Woman without a hijab giving the middle finger to a heavily armed squad of morality police in Iran.

  1. Not even sure how it would work but Starlink enabled phones would put an end to govt internet censorship right quick. Can you imagine dropping 1 million phones like that into N Korea? Of course even having a phone like that would be a death sentence probably, but still… Fuck those guys.

  2. These women are so brave and selfless risking torture and being murdered to change their world for everyone. They will never be forgotten.

  3. This makes me wonder how westernized Iran has become. When I lived there the native Iranian equivalent to the middle finger sign was not the extension of the middle finger, but the extended thumb, exactly like the western hitchhiking thumb gesture, which could easily provoke a world of problems from those on the receiving end. Also, when I lived there women were free to wear or not wear chador or veil and no one complained either way.

  4. I love that term "morality police", people who think it's perfectly fine to kill others but not wearing a scarf is punishable by death, there may be logic in there somewhere but I certainly can't see it

  5. Literally just listened to this song after not hearing it for years.. saw it on YouTube music and sat back and enjoyed. Open up Reddit and your comment is the first I see. Thought that was kind of special. Also fuck misogyny and fuck the backwards thinking of the ‘little boys club’ in Iran.

  6. I KNOW the world as a whole would be better off without religion. A lot of histories bloodshed has been due to religion. Beaten only by land grabbing.

  7. Honestly the only religion I can think that has done almost nothing wrong (as far as I know) is Buddhism.

  8. Can we finally dismiss the trope that apologist for Islam use - hijab is a symbol of empowerment and it’s the women’s choice to have it… finally

  9. how about learning about it from the source . no where in the quran it says hijab is for empowerment . itʼs mandatory for women only when men are around ,wearing it counts as a good deed,not wearing it is a sin and the punishment isn't mentioned anywhere . thatʼs hijab.

  10. Why don’t we see more of this? Women’s rights groups need to be focused on this area of the world. But it’s easier to fight against make-believe oppression in the west.

  11. Kinda sad no other countries have stepped in and put a stop to this. How long are they going to let the government kill there citizens.

  12. It's a shame she was arrested right after this. But good on her for standing up for her beliefs. It's not actually part of the Kor'an that women wear these things... it's something society created and then mandated and they just kept drinking the koolaid. It's really strange how these folks feel justified in arresting, torturing, and sometimes killing their own women over an item of clothing. It's an item of clothing and they think it's ok to kill someoene for not wearing it. It doesn't even protect women from being sexualized by men.

  13. Iranian regimes propaganda figures are all like: why is this turning into a full on revolution and is not about a 22 year old girls death anymore it must be the work of CIA, well if the police who did cause here head injury was in trial for murder and the highest ranking officer there was in trial for accessory to murder and some important figures like ministers and such would have been fired for this, plus if they would at least admit it because officials are all saying she died her self because she was scared, yeah right 22 year old girl just dies because she was arrested

  14. Sorry for the correction, but they are not the morality police obviously. Morality police has a normal green uniform and usually uses women too. They’re the police they use to oppress the protesters, usually coming from NAJA or IRGC.

  15. If they hd fought and cut hair and did this at the beginning it wouldnt have been allowed to get this far. Woman have to stop shit EARLY not wait for it to get this bad. That’s why america is in it’s current predicament with women not being able to get abortion pills for naturally dead fetuses still inside of them , carrying dead babies and almost dying of sepsis from them, and 10 yr old rape victims fleeing their state to not carry a rapists baby to term.

  16. They are saying 7 more days tops before its over and under control again. Hopefully people in usa will see why 2nd Amendment is so important. If morality police were to be established and try to take over we can fight back with guns. Pray for those womens freedoms and the young men's courage to fight for them

  17. We could have well regulated militias and still keep the invaders or the fanatics at bay. When the US Military sets out to dominate a piece of real estate, not many civilian freedom fighters have been victorious against them.

  18. With all the heroic iranians being posted all the time anyone would think it needs liberating by a toppling of regime or all out invasion..um..i mean liberation

  19. It's weird there's people born before 1979 who are against the Hijab rule telling people younger than them It's wrong while those people tell anyone younger than them that they're "going against culture".

  20. In order to provide freedom for future women, these brave women standing up to the misogyny of extremist religions at the expense of their lives are not stupid.

  21. Lol Islam is a horrible religion. The Hadiths are explicitly sexist and Muhammad was just a warlord and pedo who wanted to be a religious leader. Islamic countries are the ones oppressing and honor-killing women.

  22. Shame in the WORLD for letting it get to the point of women willing to die in protest...so maybe the West will finally hear.

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