Jeffrey Epstein autopsy explained

  1. They saw it on that movie about a speeding bus that was going around the city at a high rate of speed and if its speed dropped, it would explode.

  2. The Epstein thing pisses me off so much. Seemingly rational people can decry all these crazy conspiracy theories about Trump blah blah and then say Epstein was somehow murdered. It’s coocoo bananas. It’s such a perfect example of how fucking stupid our society has become. Feed someone a couple lines of that they should dislike someone and then suddenly that means that all facts are off and they’ll believe any crazy thing about them. No one with even a few rational brain cells would ever think that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered.

  3. I would like to see a video of Prince Andrew sweating profusely while watching this. No way Epstein killed himself, he knew waaaay too much.

  4. Considering his connections, his "services", his wealth, and his influence, there are only two possibilities I see; he was killed, or he never died.

  5. William Barr called it, he was in total control of that situation. Reminder William Barr's father was the one to give Epstein a teaching job, with children, and he had no education background or teaching degree. William Barr's father got Epstein started on his run of evil

  6. Some of the idiots posting here think it was Hillary Clinton. Not one of the hundreds of rich and powerful dudes he could have incriminated if left alive. Yeah, totally was the lady not raping kids, who killed the rapist. /s

  7. If you look up his cell mate that should tell you . He was a crooked cop , plus he looks like the white hulk compared to him , normally wouldn’t put those two together

  8. I listened to a podcast talking about the whole event and while yeah, a LOT of it is fishy, and I still believe someone came in to Agent 47 him, there are some things that do kind of make sense. The prison guards were apparently quite notorious for fudging their time sheets for when they’d do their walks. Those guys make very little money, so it makes sense for them to not care. Also, going from living most of his life in extreme opulence to living in one of the worst prisons in America, it does make sense why somebody would kill themselves. Especially knowing that if he actually did have dirt on people (which I’m sure he did), very bad things could and most likely would happen to him not too far into the future. I still think he was creased, but ya know, gotta take into account some stuff too

  9. I wonder if he had a 'failsafe' to try to protect himself during custody. It would seem pretty elemental for someone who had so much material ripe for blackmail of the most powerful figures on the planet.

  10. Easy. Someone hired Agent 47 to take him out and, as he does, he got him without a trace. Even used the classic garrote and set it up for the unnoticed kill

  11. Idk how to tell you this, but societal laws are for the poor. The elite and ultra wealthy have been rolling around with impunity since the dawn of civilization.

  12. Is there an actual list to release? Is the list people keep talking about the 'black book'? I thought it was just an address book?

  13. Who's gonna arrest them? They pay the salaries of anyone and everyone in a legal position to do anything about it

  14. Hey, one of the guys had his house in florida raided by the feds last month. Lots of potentially incriminating documentation recovered. All over the news.

  15. Devil's advocate here, Dr. Baden is a very well known forensic pathologist and not always for the right reasons. He famously

  16. Yes I’d love to see another coroner or forensic pathologist chime in. While you do raise issues with his history, I’d like someone to take the claims Baden made head on. He may be an imperfect messenger but I’m more interested in shooting down the message

  17. There was a recent murder trial for Matheau Moore in which they claimed he staged his wife's suicide by hanging after strangling her and they basically used this same fact pattern to conclude it was a murder. Moore walked free. The conclusion he's drawing from the autopsy is heavily rooted in a statistical analysis with dozen factors playing into it like weight, bone density, age, impact forces, partial/complete hanging, duration etc. He even seems to not think of really basic things, like the cloth noose being rolled up to match the marks on Epstein's neck and concluding it couldn't possibly be the method of hanging, which is ridiculous.

  18. Exactly this. There is quite a bit of telling misinformation in this video and Dr. Baden does not correct himself or the interviewer at any point. He’s riding on this theory of his to the end. His assumed theory rides completely on circumstantial evidence that he’s bringing in. He gave no other indication of what else could have been used to strangle Epstein, so that’s an un backed hypothesis he has. Also, the ligature on Epstein’s neck is a bruising of pool blood during the strangulation. At NO POINT, would that blood have gotten on whatever was used for him to strangle himself in evidence since it’s a pooling deep under the skin and becomes more pronounced post mortem.

  19. He’s also just straight up lying. There’s lots of evidence that these kind of fractures happen in autostrangulation cases particUlarly with older men.

  20. He’s full of shit. The kind of fractures he’s up in arms about might be more-common during strangulation, but they are still common during hangings, and the odds of fractures go up as you age.

  21. Thank you for posting this. Dr. Baden has had his fair share of bad calls. Personally I believe he killed himself to avoid a probable worse death at the hands of someone else, but I think the conspiracy is that he was purposely given the opportunity to kill himself. Why would they even need to kill him? He was desperate to do so himself knowing how dangerous and sadistic the people he had info on could be, and that they’d assume he was spilling info.

