just try and take it from a train. It's your funeral.

  36. See people are saying this or that but THIS is the most annoying thing in this video. Like you already fucked and now in this situation so dude tf you gonna do just watch it hit you?! put it into gear and STOMP on your accelerator for the love of God it's not even a busy intersection at all.

  37. Damn not sayin the truck driver is a genius or anything but whoever put that stop sign there is fucking insane

  38. Yo, trucker here; idk what he’s hauling but if it’s hazmat he’s supposed to stop and wait and listen for about ten seconds at the least. In a regular dry van, he should’ve slowed down with his windows down and listened and looked both ways. He’s an older dude so he was around during the “super trucker” era I’m sure where they drove for 16 hours at a time without breaks. Probably thought he could beat it, but it takes a fully loaded truck 14-15 seconds to cross a rail road if it’s perfectly level.

  39. I have long been in favor of retaking the test every time everyone renews their licence. I don't care that it would be expensive and a major pain in everyone's ass, it would save lives.

  40. This truck driver should never be allowed to operate another vehicle. It was clear as day a train was coming he just wasn’t paying attention he probably didn’t even know he crossed a rail road track.

  41. Why is there a stop sign right after the train tracks? That's bad road design. Why isn't there an arm that blocks traffic when trains come like most crossings? That's bad road design. Driver should have definitely been paying attention instead of wondering if he was gonna get a seat belt ticket by that cop. That's bad driving. This is a clip of so much bad its only deacribable as Murica

  42. What kind of idiot plans a road to have a stop sign 10 feet past a railroad crossing? Even if the crossing gates worked and the dude checked before going, nothing is stopping the possibility a trailer might be stuck at that stop sign long enough for a train to zip through after he passed anyway.

  43. I drove a truck. Theres a few of these. A long time ago I got reprimanded for running a stop sign just like that past tracks. True story I stopped before the tracks then “ran” the sign. I told the company they were like you have to stop. Yea that’s a no from me dawg. Fuck that.

  44. This why all level crossings in the UK have barriers that come down, yeah dickheads still dodge them but its why we don't have shit like this happening all the time

  45. Continues to proceed on flashing lights only looking right once; knowledge of imminent collision 0.02 milliseconds before collision: "WHAT IN TARNATION!?"

  46. Hope this guy figures out a career better suited to his talents. Driving a semi doesn't seem like a good fit for him.

  47. Why the train bars aren’t there to tell you an incoming train? What’s going on with those bad road signs etc?

  48. The lights are flashing and in assuming there is sound too. All of it was ignored. He never looked to see if there was a train coming from the other direction either.

  49. So many questions.. every railroad crossing I have seen has the arms that come down to block anyone crossing... not here..

  50. Please and thank you for this!! I hate when I come across stuff like this and no one says anything about the person's condition. Thank you so much again!

  51. There is a longer version of this video where you can see a cop car roll by right before he pretends to put on his seat belt. He turns to look at the cop and is distracted so he doesn’t see the train. So, my dude is almost yeeted by a freight train…because he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and also because he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt! Big brain problems…

  52. There is so much wrong here. Why is there a stop directly after the track? Why wasn't he wearing his seatbelt? Why did he cross the tracks without the speed to carry him completely over the tracks?

  53. What the heck is the meaning of this stop sign 5 feet after the crossing? He crossed the rails and has to stop immediately for other road users (what he did) while his trailer is still on the rails?! Maybe im just too german to understand such american traffic culture but...uff.

  54. This video took place in the town I live in. And yes to everyone saying this crossing is very bad engineering, you’re right. Just wait until you find out the tracks run across the stop lanes on the other side with less space than the one shown here and this is a 4 way crossing with 2 lanes all 4 sides. Lots of accidents happen here on a regular basis.

  55. 2 dumb mistakes. Not wearing a seat belt and THEN not even seeing the obvious train coming. This guy needs to have his license taken. Time to retire homie

  56. He was too focused on the cop driving by and faking having his seat belt on so he wouldn’t get a ticket than to pay attention to crossing railroad tracks, plus the track warning lights never went on for some reason?

  57. He didn't put on his seatbelt, but stopped for the stop sign? Seems like he should have swapped his selective lawfulness.

  58. No excuse for this, in that vehicle a full complete stop is required before reaching a set of tracks regardless of the flashing lights indicating an oncoming train.

  59. “Then it comes to be that the soothing light at the end of your tunnel. Is just a freight train coming your way”

  60. The main question is, can't this guy see the train coming and why the fuck is he crossing so slow if he knows the train is this close? Also, why weren't those bars down and all the cars stopped waiting?

  61. I witnessed a train accident about thirty years ago. Train picked up a large pickup truck and tossed it through the air like a toy. Somewhere along the line, the driver was thrown out. I was one of the first people to him, not good. He was in his last moments.

  62. It’s actually part of the CDL test now that you have to be 100% sure you have enough space after the tracks if you have to come to a complete stop via sign or light. 100% driver’s fault. He broke many rules there, another extreme being no shifting while crossing the tracks. Not saying he deserved to get hit but he took no precautions except for putting his seat belt on which should have been on anyway.

  63. This is similar to what happened to a school bus in my home town (minus the seatbelt thing). The distance between the track and a stop light was too short, bus got clipped and a bunch of HS kids were killed…

  64. What kind of stupid stop sign is right after a level crossing? Tf? I hope that there is none of that shit here in Portugal. Don't you have priority leaving a level crossing?

  65. He puts his seat belt on right at the beginning of the video just before he gets to the railroad... I dont get how he flys out of it

  66. I don't understand why those crossing arms didn't go down. Also didn't he see the train while crossing tracks? Thought he would speed past faster.

  67. Aren’t railroad crossings supposed to have arms that go down to prevent stuff like this from happening?

  68. Only if the state or local govt decides to put funding into those versions, which are more expensive and thus its a way to cut corners. We recently had an accident derail a train in Missouri because the crossing had no arm and no sounds either I had read, simply flashing lights. Savings over safety basically, and no laws to stop them.

  69. Never understand why people don’t wear a seatbelt, even outside of the fact it very well may save your life it isn’t even uncomfortable if worn correctly

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