My turtle follows me and seeks out affection. Biologist have reached out to me because this is not even close to normal behavior. He just started one day and has never stopped. I don’t know why.

  1. I had a yellow bellied slider who passed away in 2019 at age 25 and he did this as well!!! He was kind of remarkable and very fast and very social. He also liked to follow my dogs around. Your turtle reminds me a lot of him, enjoy your time together!

  2. I had a painted turtle for 11 years who was very similar! She'd greet me everyday and would follow me around, loved having her head gently pet, and was very social

  3. I have two yellow bellied sliders. When I let them run to clean the tank, they will come and sit on my feet. They are very personable turtles! Love my girls!

  4. My tortoise chases me around the yard, but I always figured it was because he likes toes or thought I had food for him.

  5. I really think so! I think they’re capable of living alone or in a group and that maybe bonds can form but often don’t. I’m not a scientist or zoologist though.

  6. There was an African tortoise at the wildlife rebar center I used to volunteer at that would follow anyone around for attention. If he started to walk away from you, he’d turn back after a few feet to see if you were following. If you weren’t, he come back up to you and try and get you to follow.

  7. My tortoise chases me ‘round the yard And they’re like “that’s not normal, y’all!” Damn right it’s not normal, y’all I could teach you, but I’d have to charge

  8. I wonder how much of this is something we're actually selecting for. It wouldn't surprise me if there were a wild/captive divide growing.

  9. Same with my tortoise. He lives in the backyard and when he sees me he comes over. When I sit on the ground he tries to get into my lap. The problem is he weighs 90 pounds so it's not very pleasant.

  10. My tortoise also comes right to see me and will follow me around. Luckily he doesn’t try to climb in my lap though. He weighs like fifty something pounds.

  11. Yeap my red footed tortoise used to follow me around and loved sitting on my feet and it wasn’t for warmth because there were plenty warmer spots in the house. He definitely had a thing for feet, including my dogs paws. We spent a couple years apart and when he came back to me he definitely remembered and loved being around me. I miss him dearly.

  12. I used to have neighbors who had a giant tortoise, and he would make a beeline for me and my dog when we walked by. I would always stop and wait for him and hang out. He seemed to really love human affection - I would talk to him, read to him, scratch his neck and head and paws, and my dog would try to lick him, and he was just so happy!

  13. Lol I was gonna say, he obviously wants you to teach him ninjutsu. Ya know one thing about reddit is that it really displays how what one thought was a clever original thought actually isn't.

  14. Not a turtle, but I own a Hermann's tortoise that exhibits similar behaviour. He will rush to me when I am in the same room and wait at my feet. He seems to love me gently scratching his shell all over and petting his head.

  15. Wait tortoise and turtles can feel on their shell? I know it might sound stupid but I thought the shell wasn’t like attached to their body

  16. Would you take $10,000,000 but for the rest of your life there’s a turtle that’s trying to get you and you can’t be touched by the turtle or you’ll die?

  17. The mental image of a turtle blowing snot bubbles out of his nose made me laugh loudly enough to startle my guinea pig, thank you XD

  18. This is so cool. Can confirm this is very rare. Owned turtles and they were grumpy most the time. Friends would even say the one even looked grumpy. Usually liked me the best when I was just feeding them.

  19. My aunt had a turtle, if you were sitting on the floor the turtle would crawl on your lap and just chill out there. Was very curious and followed people around too

  20. Idk… my tortoise used to chase me, my dog, my kids… she got lost once and the people who found her kept her for a few days before they were able to contact me and were surprised when I picked her up and she reached her head out to be petted. She was obviously happy to see me. They said she stayed in her shell the whole time they had her.

  21. TIL I got lucky with our turtle. He’s pretty friendly and will follow you around the house like this video and rest on top of your feet.

  22. I had a turtle that my friend let her daughter take from the river. I rescued him from them because they didn’t keep the cage clean, etc. He would crawl up my chest and snuggle in my hair. I loved him so much, but he was a wild animal. I had to slowly isolate him and get him dependent on catching little fish and then set him free at a federally protected wildlife area.

  23. Lmao that’s like my family cat, I don’t feed It and I don’t clean it’s litter, i just play with it and give it space when it doesn’t wanna be held, and every time I walk in from work it sprints(like full speed sprints to me) to me and starts purring and rubbing up against me. Why it does this i don’t understand fully, but I feel like every living thing understands and can distinguish when someone is a threat and when someone will show it love and affection

  24. I was gonna say the only time our tortoises would run to us like that was when one of us had some goodies to feed them like watermelon and grape leaves. But he just loves you awww

  25. I just saw some guy on YouTube that does turtle rescues and he got an Eastern box turtle that acts just like this! It's the strangest thing, now I've seen it twice in 2 days!

  26. This is the coolest thing ever. Turtles are incredible creatures and yours is also a friend - it’s like some weird awesome fantasy world! Have you had it since it was hatched?

  27. My turtle was like this. He took a keen interest in me, I thought it was food he was after but when I would feed him he just ignored it

  28. Is he/she a red-eared slider? I kept 3 as pets a while back and noticed they (just one actually) enjoyed chasing me when I took them out of their tanks. Very cool to that this might be a trait among some turtle species. I miss them 🥲

  29. I had the same breed turtle from when she was like 5 weeks old, and she was super responsive and affectionate too. Unfortunately she passed away a couple years ago because my parents didn't take care of her well after I moved out :'(

  30. I hope I’m not offending the guy, bc seriously, a turtle following an older hippie dude crawling around his house is like the most wholesome fucking thing I’ve seen in a long time.

