Inside a Hong Kong coffin home

  1. Wow, that's a very interesting series of photos. Those toilet/bathroom/kitchen combo's look worse than the 'rooms'.

  2. I feel like that photo essay is powerful and does what it needs to do. But having lived in multiple major west coast cities with major housing issues and tons of tent encampments/constant drama about how to handle homelessness, and having visited Hong Kong, I have a hard time looking at those and seeing them as a significantly worse solution than tent encampments. Knowing that the island of Hong Kong has extreme limitations on available space, the choice is either remove homeless people from the area and let the larger Chinese government decide what to do with them, or do what you can to house people and try to improve the plan as you go. It’s a dark solution, but having lived in the middle of a heavily homeless camped urban area, these photos hardly even phase me (especially if they have heat and a/c).

  3. In the article they show that there’s a communal tiny, tiny room (about the same size as the cubicle, but you can stand up in it) with a toilet and sink and cooking appliance. Yep. Toilet kitchen.

  4. The other photos in the article document “toilet kitchen complexes” which are a similarly tiny room with the aforementioned plumbing. Not clear whether these complexes are shared or what

  5. Apparently, at least some of them would walk around the empty streets to try to get away from their cramped home and neighbors.

  6. Seriously, most of these people obviously don't cook for themselves and rely heavily on cheap street food and probably spend most of the day outside working or just chilling only staying in the coffin home for the night. Can't imagine what they did to handle lock down, probably loitered around the lobby or other open space in the building complex.

  7. It depends. If you are low income, you can apply for a council house in Hong Kong. It is gonna take at least 5 years depending on your age and family size. Some low income people refuse to live in council houses. So they stay in these kinds of cage beds.

  8. This photo fails to capture what's truly miserable about this living situation: Hong Kong regularly gets up to temperatures in the high 90's with 85%+ humidity, and I doubt this guy has any kind of air conditioning.

  9. Very few warm climate countries that I've visited have a culture of wearing shorts. Whether it's Mexico, Taiwan, Vietnam or Ghana almost all the men wear pants instead of shorts.

  10. You can buy pants and pull them up when it's hot, but you can't buy shorts and pull them down when it's cold

  11. At first I thought that it was a thermometer on the left. I was thinking about how they'd find his body cooked medium rare. But even though it's not, it must get warm quick. The human body needs ventilation to survive.

  12. I've been working in steel toe boots long socks and pants in 100 degree weather all summer. Our humidity is consistently over 75%, sometimes the real feel is 113. Now when it gets down to 80, I'm cold.

  13. Honestly though id bet its better than nothing. In places like the US and europe where this doesn't exist people with very little money just live in the streets.

  14. Something a lot of Americans don't realize is just how absolutely massive our homes/many apartments are compared to the rest of the world.

  15. Yes you should, and he should even more. Just because someone has it worse than you, doesn't mean that we all deserve the best.

  16. II’ve seen other pics where the “door” is like a small window they shimmy through. Imma guess the door is the piece of wood in the right corner :(

  17. “Maybe you’re poor because you want to be poor” or the best one “Why don’t you just go to the university and start making more money? ”

  18. Jesus Christ, when people find animals being kept in these conditions, we rightfully go after the ones responsible for animal rights violations.

  19. I was homeless for a while in high-school and my brother put me up in his back porch. It was exactly like this. Was a rough 12 months. Somehow I have a doctorate and am a homeowner now. Mostly luck. No need for sympathy. Just saying yeah this is tough.

  20. that sort of life is becoming less and less popular especially now that more and more of the van life people are posting the realities of living out of a van. I think we're past peak van life and at most you'll see camper vans more than actual small apartment vans.

  21. Hong kong is a city of limited space and the higher ups want to keep as much if the land undeveloped and green as possible. While I like cities that keep green spaces and try to be efficient with the space available, HK takes it to the extreme. To the point of it being very hard to actually live there for millions of people.

  22. It's not a matter of keeping things green. It is because Hong Kong only has few taxes. That is why it is such a haven for business. But that means a lot more income comes from land leases to developers (30% of the HK governments income). By keeping available space limited, developers bid against each others. They pay astronomically high prices, which gives HK more income. If they open up too much of their land to developers, the prices go down and so does HKs income.

  23. Well, they could develop the remaining greenspace, people would fill it, and in ten years you'd see apartments like this again anyway. If people are willing to live in little box apartments just to be in Hong Kong, there is no reason they wouldn't just do it again when the green space is gone. This concept is called induced demand. Might as well draw the line now and keep some parks.

  24. The Gov does it on purpose. Because we don't have sales tax in Hong Kong. They push the land prices up and sell them for fat profits. When I lived there, I had to spend 1m USD to buy a 600sf apartment. It is insane.

  25. It's not about exploring the 'green space' for housing, it's about utilising the available space for cheaper housings. A lot of lands are being used for luxury apartment buildings in which the developers would fetch a higher profit as well as commercial use. The property market also price out 80% of the population if they want to buy. Cheap public housings (government owned) are poorly distributed and takes years to apply. The landscape of Hong Kong is consists of mainly hills and mountains, developing those lands requires a lot of money and investments, do not buy into those propaganda that the pro government lobblists are telling you. By the time they start selling those 'promised' lands, they will simply build more luxury apartments.

  26. I mean, if I had to chose between this and homelessness, I would chose this. At least it's a place to lay your head with some amount of protection from the weather and other people. I lived in an Camper trailer for 5 years, and while I'm sure a camper would be a mansion compared to this place, I think I can speak from experience that a home is home no matter how humble it is. At least it's something. Don't feel bad about that.

  27. With the exception of electricity my chickens have a better room (coop) than this. 8x8 with a solar powered light.

  28. This isn’t interesting as fuck this is depressing as fuck, imagine having to live in this cupboard, you could probably fit 5 of these in my bedroom and I still think that’s small

  29. Everyone is making fun of homeboys fancy Heinz beans… if I’m living in that shithole, I’m at least treating myself to nice beans.

  30. Glad to see I’m not the only one thinking to ask the real questions. I would imagine it’s some sort communal bathroom with one of those squat toilets. And if I had to guess it’s probably absolutely appalling how disgusting the condition of it is. I also bet those places are plagued with bed bugs and lice outbreaks unless they are still using the banned pesticides that actually work to kill them there.

  31. American GOP would have this type of "home" be legal in US so you can cram more working class people in unlivable spaces for low investment and max profits.

  32. Honestly would love this. Wouldn’t have to put up with my stupid mom and her boyfriend, and if I’m lucky I could jerk off and listen to my neighbors bone mere feet away. All this plus my own TV

  33. Insane. And here I complaining about only having one bathroom in my two bedroom ph apartment even though I live alone.

  34. "You will own nothing (Because the corporations have bought everything and will only rent you a tiny coffin) and you will be happy (because complaining is a violation of your rental agreement and grounds for eviction)"

  35. Is it an actual home like there is a kitchen and bathroom somewhere in there? Or is this just a closet?

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