The United States government made an anti-fascism film in 1943. Still relevant 79-years later…

  1. Much better to just watch the actual video than this edited version with text over top and random words in different colors to catch the eye of people with short attention spans.

  2. Worth noting that when this movie came out, thousands of Japanese Americans were sitting in internment camps.

  3. Yeah. That was pretty brilliant. Most people don’t care until it affects them personally and that’s the problem with today’s society. Specifically, the boomers. It should never ever be like that. When it affects others or it should affect us all as well.

  4. Thanks for this. I've watched this before and was annoyed that the video cut out the important parts. Watch the full thing folks, it's not long.

  5. Was looking elsewhere in the thread for anyone pointing this out. The second the reality TV soundtrack and captions came into the clip, "setting the mood", I immediately paused it and found the original, archived on Wikipedia as well:

  6. So much better without that awful droning "oh no, this is ominous" music playing over the entire thing.

  7. This is the basis for the increasingly-common saying, "tyranny anywhere is a threat to freedom everywhere."

  8. I've always hated this. We should stand up when the first person is abused. Not just because it might affect us one day. It's a selfish philosophy that gets repeated often.

  9. they came for the communists first in the quote. Since the new deal passed, the US has spent the cold war imprisoning, exiling, and executing dissidents. They started with the new deal coalition. First they went after the American communists, then the American socialists, then the American unionists, and now 4+ decades of unilateral neoliberalism has degraded the nation and look who they're going after now? All that remains are liberals to the left of them.

  10. And the scary part is you can replace Socialist, Trade Unionist, and Jew with literally anything and that passage is still relevant.

  11. Not sure what you're trying to say here. Are you one of thise people who think freemasons are some mind of cult who is bent on controlling the world? They pretty much get together and do charity work all the time

  12. Literally every single word the Hungarian dude says at the end applies to mainstream media these days far more accurately than it does to any political party.

  13. Sad to think this is still relavent today. I recently finished reading Grant. Ulysses Grant autobiography. What killed me, politics have not changed one bit. Politicians were just as petty, self-serving as ever.

  14. It will be relevant as long as people are people. We just have to stay vigilant. Maybe one day our ancestors will look back on us and say I can’t believe people used to do things like that. The same way we look at a chimpanzee and wonder why they can’t speak.

  15. I went deep down the Grant literary rabbit hole. Read a lot of work about him. Read Sherman’s memoirs. Read the Shelby Foote series (admittedly about more than Grant), read team of rivals, the Chernow book, the McFeeley book. He’s a fascinating man. And it is amazing how even today the slander against him remains.

  16. Kind of ironic that they talk about the U.S. having no "other people" when segregation was very much still enforced and Japanese Americans were living in internment camps. Not that it doesn't make the video relevant today, but just curious that they made an anti-fascism video when they were actively rounding up some American citizens and forcing them to leave their homes while other American citizens were forced to live as second-class citizens based solely on the color of their skin.

  17. There’s an awesome book called, “In the Garden of Beasts”, by Erik Larson that is about an American ambassador who was stationed in Berlin during the rise of the Nazis before WW2. He was watching more and more atrocities performed and the US refused to denounce the Nazis since Germany owed money to American bankers and the the government was afraid they would call out our treatment of African Americans. It goes to show you that if America doesn’t fix its problems, our adversaries will always be able to use that against us to cause instability since we have a diverse nation with many different groups of people.

  18. You talk about "they" as if the producers of this video and those causing and promoting that segregation are the same entity.

  19. There are lots of different people. The ones that made this video might not have agreed with the segregation and camps going on.

  20. Somewhat relevant: I actually think the way we teach students about the Japanese internment camps is wrong and desperately needs to be fixed.

  21. Because it is a film, it is not a documentary, it is art, it is meant to challenge not to follow

  22. I agree with you. I’ve always experienced a cognitive dissonance when it comes to the US actions/inaction during WWII and the decision to intern Japanese Americans and the explicitly racist propaganda used by the military against Japan. Then I decided to research FDR a bit more:

  23. "Splitting the nation into small groups". Now where have I seen that in politics...hmmm... tough question.

