This is how an elephant is fed rice balls. Sure he has a career in NBA.

  1. Super sad that it’s chained up. I heard that back in the day they chained up baby elephants for circuses and how they made them “behave” was through abuse (like those taser poles) so when it grew they could use a tiny leash, and they would comply. They didn’t know how big they get. So a tiny leash would do. Super sad.

  2. Elephants will keep opening mouth until they see coconut , banana and jaggery. Therefore these 3 items are only given in the end. Or else it won't finish the rice balls.

  3. This shit breaks my heart. Fucking huge animal that is so amazing to me that we haven't caused their extinction, and here is one with fucking chains on its legs and everyone thinks this is cute or something? Poor think needs to be able to move and interact with it's own species. This is really sad as fuck.

  4. Elephants need around 70,000 calories per day so those 50 1-pound balls would only make for a bit less than half his daily needs

  5. They have a giant molar that grows from the back of their mouth. It’s a fusion of a bunch of slender teeth that grow and fall off continuously

  6. I didn't have my glasses on at first, and I read the title as "sure he has cancer", which promoted me to googling whether rice is safe for elephants, lol.

  7. Elephant like dj khaled : another one , another one , another one, another one , another one , another one another one , another one , another one and another one.

  8. I used to love watching them when I was a kid. However after learning how they are captured and domesticated, I feel sorry for them. They are meant to roam the forests, not chained to the posts.

  9. A bird shouldn't be in a cage, a horse shouldn't be in stable, a shark shouldn't be in an aquarium, a snake shouldn't be in a glass box, i could go. But you don't care about those

  10. If you have access to Indian restaurant, try a dish called Biryani. Its basmati rice with meat. There is lot of India restaurant in U.K. But all of them are adapted to English pallet. So it's a more of non authentic recipe. More sweet. Less spicy.

  11. I hate videos like this so much. Look how horribly it is chained and treated like a slave to open mouth when ordered. These majestic creatures deserve a better life than a life of servitude because of someone else's beliefs.

  12. If it does have some problem or stomach full, it simply drops it straight down. They rarely spit in distance.

  13. No. It's just a supplement. Main feed for south asian elephants are coconut leaves and palm leaves. Banana plantain plant etc.

  14. I had no idea elephants liked rice balls, but considering this one will stand around and politely wait must mean they're pretty tasty to them

  15. Yes. The best feed they like is whole sugar cane plant. Since its costly, caretakers rely mostly on coconut leaves.

  16. Temple elephant. Kept in chains their whole lives. Heartbreakinly sad. I once knew a person who was actually proud of owning one.

  17. Even we don't appreciate it. Laws have brought down private captivity very much. Most of the elephant remaining is temple elephant, which now has their own free oper air premises, like a sanctuary. Then tourist elephants with forest department. They are in forest area.

  18. Their main feed is leaves of coconut, palm and banana plantains. Rice, jaggery, fruits are supplements.

  19. I learned that you can tell an African Elephant for an Asian Elephant, by, among other things, the shape of their ears. African Elephants are literally shaped like the continent of Africa.

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