  22. Epstein hanged himself in his jail cell. It makes absolute sense for there to be weird injuries. This was not a carefully done execution. This was a man that was trying to hang himself in a little cell with whatever piece of clothing he could find

  23. You’re hitting on a good point and one of his main arguments was that he examined 1000 cases of hangings “from NYC jails”. He never admits to analyzing cases from hangings in general. I think he was very purposeful in that statement.

  24. You could tell that from his explanation to be honest. Something just feels off about it, like hes digging for reasons to make it more newsworthy rather than giving an actual expert opinion. I think this is most clear when the news network had to clarify that the government responded with a "lol what? here's examples" when he talked about the broken neck bone.

  25. Baden was also hired by Epstein's brother and it was while under contract with him they he made his proclamations. People don't seem to know this or conveniently ignore it

  26. This 100%. This guy is a clown. That being said I do beleive foul play is in order here to be quite certain. And frankly. Idc how Epstein died. I'm glad he's not on this earth. Might make me a bad man for saying such, but people like him will not be "reformed". Which is laughably what our correctional institutions were based around. I don't see much reforming going on there.

  27. Yeah if someone believes that this is a murder and has absolutely no doubts then they just haven't looked into enough. Or have only read from sources that are cherry picking. I'm not saying it couldn't have been murder, but there's way more evidence that it was a suicide than many people want to believe:

  28. Dr. Baden was hired by Mark Epstein, Jeffrey's brother, he was tasked with covering up the fact that he committed suicide.

  29. He was suicidal. If someone powerful wanted him dead providing him opportunity to kill himself seems like a cleaner/smarter play than killing him. But I'm not a stable genius with an all time great brain, so who knows how these people think

  30. I do. He was going from a life of opulent luxury to a future in federal prison as a child rapist, so he definitely had motive to kill himself, he had already tried to kill himself once, and then had his lawyer petition to get him of off suicide watch so he could try again.

  31. Yes because conspiracy theories don’t run my life. I don’t think the evidence from this one guy “3 fractures aren’t common” means that is obviously murder. He said he checked thousands of similar jail suicides, why couldn’t Epstein be 1/1000? There just isn’t that much evidence besides the idea that it makes sense for someone to have killed him and that’s why we don’t get justice.

  32. I'm not fully decided on a position, but I think it being suicide is more likely than alot of people think. Murder is possible, but not the only explanation. I could honestly go either way.

  33. More than you would think, apparently. It's extremely suspicious for sure but to suggest that Epstein didn't have the motivation and the capability to kill himself seems unusual to me.

  34. If he was suicidal, why would he be honest about his intentions? It's possible he was murdered but him claiming to not be suicidal is irrelevant as a factor. Anyone who wants to die is going to pretend not to in order to avoid the prison making it harder for them to do so.

  35. The noose is just fabric, couldn't it get folded into the folds of his neck skin? And while the ring around his neck looks like blood it could just be marks under the surface of the skin.

  36. My understanding of this (and I freely admit to being the opposite of an expert here) is that he was connected to a rather large number of wealthy, powerful people of influence. Those singling out Trump or Clinton as his killer do so because they want that to be true (unless there is a preponderance of evidence pointing at either one specifically). I’d love to see this get pinned to a particular one of that pair, but I’m not basing any belief on wishful speculation.

  37. I have no idea what happened, but for speculation's sake I would imagine that wealth plus political power would make it easier to pull something like this off than just wealth alone. So if he was murdered it seems more likely it was someone with political influence/power than just some random wealthy person with no political influence at all.

  38. Both sides of the political spectrum wanted him shut down. Throw in powerful businessmen, celebrities...there was no way he was going to live to tell his tale.

  39. Even as a layman, lots of these “suspicious” aspects aren’t that suspicious. I do question, has it ever been confirmed that he was hanging hanging as opposed to just using a noose in a more “leaning” orientation. You can still hang yourself without being suspended if you have a high enough tie off point and lean into it properly.

  40. Exactly my thoughts as well. The fractures are interesting, but I’d like to learn more about that before whole heartedly trusting the pathologist who helped defend OJ Simpson and Phil Spector.

  41. At least everyone who was complicit in his crimes are behind bars... what.. second in command of England if the kings out of the country.. thats just one thou...what do you mean one is running for president of the USA...

  42. I once saw this guy say it was impossible for someone to commit suicide with a shotgun equipped with a barrel of a length typically used in duck hunting.

  43. we all know he was killed, but unfortunately it's not what you know it's what you can prove. the elites certainly will not allow that proof to surface.

  44. My favorite part about this case is that apparently Hillary Clinton is both too stupid to realize any single fact about her own life, but also she is a criminal mastermind capable of mass destruction without leaking a single piece of evidence.

  45. Please. This happened in the basement of the Comet Pizza restaurant. Get your information correct. Pffft.

  46. I really don’t see the big deal. Since the jail has cameras everywhere, they should just release the video footage……….oh wait.