  24. If I had to guess based on commercial actors I've known I'd say they might not have really known what they were performing for or ever even seen the finished product. They knew their part in the scene but other than that it was probably just a gig to them.

  25. I’m a Freemason and would be happy to answer any questions. To start, Freemasonry is the world’s oldest and largest fraternity. It began as a sort of “proto-union” for medieval European stonemasons, and they started accepting non-stonemasons to join, to learn more universal moral lessons instead of being trained in stonemasonry.

  26. “Funny thing about a cage, they’re never built for just one group. So when that cage is done with them and you’re still poor it comes for you.”

  27. The funny thing is, I feel like this film is giving the Nazis too much credit. I’ve spent some time researching Nazism, the Holocaust, and their other genocides. I won’t claim to be an expert, but one thing that really struck me was how real their hatred was. And, taking into account that the Nazis were sabotaging their own war efforts by pouring resources into the Holocaust, there’s really only one conclusion I’ve been able to reach.

  28. Hatred being real and the political plan of using scapegoats aren’t mutually exclusive. You’re making the same mistake a lot of people make when examine history and then arriving at a binary conclusion because it’s the more palatable one. Ironically, similar to how these people rope others into their viewpoints.

  29. The thing that kills me is that modern fascists believe that they are against fascism because they hate the group of people that should be hated.

  30. Yes the Nazis didn't plan it as strategy but it worked nevertheless. Similarly Trump didn't plan on using racism to get to power. He just leans into what is working. If you watch one of his rallies he often says things that doesn't receive well like vaccinations. He just pivots into what works quickly. Trump has no convictions other than money and power.

  31. "Funny fact about a cage, they're never built for just one group, So when that cage is done with them and you're still poor, it come for you. The newest lowest on the totem, well golly gee, you have been used. You helped to fuel the death machine that down the line will kill you too (Oops) "

  32. Yeah in my college cultural anthropology class the new generation sees no difference in catholics and christians and that they’re doing supposed on the same team. Then I’m there almost 30 saying growing up I remember being told we were different and not on the same team. Guess religion stopped being important enough to care for the next gen. I don’t care much either but my grandma definitely drilled it into my head

  33. For real, I just hope all the people with hate in their hearts for Free Masons will let the hate it go, people’s hate for Free Masons really is tearing apart this country


  35. 79 years is not a long time from a historical standpoint. Most of the study of human behavior and theories that were made back then still hold some relevance. In history of civilization we talked about what we would do if we were going to control a country based on ancient Egypt.

  36. This is amazing, and to be fair, no political side is exempt. Left and Right use fear as a weapon and it's the job of the free thinking individual to not sacrifice love for fear

  37. People think this will help pull people out of fascism, but it won't. They obviously haven't spoken to actual modern fascists.

  38. The original nazis weren't any different. They constantly portrayed themselves as victims of a jewish conspiracy to destroy germany.

  39. Yep, you're right. We're watching the same screen from two sides of the theater, and each seeing a different movie. They'd say "The guy on the platform is telling us we have to call everyone by a new pronoun and let them indoctrinate and our kids before they sneak them hormone therapy to ruin their lives. He wants to outlaw religious institutions like churches and private schools. He says we're racist bigots who should be canceled from being able to earn a living because we're white, not woke. He's saying you have to wear a mask, stay inside, and do their gene therapy or you lose your job. He owns the media and tech platforms, and if you want to be free, speak free, live freely, he'll kick you off the platform. Liberals are the fascists now."

  40. How do you even begin to bridge that gap, when 2 people can look at the same thing and come to different conclusions? It seems nearly impossible these days to have an honest discourse with someone acting in good faith. I try and check my biases and stay open to changing my mind but it is often hard to find common cause in this post truth world.

