An alligator working as emotional support pet

  1. waiting till they're older and bigger for a nicer meal, just skin and bone at the moment so may as well wait it out

  2. As a zookeeper I've got to say, this is a really bad idea. Not necessarily to have the alligator (as long as you know how to handle it), but to have it around other people (especially children) without restraint. This is just an alligator that hasn't bitten yet.

  3. There’s a guy on YouTube who has alligators and he swims with them, hand feeds them etc. He says he trusts them not to attack him but.. he explains that they don’t handle the unexpected well. That if he were to have a heart attack or faint, then he would no longer be “him” to the alligators and they would immediately attack him.

  4. It's an ambush predator that has occupied the same ecological niche all the way into a third major global extinction level event. It can't even chew its food, but it knows its business and business is good.

  5. Oh no! the child is drowning! Don't worry, emotional support alligator is on the case! rips child to shreds problem solved, child is no longer drowning.

  6. Wow I didn’t know that. Pretty interesting. But what about the fact that children are unpredictable at best?

  7. Bro was like "hold on if I just don't eat them they'll keep me fed and I don't gotta worry about getting shot? Sign me the fuck up"

  8. Wally visited my memory care unit. My residents loved it. Several cuddled him and a few even walked him. I was surprised at how chill Wally was around so many people.

  9. I feel like it's all fun and games until that dinosaur becomes big enough to see everything as food or a food dispenser and when food is not dispensed appropriately dispenser becomes food

  10. It's neat and all, but there's no way in hell I'd let my kids play on the water with a goddamn prehistoric murder lizard, no matter how tame this one is.

  11. Bro, in the video, a little girl was literally playing by with its fucking teeth! like goddamn man, holding it is bad enough but that shit? That’s asking to lose a limb, or two, or your face.

  12. I'm inclined to say the same, but (back in France) my dad and grandmother kept an alligator as pet for many, many years. It's wild to see pics of my young grandmother hugging and kissing a gator that's bigger than her.

  13. There was something wrong with this alligators brain that completely disengaged its instincts to attack things or something.

  14. Just imagine if it attacked the kids while filming this video and they just edit that part in as a surprise, partway through the interview. It’s all uplifting and fun and quirky and then the guy is screaming “Wally!!! NO!!!” as the water turns red.

  15. Most wild animals kept as pets are tame and charming until puberty when all hell breaks loose - as it does with human children! Only when these guys come of age, they take your head off. Male alligators hit puberty when they're 6 feet long and 8-12 years old. This one is 5.5' and 7 years old. Tick tock, delusional humans!

  16. You may very well be right but I just read up on his owner and he’s handled and dealt with several alligators for years. I kind of thought he was someone who didn’t know what he was doing, but that’s not the case.

  17. Even a dog's behavior can change dramatically (and sometimes unpredictably) when they reach maturity - and dogs have gone through 10k+ years of domestication.

  18. "He has never bitten anyone" But what happens when he decides to do it? That aninal only has to bite once

  19. "That tiger ain't go crazy; that tiger went tiger! You know when he was really crazy? When he was riding around on a unicycle with a Hitler helmet on!"

  20. It's literally not even about instinct, but ability. I've heard from zookeepers that big cats like tigers are fundementally very much like housecats, they can be friendly, playful, affectionate, and seek affection from human handlers. Housecats also bite, and scratch, and attack your feet for fun. Tigers will too. But it's very different when they do it.

  21. Or that fuckin guy that kept a pet hippo. He said the same thing “I raised it since it was a baby. It thinks it’s human and just another member of the family”.

  22. This support system works for elderly people too, my Dad has a pet alligator and it helps him get over his reptile dysfunction problems..

  23. As someone who as owned a lot of reptiles in the past, this is comically stupid. Like, call CPS stupid. Sure you can make reptiles docile with frequent handling, but they're never going to be totally 100% safe. Their brains do not register things as "friend". They don't have the ability to grasp social constructs like mammels so all handling does it train them that you aren't an immediate threat. The first time one of those kids puts their face next to it after having eaten some chicken and the smells are still there, they're dead.