  47. Jeffrey Epstein was a 20 year old college dropout when he was hired by Donald Barr to teach math at Dalton School. Dalton is one of the top schools in NYC for children of rich and powerful people. Some of the most rich and powerful in the country.

  48. Does anyone think he payed off the guards so that he could complete suicide? Thought he had attempted before while in custody but was seen on camera/by the guards and helped. Who knows, the whole damn thing is weird as hell.

  49. Why are we even pretending there's anything to investigate, as if there's any plausible deniability in a real cut-the-horseshit scenario? The man had dirt on many powerful clients with a combined wealth of... hundreds of billions? And some of them likely have a lot of power (hard to quantify with mere dollars). Basically lots of the world's money and power wanted him dead. Adding in the fact that he was in a maximum security cell, yet he dies and the critical hours of video footage magically somehow coincidentally is missing? Cut the fucking shit already.

  50. Don't forget, he was MOVED to the federal prison by Trump and the head of the DOJ, Bill Barr. He was intentionally put in that location specifically, then the cameras were switched off and the guards replaced with patsies.

  51. Evidence aside, No one actually believes he killed himself. With the evidence it’s only logical that there’s a high probability that it was murder. The state refusing to investigate is even more suspect.

  52. It’s so clearly not a suicide. I could tell you from the wound itself. Jesus they literally got away with blatant murder, we have the names of all of his client, and no one will go to prison.

  53. He had dirt on a bunch of super famous and important people and many of those pedophiles would have gone to jail. They had to get rid of him before he started making deals with the District Attorney. Definitely wasn’t a suicide.

  54. If you want to find the killer, get the black book of client names. Not a single person in the book has been charged. They're powerful enough to make sure of it.

  55. We all know he had too much dirt on important people and was going to prison for life unless he rated so clearly someone want dead men to tell no tales. The fact the camera in a suicide area were off and he was not being watch like they are supposed to do in suicidal inmates should tell you all you need to know.

  56. We always laugh at the "suicides" happening in Russia but this stuff plainly happens in US and nobody seems to care.

  57. I don’t know this guy from Adam, but he’s not correct. Although more trauma to the structures of the neck tends to be associated with homicidal strangulation, what he is saying is his own anecdotal opinion. The forensic pathology literature does not support what he is saying. Cricoid and thyroid fractures are common in suicidal hanging and strangulation. He does not mention cricoid fracture which tends to me associated with homicidal strangulation but is not seen with suicidal hanging.

  58. This guy has a history of making contrary claims about high profile deaths. He's a celebrity coroner looking for attention.

  59. "Dr. Baden performed an experiment to prove the fractures and location of the marks were in fact not possible on him self late last night resulting in his death"

  60. The ruling classes do not play by the rules. He exposed or pissed off the wrong people who subsequently had him killed. Just like John Mcaffe. Human beings haven't changed for millenia. Money and power rules and makes the rules for those without money and power.

  61. I'm still curious about the photo that shows them removing the body from the prison. Normally, when moving a dead body, the body is fully covered. Not Epstein, his head and face are clearly visible in the photo.

  62. We’re in the post-truth era. We all know this was a result of foul play, but those in power are looking away. I’ll bet $10k we’ll never get to the bottom of this and have those responsible (and all the rich pedos they could have uncovered) held to justice.

  63. I'm sad to see this doctor's life will likely be ending soon. I have no doubt the ones behind all this will see his research into this as a loose end.

  64. If you think Epstein was murdered, you have to ask yourself who had access. All I know is that it's the executive branch of the government that runs the bureau of prisons.

  65. Yo this whole thing is fucked - we need to know the truth and who was part of it…It’s infuriating that it all gets to be covered up

  66. It's bananas that it's basically public knowledge he was murdered in a government ran facility and there's essentially been zero investigation

  67. Never seen his neck before. Iv seen alot of CSI and even I could tell you that dude got strangled. I don't see that loose fabric choking him so perfectly right at the bottom of his neck and leaving such a clean wound str8 across

  68. They brought a doctor on 60 fucking Minutes to tell us how full of shit they are, and people still tell me I’m a crazy conspiracy theorist.

  69. Epstein was essentially a pimp for the deep state in order to get leverage on existing and potential political, financial, and media leaders, both domestically and abroad. They killed him.

  70. He had a 25' extension cord for his CPAP in his cell, but yeah he hung himself with his sheets. He was a jackass but I don't think he was that stupid.

  71. “They stand firmly behind their finding of suicide by hanging.” I’m sure they do. They don’t want to get suicided.

  72. It blows my mind. We all know he didn't kill himself. There's forensic proof. There are witnesses. The crime happened in plain sight.

  73. If you take a serious look into this case then you'd probably think differently. I too believed he was killed until after really looking into it and now I'm practically certain he did in fact kill himself.

  74. Here's my conspiracy theory. Epstein was killed by the U.S gov or a faction within to protect Donald Trump who we all know was bff with ole Jeff Epstein for 20 years and literal next door neighbors in some investments.

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