  31. Stuff like this reinforces my belief that we have greatly downplayed and misunderstood the consciousness of our animal brethren.

  32. IIRC, scientists have stated that there are brain structures in non-human animals that correspond with brain structures in humans that are activated when humans are experiencing emotion.

  33. Me muttering "Stop and pet him. Stop and pet him. Dude Stop." And now the people next to me on the bus are staring at me.

  34. I've had tortoises and turtles for 30+ years. They will follow you around once they realize you occasionally drop them something to eat. My 125lb tortoise will try to climb on my lap like a dog. They will follow anything resembling a person, including my terrified mailman.

  35. Biologists reached out to you? I don't know, in every kids movie I saw growing up, whenever scientists want to study your special animal friend, it's never a good thing.

  36. Look at the guy who made friends with an octopus. Maybe all animals have some sort of emotional attachment to things and people.

  37. Plants absolutely can’t recognize people dude. That and them reacting to your mean/kind words has been a debunked myth for years.

  38. What if the general trend for animals is that over time all complex life is supposed to gain emotional intelligence in hormone expression from evolution and eventually sentience and humans meddling with the natural world and holding some creatures captive is accelerating it?

  39. I had a turtle just like yours. He would escape just to come find me. I thought that was unusual because he loved his huge freshwater tank.

  40. Mine loved to escape his tank, too. One time in high school my mom was working from home and she heard a thump every minute or so and when she went to inspect, it was my turtle coming down the stairs. I miss that silly guy but he had a good life and got to do lots of traveling and ate lots of good food!

  41. Im jealous, had two for the longest. Anytime I would let them run around they would nip me, got to the point were they drew blood. Said f that and had to give them to a reptile rescue. Broke my heart, had them since hatchlings, but couldn't risk my 3 yr getting bitten.

  42. My Russian tortoise does this and the vet did not believe me until I took a video! He cuddles with my cats too. All the rules say that it doesn’t make sense but what can ya do, we both have cuddly turtles

  43. He maybe recognizes your voice? I feed stray cats and when I call them, they come running to eat. They know my voice and my tone even tho they don’t have names.

  44. Biologist are right to point this out. Crawling around a living room on all four’s being chased by a turtle is definitely not normal behaviour.

  45. I disagree, since turtles do not care for their young. They lay their eggs and leave, the babies are essentially born as mini adults fully capable to living by themselves.

  46. When Turtles are horny they follow their SO and show their affection by biting the other one in the leg (cause there is some soft tissue). Do you have the turtle for a long time? Maybe he, she sees you like that?

  47. We have a bird like this. Hates everybody on the planet. Screams loudly if you don't feed him on time. Screams loudly if you don't give him some of what you are eating. Tries to rip your fingers off while you are feeding him. Spills water on the floor if you ignore him. Throws seeds on the floor when he feels like it. You get the picture.

  48. There’s so many comments this will probably be lost but our yellow eared slider (named Bo) at the outdoor education camp I work at is the same way! He will straight up ignore the food when we go to feed him cuz he wants to be picked up and given she’ll scratches and attention!

  49. I’m not sure what you mean by “biologists” reaching out to you. Like, tenured researchers at a university? Or someone online that says “biologist here can I see some more turtle videos?”

  50. My Franklin did this too, he would hang out with me everyday when I would come home for lunch. He would bump my shoes. He would play with my cat and sleep with my dogs.

  51. You look like you emit strong turtle vibes. I mean that only in a good way. The turtle picks up on the posivibes and thinks you are just a big turtle.

  52. It would seem that most vertebrate animals have ancient shared behaviors that might normally be suppressed in the wild, but can be brought out in certain individuals. Would seem that with enough patience, many types of animals (but not all) could be eventually domesticated.

  53. When I lived out in west Georgia, there was a particular orange toad that used to hang out under our backdoor porch light to eat the inevitable bugs ,and I used to reach down and pet it ; that got to be such a habit that it would actually push back and arch up on its legs like a dog,cat,or bird would do !

  54. My turtles wouldn’t eat their food unless I hand fed them. They could also recognize me if we were having a party at our house. 20 people in the room and they’d be calm chilling in their tank, but I would walk back into the room and they’d flip out.

  55. The first ever domesticated turtle. In the distant future when we all have turtles, they'll make up some bullshit reason as to why the turtles would allow themselves to be domesticated. What's in it for them, they'd ask. Perhaps there was a mutual exchange, one which would support a synergous relationship with man. Perhaps man was able to provide a service to turtles by allowing them to cohabit. Security? Food?

  56. I had a turtle we picked up off the side of the road in Kentucky in the EARLY 90’s. We had that thing for 15+ years. Every morning he would chase my mom and once she would notice, she would stop and sit and he would climb up her terry cloth like robe and sit on her shoulder for affection.

  57. It’s definitely your neighbour who had acquired the ability to morph into any animal they touch from an alien that had crash landed on earth. They’re trying to warn you there is a slug in your brain!

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