  24. Was just about to comment this. I have a lizard, he is cute, but realistically he doesn’t care about me because that’s not how reptiles think. As far as he is concerned I am a vessel for food and that’s it. It’s the same problem with cohabitating geckos together. It’s cute at first until they start eating eachother because they don’t feel love like we do. That’s not to say you can’t have lizards for emotional support, it’s just dumb to get one that can rip your children limb from limb.

  25. Thank you. This won't end well. No different than people allowing their children to handle large snakes. They aren't your friend. They just haven't decided to eat you yet.

  26. I get why they would play with him depending on how it looks in the video but can't they at least put a muzzle or smtn on his mouth when he is playing with children? If ur an adult u deserve what's coming but the kids in the vid see them as dogs by the looks of it.

  27. ...or just don't let your children play with a wild animal? Poor animal doesn't deserve to have his mouth shut, he needs to live in the wild or be in a sanctuary.

  28. Ah yes, the predator that nature and evolution deemed perfect enough that they remained the same as they were since dinosaurs were walking around.

  29. You know, this alligator could decimate everyone in that pool at any point and I wouldn’t be able to justify blaming it

  30. It’s not. They’re treating a wild animal the same way they treat their domesticated pets, which usually ends in someone being horrifically maimed or killed.

  31. I don’t trust it lol makes me think back at the lady who had a pet monkey for awhile and all of the sudden it attacked her friend and ripped her friends arm off and tore her face up

  32. I have some deep concerns about this. They are applying human or ‘pet’ emotions to a natural predator. He might be chill in the majority of circumstances, but at no point should you forget it’s a predator, with predatory instincts. Always assume the alligator instincts can kick back in. To allow children to play with it, is profoundly unethical imo.

  33. Oh this guy is awesome. Apparently he's been finding and relocating gators and running a reptile rescue for years and Wally was one of a batch of three gators he pulled from someones pond. He kept Wally when he realized Wally wasn't interested in live food and would follow him around like a dog. Definitely seems like a one in a million gator.

  34. Interesting, wanting live food is gator instinct, wonder what happened. Granted of course this gator would now only attack if felt threatened but already desensitized to humans.

  35. Ever heard of the old Fable of the The Scorpion and the Fox. Im not saying that this particular situation will be like that, but hey, to each his own.

  36. This is not interesting, this is fucking terrifying! This is so incredibly irresponsible my jaw is on the floor. Why would you put CHILDREN at risk like this! Fuck this guy for being this reckless with kids potentially getting mauled, and fuck the parents for being stupid enough to put their kids in danger like this!

  37. Even at that size that gator could do some serious damage to those children. I'm all for educating the public about these awesome, living dinosaurs, but close physical contact with them should be very limited. There are anecdotes about folks swimming with them and feeding them but the ultimate truth is that they are wild animals and very unpredictable. And unlike a cat, if this thing is in a bad mood the outcome could be very bad. Best to treat these things like table saws, respect it and be smart around it, but never assume you can't be hurt.

  38. This reminds me of the story about the woman who would sleep with a 7 foot python in her bed. She would lay on her stomach and the snake would sprawl itself from her head to her toes. Then, the snake stopped eating so she brought it to the vet. Turns out the snake was sizing her up and was preparing itself to eat her.

  39. There a scientists trying to figure out why an alligator will not bite, but child figures out reason, “I think he was just born nice.” Exactly leave it at that.

  40. Exceptional alligator. Sure. Until its not. It could accidentally injure someone. A strap over the mouth would be nice just for safety.

  41. When he gets sick of her poking and prodding his mouth it only takes one warning snap to take her arm off.

  42. He follows her around like a puppy dog because he’s waiting for the day he’s big enough to eat her. God damn Floridians…

  43. I feel bad for the animal. One day, it’s instincts are going to kick in, and it’s gonna bite someone: then it’s gonna get killed just because it was a wild animal forced to live amongst humans

  44. Thus spoke Zarathustra, that each man spreads his seed as birds over Brooklyn. Waylay the gate and spread not the skewer of the Pentecost.

  45. “Day 196: the plan to lull humans into a false sense of confidence is proceeding smoothly. They have even begun to allow their little ones around me. Tolerance…patience….the day of feeding will soon arrive”

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