Motors trying to replicate human emotions

  1. He's Caging out! He watched Leaving Las Vegas, The Wicker Man, Mandy, Pig, and Color of Space in one go.

  2. All this amazing technology, millions of lines of code, years of engineering probably go into making AI and all about 90% of the people seeing them are probably thinking is "can you f*ck em rob'ts?"

  3. Woman here, sex with a robot...I'd be too scared of being stabbed multiple times really fast due to some malfunction. So that would be a big NO for me. What I would use an android for, as a single parent maybe use the android to help around the house. Chores, cooking, errands, this would leave me more time to spend with my kids and focus on myself. And then I'd have time for sex, but I prefer a human penis.

  4. I wanted to say that this isn't even approaching the valley, but it's probably so deep int the valley that its actually much closer than it feels. Like if you pause it at almost any frame. it looks passable. But combine the frames together and its freaky....deaky.

  5. My newborn made the same faces when she was sleeping… eyes open and all. This demonstration looks a lot like when new humans learn to make facial expressions.

  6. The only practical application of this is that a sentient AI has already been created and this is one of the projects it greenlit so it can start developing the tech to hide among us.

  7. Every time I see Robots that are meant to mimic us or other mammals, I feel that inner primal urge to kill and destroy it with a blunt object.

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