Canadian inventor Troy Hurtubise tests his armored grizzly bear protection suit.

  1. I saw the documentary about him years ago. He tried numerous times to find a wild bear for the ultimate test but every time the bear wasn't interested in a confrontation. He never got the true bear test he wanted, so all we have are these funny and interesting tests. Quirky guy for sure.

  2. Thats the final test. It takes time to rig a catapult strong enough to hurl a grizzly. And they only have the one so they need to make sure they hit their target.

  3. It's an armored suit FOR grizzly bears. The bear is inside. These suits were designed to help the dwindling bear population in northern Canada where mattress trucks hunt.

  4. The inventor went into debt before he could find a bear to confront and became so depressed after having to sell one of his suits and give up on his dream that he ended his life by crashing his vehicle. He is dead so we will never see the final test.

  5. Could have braces that prevent limbs from bending to far in any direction, would make It pretty tough to move in though, especially if he has neck supports. Concussion and other internal injuries is what I would worry about here. Getting hit by a truck is still getting hit by a truck even if you put a mattress in front of it.

  6. I'd be more worried about breaking my brain. It's just floating around up there in spinal fluid. TBI happens when it crashes into the side of your skull.

  7. That was my thought. External protection is all well and good, but being hit by a truck is likely to cause internal injuries from organs being shoved into positions they shouldn’t be in

  8. If I remember correctly the suit was designed to have internal padding for blunt force trauma and the joints were designed to lock in ways that don't let limbs or your neck etc move in a way it shouldn't. So in theory as long as those mechanisms didn't break the suit would take basically 100% of the impact and you wouldn't feel much worse for ware.

  9. It's important to note that he did try to market a more streamlined version of the suit to the US military at one point. It basically looked like Sparten armour but was called something like Centurion or a similar almost Sparta word.

  10. 50 years ago, only the 3 people who made this video would have known it existed (likely because they were eaten by bears shortly into the next round of field tests)

  11. This guy looks like he designed master chief as well. He owns stick in Microsoft and owns bungie. One thing I’m confused about is, why the frick is he training to fight yogi bear?

  12. No joke... Some people don't understand that no matter how well-armored you are, you're still squishy and tearable on the inside... Tony Stark would be concussed at the very least, beaten to death against the inside of the armor, more likely...

  13. As an aside and as crazy as it might sound, the way he was hit by that truck, with a wall hooked to the front, is actually way more survivable than being hit by a much smaller car. The reason being that the wall disperses the impact across the whole body knocking him straight back, as opposed to concentrating the collision forces in a much smaller and more vulnerable area, bellow the waist, and then flipping him into the air launching him up and over the car.

  14. Jokes aside (which are warranted), this guy did eventually test it out by hiding in some leaves and then purposely startling a young bear. The bear swiped at him out of surprise and he was ok (the suit worked). However, it was a young black bear and he didn’t full-on assault him. I would have liked to see what happens when you get between a full-ass grizzly momma and her cubs. Probably eats him out of that suit like tuna out of a can.

  15. I remember seeing this guy on one of those TLC or Discovery type channels, in maybe 1997. I always wondered what happened to him. That’s too bad. Definitely an eccentric fellow.

  16. Too bad the suit doesn't keep your brain from sloshing around in your skull. Some of those impacts to the head looked brutal.

  17. Just like Iron Man. All those heavy impacts Iron Man gets would give him brain injuries dozens of times over.

  18. Right?! I couldn’t help but think ‘now let’s bring out the flamethrower!’ Then they decide it won’t work til they can pass the flamethrower test. Lmao.

  19. LOL, it'll rip and tear those pieces of armor off, one by one, till it gets to the juicy bits. Crunchy on the outside, creamy goo on the inside!

  20. All of the clips are secretly a different guy in the suit because each one of them died in making the individual tests

  21. Impact protection is pointless, a grizzly will tear you apart with its teeth and claws, not punch you.

  22. Where in THE HELL is this dude from?!…where the bears have levelled up to hit humans with plows and bats and throw them off cliffs. Crazy shit.

  23. So if the Grizzly hits him with planks, lures him into a jury rigged swing trap, throws him off a mountain side, or runs him over with a truck, we know he'll be fine.

  24. I could've really used this the time I was attacked by a Grizzly. Who knew that fucker would charge at me in a god damned pick-up

  25. I recall watching this on tv when I was younger. For the real world test he laid in a landfill (covered in food waste) that was having problems with bears coming in. Every time he tried to engage a bear it would just get scared and run away lol.

  26. Every time i am reminded of bears i remember some wildlife department and why they couldn’t make the perfect anti bear trashcan because “there is significant overlap between the smartest bears and the dumbest humans”

  27. I don't think that thing will prevent your head from snapping off while falling head over heels down a hill...

  28. It’s was right after the creation of this invention that we found our bears taught themselves to shuck armor off people

  29. Apparently I've been out of the loop, the kodiaks have stopped using teeth and claws and started using baseball bats and Ford F150s.

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