Explaining how to break a ruler using atmospheric pressure, easily

  1. Sometimes the teacher can only do so much when it comes to more advanced topics. This video reminds me of one of my engineering professors from college. She's Ukrainian and had been a part of the Soviet space program - specifically working vibration mechanics of rockets and she had left to come to America after the USSR's collapse. She was teaching core Engineering Mechanics courses to somebody like me who struggled with advanced math concepts. I felt for her as she was brilliant and passionate about engineering who'd worked on some major projects yet she was teaching some dumb dumbs like me. I really tried but just struggled.

  2. If you get a question wrong on an exam this teacher will beat the crap out of you while explaining the physics of it

  3. The pressure isn't directly relevant. The density is, as that determines the inertia of the air that needs to move out of the way.

  4. I had a Ukrainian professor for an electrical engineering class for non-electrical engineering students once who would always say "another bullet to the head, just to be sure" when he would offer a second example. By far my favorite classroom experience was this wild dude and his stories.

  5. My Physics teacher had this energy in HS. We enjoyed watching him teach but had a challenge understanding Physics (we’re a batch of idiots). Still, his eagerness in teaching kept my interest to learn physics. I think he has passed some yrs ago. Wherever he is, i thank him and may he rest in peace.

  6. This type of teacher who are excited about their subject, alongside those who explains stuff in a clear and calming manner (imagine bob ross as a physics teacher), is the best and we need more of them!

  7. *Dynamic pressure. Atmospheric pressure aka static pressure would remain unchanged in this scenario.

  8. Yeah my brit lit teacher was really good but he got fired for fucking a student. Probably would've been a lot better actually if he'd been fucking nuns

  9. She’s extraordinary! I love her. People like this have contagious enthusiasm and should be paid fortunes to teach.

  10. Technically yes, but it's not like it has exactly the same effect as putting 3 metric tons of solid material on there. The newspaper just makes it harder to push the air away but it doesn't feel like lifting 3000 kg.

  11. She reminds me of a Physics teacher I had in college. I remember being so disappointed that I never received any science lessons in such a simple but effective method while in primary or secondary school. It made me realize how important it is to have a deep understanding of topics I want to teach others.

  12. Lol, I know, it’s almost as if she’s not demonstrating a principle of physics that you could apply in lots of different ways, it is just a ruler breaking obsession she has.

  13. Damn imagine how much smarter we'd all be if she was our teacher! Her students were probably genuinely interested in her lessons

  14. Two things scared me on this video - that maniacal overexcited lady (look at her sharp movement when she brakes ruler and happy she is while holding piece of it) and fact that, based on comments, that's the only way to get any attention from students while teachers are trying to put basic knowledge into their brains - put a show on.

  15. My physics teacher is cool enough, I just wish she had the same energy as this person. I love my physics teacher tho

  16. She’s wrong though. Pressure is equal above and below the paper unless she seals it to the table and pumps air out underneath. This is just leverage, inertia, and air resistance across a large surface.

  17. She's got Beakman energy, only without the special effects and wonky 90s fisheye cinematography.

  18. This woman is delightful, she actually makes learning seem fun again. More teachers should follow her example

  19. There's also pressure under the newspaper - it's a newspaper, not a suction cup. What's breaking the ruler is all the stationary air around the paper that doesn't want to move.

  20. It's all love and honey till she turns around and starts writing on the blackboard at 50 WPM while talking 80 WPM and erasing with the other hand about 20 seconds after.

  21. Our teacher used to do this demonstration, but we were the newspaper. We had inertia, but the ruler never broke. Instead it led to elastic deformation of the impact surface. Physics!

  22. So, if I laid down on top of a table with my head hanging off the edge, someone places a big piece of paper on top of me and karate chops my head… Will my head pop off?

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