Friend apparently has a signed copy of Mein Kampf

  1. It does look like so when taking the picture but its a real ink and i have also cross referenced the signature on google. seems legit…….

  2. I think the signature is just printed, the ink from the pen would have bleed out into the page at least a tiny bit, thats signature is just as crisp as all the printing.

  3. I was kind of morbidly hoping for a “To Gary - make sure to keep the bloodline pure! Love Hitler” type of deal tbh

  4. This is not a first print, though that's not to say he didn't sign it. We have an original copy at the library I worked at, and it's got a drab, paperless cover. It's got its own stand, although it's not available to the general public. The book is broken into two sections, before his incarceration in Germany, and during/afterwards. It's not until the second part that he really gets nuts with the racism and anti-semitism.

  5. As some people here already said, it's a printed signature. I have not exactly the same book (different cover), but also with Hitler's picture and (printed) signature. It was a popular gift for people in certain positions. A relative of mine was in a higher military position in the army and got it for his wedding. After the end of Hitlers regime most people threw their copies out (I heard it even was illegal to own for some time, but I'm not sure), so not that many copies survived. I have been given this copy of my relative and I still have it. I have read it. I believe that the opinions inside are very wrong, but also realized how people at the time could have fallen for his lies, because he makes it sound good. Like, the opinions are bullshit, but he describes the problems he sees and how he thinks they should be solved, and why. And somehow he makes it sound like logical conclusions. I finally understood why it was always said that Hitler had a way with words. Nowadays there are edited copies (with easier letters than Fraktur...) and I really recommend everyone who is interested to read it. The opinions are sick, and wrong, but it also describes Hitlers motivations and gives a view into his explanation, why things should happen.

  6. Maybe, but i doubt any reasonable person would dump large sums of cash without doing proper research on the signatures authenticity.

  7. I'm afraid that's not a signed copy. It's a very common book - millions were printed - and everyone has the same signature in the same place.

  8. Just a little tidbit: against what many people say, this book is not illegal in Germany. There is also now specific law against printing it. It just so happened that the Bavarian state used to own the copyright and didn’t print or license it.

  9. That's a signature printed under the image and not a personalized copy by AH himself. Its also not a first edition or even an early one. Its worth maybe a hundred to 200 bucks id imagine. Though this being such a late edition isnt as desirable as one printed in the early 30s. Ive never paid much for any in my collection.

  10. I have mentioned in the post title “apparently”. But fortunately with the help of redditors i have discovered it is in fact a printed signature.

  11. I only read a little bit of it, but it was actually a pretty interesting read. I recall this one story where Hitler has this interaction with a mouse that he feeds while he’s waiting to have an audience with the nationalist party or whatever. It took me by surprise because he goes off on this tangent about the mouse. It was surprisingly wholesome and well written. Just goes to show, you never really can tell who somebody is because of a simple act of kindness. They might be nurturing a small animal one day and a genocidal maniac the next. Don’t get too caught up in ideology folks, it makes fascists of us all.

  12. Why? It can't do anything to you. Do you burn communist manifestos? Gaddafis green book? Maos book?

  13. Not much. There still are loads of copies, even signed ones. The book was mandatory, so every household had at least one copy. But you never no what a "fan" would be willing to spend on it...

  14. I was reading about hitlers giant 40tg birthday party a little while ago, and he did sign copies of mein kampf. Could be from then, but id check when that cover was printed

  15. The condition is better than my LOTR from the 60s. I doubt it's that early, did they have ISBN back then? There must be a way to verify.

  16. Now the question is, is it actually valuable or is the continued stigma towards anything even remotely related to that period of German history gonna immensely devalue it?

  17. Is this book any good? I mean they never made a film of it, and AFAIK that author guy didn't do a sequel, so I'm guessing it just sank without trace.

  18. I think it's just printed and yeah many households in Germany still have a copy from their grandparents or great grandparents. They are not illegal to have and you don't have to be a Nazi to have one. I think it's bad JuJu and I wasn't able to read more than two pages before calling the author irrational, delusional and dumb.

  19. I TRIED so hard to read this in late high school…..just could not get through it. At the time it seemed like nonsensical ramblings to me. Was that cos i was young?

  20. They're all "signed", it's printed. And yes, it looks like real ink, some of those printers knew what they were doing back in the day. I've got a whole collection of Nazi literature from the great grandfather of my wife who was judge in the 3rd Reich, completely with the most inhuman handwritten comments on the pages. You wouldn't believe what a monster he must've been, a firm believer in races and Herrenmenschentum. If I'm starting to believe in mankind, I have a look in those and stop instantly.

  21. Assuming it’s real, I would auction that shit off so fast! It holds absolutely no sentimentality (at least I hope not) and it would fetch a lot of money.

  22. You need to prove that’s pen ink and his signature. I’d be selling it asap if real, don’t want that shit in my house.

  23. To this day I am fascinated by the Energy and Passion Hitler had when delivering his speeches. His hand movements and facial expressions. He was a beast at rallying a crowd.

  24. I am losing it at the font... the titles sure, go nuts, but the whole ass book is printed in that decorative, hard to read font? Whats the deal there?

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