Russian forces invading Ukraine, but still somehow following traffic rules

  1. It's Russian propaganda. Suggesting that Russian soldiers are exceptionally nice and law abiding on their way to killing Ukrainians.

  2. Right? I just figured out they have big Z’s on all their stuff. So if they are the Z team I guess that makes the Ukrainians not z’s. So that must be what Putin meant when he said he was going to invade Ukrainian to kill all the not z’s.

  3. Seriously when I get so bored in gta that I start follow road rules I really start to wonder what the hell I’m doing with my life

  4. Thank you for providing me with 5 mins of reading about ppl somewhat frustrated about the lack of proper car accessories such as turn signals in gta, it has mildly interested me

  5. have u ever drove in Moscow? From what I heard from my relatives you are literally afraid all the time during the drive.

  6. This is total speculation. I kinda wonder if a lot of his military hasn't already turned on him, at least the higher ups. They had to know they needed supplies... And just the basic awareness that they were in an active warzone would have helped.

  7. Why, what is their mission? I feel like a lot of people here have made up this idea, based on how western media talks about Russians, that these unprofessional 18-20 yo conscripts are there to indiscriminately murder Ukrainians.

  8. This is the weirdest war ever. Tank runs out of fuel everywhere. Entire columns driving on highways with their flank exposed. Soldiers gladly surrender to random people. Invaders and victims telling jokes with one another. This is just so strange.

  9. I'm guessing more than we think? Everyone has a phone now a days. We can see anything recorded with whats going on right now. In WWII the same thing could possibly have happened. We just have no idea.

  10. I don't think the invaders want to invade Ukraine but they have to. They are as scared as the Ukrainian people and don't want to fight.

  11. media wants you to think that ukrainians and russians hate each other when most of the country just let russians pass through

  12. YES! holy shit I just posted this same comment before seeing this! This isn't how my text books said it would go down.

  13. I can tell my funny story about the inconsistency of this conflict, well, as funny as it can be under the current circumstances, when our politicians have gone crazy and decided to arrange this massacre.

  14. When invading, you don't want to draw unwanted attention. Be sure to observe all traffic and safety rules to avoid suspicion.

  15. This whole invasion has been surreal like yea they are bombing places etc but for the most part the things the Russian soldiers are doing almost feel lazy like they don’t actually care about putins war

  16. Just because you're invading another nation doesn't mean you need act like a dick and block the intersection... Oh wait...

  17. Or it could be that they need to avoid any accidents that would block the road. Following traffic rules seems to be the best way of doing that.

  18. The part where they shoot at Ukrainian residential buildings comes later. They first need to get there without accident.

  19. Officer: “I get you are invading the country. I really do. But you ran the light so imma have to write you a ticket for that, bud”

  20. So set up a traffic light just outside Kiev. Always red. The tanks will sit there idling until they run out of fuel.

  21. You follow traffic rules with a normal car. Drunk people don't. You don't follow traffic rules with a tank. Drunk people do.

  22. Don’t get confused between people who were told to do something and the agenda of the leaders. People are still people.

  23. These people here are Russian soldiers on their way to killing Ukrainian men, women, and children. Murderer are people. People who should rot in jail.

  24. the sympathy for the invaders is BEYOND BELIEF. Barely any comments here about the poor 5 year old Ukrainians getting bombed, it's all about the "poor invaders"

  25. Shit, that's a lot of tanks. I wonder if that's the 5 km long column that was spotted on satellite images? Also, where was this recorded?

  26. Btw there is a frame with infamous tank carrying a Soviet flag, you can see it closer to the end of the video

  27. Because they have no faking clue that they are invading. Please, do understand that these are mostly 18-20 yo kids with no access to internet or ability to call home.

  28. Russian troops believe the Ukrainians are on their side, and that they are fighting a corrupt government, so they don't see the civilians as enemies.

  29. As many of captured young Russian soldiers said, they are told that they are going for training. And many if not all of them didn't know where they were going...

  30. Now show footage of US troops in Iraq bulldozing their way through traffic so a colonel can get to the other side of town slightly faster

  31. The video you’re referring to is when a much smaller US convoy was stuck in heavy traffic in a dense urban area making them a perfect target for an insurgent ambush. Completely different than this. They also would bump cars in front of them, not hurt anyone. We’ve already seen Russians intentionally running over civilians with their armored vehicles.

  32. Because this is not an invasion. This is a « special operation » in putin’s own words. The objective is not to conquer, the objective is not to destroy the ukrainian army - the goal is to install a puppet regime like belarus, and they want the ukranians to not overthrow that government - so they are doing everything to avoid creating animosity. They are not shelling civilian areas even when the ukranian army is near them - they simply pullback. It seems like russia are encircling all the major cities and want a surrender instead of assaulting.

  33. From what I have gathered it is used to prevent friendly fire and identify that they are Russian. There are multiple symbols put on them and I think it represents what unit/brigade/operation or whatever (I'm not sure what it is called) they are with.

  34. Tactical designation, there is also Group V and Ω, and also a triangle with two lines at the top, there are more of them most likely, but these are the ones that I know (so far only Z is involved in the conflict, V was introduced recently, the rest are in reserve)

  35. Thats because if they cause traffic jam with civilian vehicles it could delay their progress by alot. And can also became easy target if jammed

  36. Apparently the convoy was 3 miles long. Can you imagine the traffic jam if they had an accident and blocked the road? It would be chaos.

  37. This is more then likely because they were never told that they are actually invading Ukraine, just moving to the next coordinates issued from higher command.

  38. When you see it like this it really blows your mind just how much Russia is spending on this useless war. Look at how many vehicles, tanks, soldiers etc are constantly flowing into the country.

  39. Just imagine having a casual conversation with them only to find out they are there to attack your village

  40. They assumed a fast coup. Early captives said they were told it was an exercise and it seems they were just told to drive to Kyiv. Some suicidally followed orders to try and rush the Capitol way early on to kill the President.

  41. Russian soldiers aren't bad guys, it's Putin that's the bad guy, every dead Russian soldier is a sacrifice for Ukrainian Liberty, they will be remembered not as horrible evil Invaders but as the victims of Putin's evil regime.

  42. It seems as if the soldiers dont know they're at war. Driving casually, respecting traffic etc. Their phones have been taken away from them also

  43. I mean they are being forced to invade by Putin, they very likely don't want to hurt to kill anyone and would abandon this at the first chance they got.

  44. It's coz they're all 18 or 19 with shiny new permits fresh from drivers ed, thinking they are going to military training!

  45. Probably because they think it's a training exercise and not an invasion. Likely why they stop for groups of civilians instead of rolling through.

  46. Yes this. They are being lied, starved of information and only having to take orders from some fat putin's dick licker trash

  47. I suspect their officers were told to avoid confrontation with civilians whenever possible. This also suggests they intend to seize the country. Psyops and peaceful absorbtion are difficult if you've gone fully scorched earth.

  48. I mean of course. Do they wanna get pulled over by an officer in a bike asking them to get out of their tank's door?

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