Recreation of a Homo Erectus female who lived c. 2 million years ago at a museum in Leiden, Netherlands

  1. She lived 2 million years ago at a museum, so I'm sure there's a lot she's not telling us. Who built the museum? What did they admire 2 million years ago? She's not telling.

  2. The snitches get stitches is an idiom that transcends modern language, but the side eye “you done fucked up” look is timeless and it’s a universal non-verbal way of communicating this. /s

  3. It's kind of eyebrow raising, but I think it works. So many early hominid depictions are just so stern and soulless looking so it's good to see some display of sentience.

  4. Possibly to make her more "human". Often depictions of humanoids were brutish, primitive, "other than us". Showing her like this might make her more accessible to our understanding.

  5. I wondered that too. Surely the saggy boobs and lack of penis signify this is a female. Why does she look like she’s just seen a hot cave-guy?

  6. Not sure where the OP Image is from, but I went to Museum of Science and Industry recently and it was scary how real they looked.

  7. I ask myself if humans in 2 million years will see us as ugly as we see those Homo Erectus, if there will be any humans after that time.

  8. Interesting thought! I’m just as curious as to the evolutionary pressures we’ll face as humans over that time.

  9. I don’t really see Homo Erectus as ugly or attractive. Just fascinating. I imagine our descendants will view us in a similar way. Or we’ll go extinct and some aliens will think “Wow. These are some super ugly fossils. No wonder they died off.”

  10. I have a feeling human evolution will just straight up stop at some point, when medical science gets so advanced that any deformity can be genetically engineered out of a fetus

  11. I mean this lady has clearly had multiple children by now and aged quite a bit, it would probably be more accurate to compare her to modern grannies.

  12. I find it amazing that I do find her ugly. I dont look at chimpanzees or gorillas and think that, because I don't consider their attractiveness at all. It literally never crosses my mind. But with her, her level of attractiveness is one of the first things that comes to my mind. The fact that some people think shes ugly is beautiful to me.

  13. I mean it would depend if somehow we evolved into a completely different specie. Erectus is certainly human but would have had a much smaller cognitive capacity than us. The difference between us and say Neanderthals is much more minor

  14. They’ll look back and see all of the Kardashian clones from our time and will definitely think that. Diaper butts and overfilled lips and all…

  15. It’s called Allen’s rule. Animals and humans (bc we are animals) in hot climates have longer limbs to dispel heat, and shorter limbs to retain heat in cold climates. Compare the

  16. Probably a remnant from climbing trees and being on all 4s. Seems like a logical transition from that to us.

  17. I think heat conservation plays a part? Short and thicker torsos are better at keeping in heat while taller slimmer ones release heat easier. Atleast i think it does

  18. Head size was due to brain size increasing as we evolved to use “smarts” more than strength. Long legs also helped to see over tall grasses to avoid predators.

  19. Idk I feel like I see plenty of people with long limbs (legs, especially) and a short torso. Just do some people watching at the airport sometime.

  20. Her arms look normal length to me but that's probably bc I have freakishly long arms. Absolutely zero benefit to too long arms in my experience.

  21. “The male homo sapien has found a potential mate in female homo erectus. The mating dance shall commence”

  22. Bring condoms. Don't want you messing up our gene pool. alternative version of me might be depressed when looking in mirrors. Maybe we don't invent mirrors either

  23. wait, so how closely related does a species have to be to humans for their nudity to be NSFW? Obviously a modern chimp or ape would be fine to show, and I feel like a naked Australopithecus would be fine too, but Homo Erectus is too spicy.

  24. Do you think that she would let you have the Bungussy? I think that she would consider modern penis weak, much in the way a dog is weak compared to a wolf.

  25. Ladies and gentlemen, your hero and mine, the man who will single-handedly and retroactively ensure the exstence of every single one of us; Mr-pizzapls. Warm up the time machine, please.

  26. Can we also take a second to appreciate the exhibit design? They are using the shadow to point out characteristics it looks like, which you can easily compare to the real thing, but not be in the way of everyone else looking at her while you read.

  27. There's speculation that those were medical devices designed to show women what they should look like during various stages of pregnancy. If you look at them as if they're a POV, they make more sense. Remember, mirrors hadn't been invented yet, so the only way to look at yourself was to look down.

  28. People in hotter regions and areas closer to the equator tend to have longer limbs and smaller torsos in comparison to those living in colder environments and farther away from the equator. Longer limbs and a short torso mean that the heating blood in the body does not overheat the person since it has much distance to travel. This higher surface area-to-volume ratio facilitates heat loss through the skin and helps cool the body.

  29. I get recreating a part of human history but was the mfs behind this wilding to make her do a seductive stare

  30. I bet if she was aware that someday she would be on Reddit, she would have cleaned herself up and fixed her hair.

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