  41. This isn’t for the fascist. This is for the type of individual that is a potential fascist. There is a demonstrable psychological difference between the two. A potential fascist can often be pulled away from falling in line with the fascist actual’s orders with education and understanding.

  42. I was considering showing this to my grandparents. They are Trumpers, and we are proudly Jewish. I still don’t understand how they can’t see the irony in all of it. But after reading this comment it makes sense to me now…they’ve sat in front of a TV screen their whole lives and told that they are being oppressed so they believe they are the Hungarian Professor in the video, and liberal people are the Nazi lunes. Crazy how brainwashed we’ve all become, in one direction or the other.

  43. Would've been better without the useless Now this watermark. Then maybe I could watch the whole thing without captions telling me what to think

  44. No one's going to see this but I got into an uber ride yesterday, and the guy's asking me questions.. somehow we end up on the economy and I say yeah it's not looking good. He goes, "yeah we gotta get the dems out of office in the midterms all they wanna do is give money to black and poor people" I hadn't hinted one way or another about my political leanings (which obviously arent his) but I'm just thinking to myself this man is so angry hes just dying to get out his hate and find others who agree with him. I said something along the lines of a lot of that money they printed went to corporations which I think is a bigger problem and he backpedaled a bit. The ride was nearly over and I wish I would've said something else but it's just like god damn... this guy was probably 35, white, and so so angry. I get that a lot of people are hurting right now but how dumb do you have to be to blame the people at the bottom

  45. President Lyndon B. Johnson once said, “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

  46. When he mentioned Freemasons and the main character realized he was a target that reminded me of my favorite Red VS Blue line “All will perish? Wait, that includes me!”

  47. Although it's corny A Nation of Suckers is relevant. It well-relates the Faustian pact offered by fascists; the promise of peace and prosperity in exchange for being unleashed upon "enemies". The real, important lesson to be learned here is that violence and terror are inevitably turned inward because they ultimately perceive everyone as an "enemy" to fascists. Even other fascists.

  48. They actually did a good job. But Jesus it's sad how far we've fallen into certain groups openly idealizing fascism and decrying ant-fascism. Like you MFs know you're in the wrong country right? We fought our assess off to overcome that BS!

  49. “What has happened before will happen again. What has been done before will be done again. There is nothing new under the sun”. Ecclesiastes 1:9

  50. Sad that most people who agree that this is relevant to today's climate, have a completely backwards idea of who in today's world it represents.

  51. Some people subscribe to the Mudsill Theory, where there must be someone on the bottom and as long as they are not the lowest one they will allow you to take anything.

  52. Yes this is my favorite line. The other being a point I've tried to make for years, the line about prejudice being created by people with an agenda. It's very important to vet news sources - who's writing this? What else have they written? What stands to be gained from this viewpoint?

  53. If you could only see…. Ya’ll are so close. Take out the words “Republicans” and “Democrats” from your comments and just say “Government” and “Corporations”

  54. If people stopped building an identity around their political beliefs it would be a lot easier for us to communicate with each other.

  55. I'm disappointed reading comments on how America has done so much wrong at a time when this sort of messaging can also be found. These commenters just want to call out some kind of hypocrisy so they can just reinforce their biases and influence others to look down upon their own country. The fact that you can see videos like in the OP is quite literally what makes America, America. You can have diamonds of messages during a really troubling time. In other countries without a 1st Amendment, they don't have such freedom and will never have the opportunity to hear new ways of thinking. This is the type of stuff that can resonate with a population and cultivate change. That's what America is all about and without it, we can't collectively rally around new ideas and question the status quo.

  56. Looks like someone is trying to remind people that we shouldn't be against each other. Maybe we should just talk with each other and realize we all are people just trying to make our way through this life.

  57. Wow, the "both sides are the same!" and the "won't someone think of the Nazis' feelings?" crowd is out in force in the comments.

  58. They had to make this movie, seeing as how so many citizens were pro-nazi, or at the very least, anti-semitic. Charles Limbergh, the American First party, the German American Bund etc.

  59. I'm not a fascist, but I still wish people knew more about the truth about (sexual abuse in) the Catholic Church....

  60. Wow... This isn't relevant only in the usa... It's relevant everywhere... It's often either race, caste or religion...

  61. Judge each man by the content of his character and not by the colour of his skin. Seems to me there's plenty of people on both ends of the spectrum who are saying otherwise nowadays.

  62. It's so odd though because I've seen some fascists that don't recognize themselves as fascists use this video to complain about the left or antifa.

  63. I mean what have the Christians done for anyone lately besides be at best complicit to the erosion of human rights?

  64. Ah, the WWII era, when Fascism was the enemy and not Communism. I once met an old man at Barnes & Noble who told me Trump reminded him of Mussolini

  65. Most people that see this don’t realize that the Nazi’s got the idea for the Holocaust from America, particularly the process in the genocide of Native Americans. Every time I see this video it makes me shake my head in disgust when they say “I didn’t imagine this way of talking in America” and how people seem to ignore the brutality of our own country. Not only that, but the Nazi’s also borrowed the same tactics used against African American communities in order to subjugate their own lower classes. America needs to acknowledge that they inspired Nazism with their history of racism and bigotry before they can go around saying they’re appalled at the current issues in America. We were never better than this, and it’s time people started putting our country’s true history in context and challenge the people promoting hate that they are carrying on a history that’s lessening our nation.

  66. Sadly if you showed this to a lot of ppl today they’d say it’s propaganda made by the elite to keep you docile

  67. Remember that Hitler, according to himself, was a vehement Catholic. The German church celebrated his birthday as a religious holiday. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking the Nazis hated religion. The oath every soldier took was a pledge to God and all wore on their belts a buckle reading "God is with us".

  68. When he said this doesn't work in a unified country. Then you realize how the government is working overtime along with media etc to put us into split groups. Pit them against each other.

  69. What blows my mind is how many Americans think the outcome of any single politician in any single election is more important then protecting the integrity of the election process.

  70. Yeah we haven't changed much since ww2 just our toys have. There's still Nazis in Europe and America, and a new war is brewing. Idiotic humanity never learns for its own mistakes.

  71. This isn't about fascism. This is about nationalism. A huge problem right now is there are a lot of people who don't know what certain ideologies are and conflating them. People on the left calling conservatives fascists, people on the right (and left) calling social democracy socialism or democratic socialism.

  72. That younger guy on the left is your standard right winger who is all for things being worse for others, and doesn't care if families are ripped apart, people are assaulted, deported, demonised.

  73. Sometimes I see how people from USA are divided between republicans and democrats and it reminds me of this.

  74. 1943… and this is put out by the same FDR-led US government that rounded up Japanese Americans and put them in internment camps? Same government that segregated “negroes” in the armed services?

  75. I saw this posted on a right wing gun forum a while ago. Everyone was in agreement, "Yep, yep that's exactly how the left talks. We need to stop them like we stopped the Nazis."

  76. They seem to gloss over the fact that when Hitler came to power their targets were the communists and the trade unionists and no one ever seems to talk about that. People only think that Hitler's rise to power starts and ends with "Jews are Bad".

  77. He said the Nazis couldn’t overtake Germany if Germany was a unified country. So they broke it up into little groups and infused prejudice into people, weakening the country as a whole, and they were able to take over.

  78. What a hypocrite government, trying to appear all in favor of everybody while allowing segregation laws to exist in the south.

  79. Disingenuous as fuck. It benefited the government to call out fascism at the moment, because they needed more army recruits, and because anyone with more than a few brain cells could read a newspaper article about the Nazis and say Hey, isn’t the US doing some of that, just a little bit? and needed to be shut down. And a few years later the government would probably make more movies insinuating that anyone who wants to be friends with Negroes or foreigners is a dirty commie pinko. Just like now. Pearl-clutching and sanctimonious screeching about women’s rights and religious freedom when an oil-producing nation needs to be invaded; abortion-rights rollbacks and zero separation of church and state when it doesn’t.

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