This weekend, my dad passed our family heirloom on to me. This is a narwhal's tusk that was given to my great-great-grandfather by Robert Perry, the man who discovered the North Pole.

  1. I've thought about doing that! There's nothing on this planet I'd ever sell it for, but it sure would be interesting to know.

  2. With doing zero research it might be illegal to sell. If you have an elephant tusk you can't just sell it for example. In some cases it can be illegal to own even if passed down.

  3. The backstory on why my family got this is that Robert Peary (I misspelled it in the post) and my great-great grandfather were friends in the same fraternity in college. My great-great-grandfather was known for his woodwork and so when Peary had a busted gun stock he brought it to my grandfather to fix it, but my grandfather refused to accept payment since they were old friends. In compensation, Peary gave him this tusk when he returned from his expedition and apparently refused to take 'no' for an answer. Unfortunately I don't have any letters from Peary himself, but I do have a letter from Peary's assistant, Matthew Henson, talking about the tusk.

  4. Narwhal tusks used to be passed off as unicorn horns in medieval Europe. You can see one such example in the Unicorn tapestry room at the Cloisters museum, located at the northern tip of Manhattan.

  5. Not the one reported to be stolen years ago from a museum, I'm guessing. The FBI is looking for a Tusk once owned by Peary. Found it via Google.

  6. Best I can give you for that is $5… it’s gonna take up a lot of space and there isn’t a big market for narwhale tusks and takes a specific buyer but I can have my guy come in and appraise it.

  7. Best i can do is $100. I gotta make a profit here man, selling this thing is going to cost me money.

  8. TBH, I hope you don't sell this family treasure at a reality show. Very cool though, What does the texture feel like? Like teeth or more pourous?

  9. Pretty sure that says "paleontology department" (not "deferment") and "Peary" (not "play", what you think is an 'l' is the bottom of the 'f' above).

  10. Nope, it's illegal to trade ivory and you can only legally hunt narwhal if you're a member of an Inuit tribe.

  11. Hands down, this is the coolest thing Im going to see on the internet today. Jealous in the best way possible.

  12. I've thought about posting about it for a while now, but since my dad officially gave it to me I felt like now was as good a time as ever. It's less about the internet points and more about just wanting to share this history with random people on the internet!

  13. That is pretty cool! The dentist in my town is obsessed with narwhals. The sign in front says “narwhal tusk research center”.

  14. Hi. Rare book and document dealer here. I hope you are protecting that letter. I suggest getting some archival sleeves to put that and the newspaper clipping in, if you want them to be in good condition for you to pass on to your own children. Something like this:

  15. This is fantastic, thank you very much. I was actually just telling my wife I wanted to get a fire / floodproof safe to keep them in, so I'll add these protectors to the list.

  16. Lol you'd kill my friend whose dad worked at NASA during the Moon landing. We were fingering through unprotected officials documents and all. Had it all spread out over my living room, drunk as shit

  17. When you kill the last unicorn hiding from man on the North Pole but don’t want people to know. “It’s from a creature in the ocean I swear!”

  18. Now that you mention it, it is odd that my great-great-grandfather still looks like he's 23 and always makes jokes about his 'immortality'...

  19. They are and they also can't be held in captivity and are illegal to hunt, so it wasn't until I was older than I care to admit before I realized that not everyone had a narwhal tusk to play

  20. I think it says “your father made a new gun stock for Peary..” the f in father makes it look like an L. You can see the e inside the bottom of the f.

  21. Tusk was gifted by indigenous people, who certainly 100% never traversed the North Pole before, lol. The hubris...

  22. Inuit people who've been hunting in the area for thousands of years: "Yea sure buddy, you discovered it all right"

  23. That's awesome, thank you for sharing that! Ill do some reading on Road Amundsend and see what all he was up to.

  24. I was wondering if this would get referenced. When did this even stop being a thing? Not that I want it to come back

  25. I feel like this could have been a top post of all time if posted next a pan of bacon and a clock striking midnight. Still ridiculously cool of course, but that was my reddit-corrupted mind's first thought.

  26. I first read this as "this weekend, my dad passed away..." and started to feel sad. But then I realized I misread the beginning.

  27. I was a bit concerned when he gave it to me, like are you not telling me something dad??? But no, he just felt it was time and wanted to pass it down.

  28. How does someone discover a place that has been inhabited for over 100 thousand years?

  29. Colonists do that. Apparently indigenous people are not human enough for them to be considered as inhabitants with property rights.

  30. ...except for the part where Peary hired native inuit guides (the most notable being the advance party composed of Keshunghaw, Seegloo, and Karko) to take him to the North Pole so he could "discover" it...

  31. I thought it was a snooker cue. Lol it’s absolutely amazing that you have something so close to your family. Hopefully there isn’t some sort of “Tusk” curse attached to it. If you haven’t seen the 2014 film don’t worry too much. I’m sure you’ll be fine 😬.

  32. If they had two eyes and a nose, among other facial features, then there is certainly a chance they were my relatives!

  33. When I was a child and went on walks I would try to find the straightest stick so I could use it as a pretend weapon like a spear or staff, after 15 years I think I’ve found it.

  34. Believe you me, when I was 8 this WAS the ultimate spear for slaying. I'm thankful that I never tried to throw it, lol.

  35. How does one discover the north pole? like they happened upon it? or knew the concept of poles and was the first to travel there? or developed the concept of poles?

  36. Cool heirloom, but Peary didn't discover the North pole. He was just the first that we know of to get there. Just like Armstrong didn't discover the moon.

  37. He faked his record breaking discovery as well as numerous awful transgressions against the Inuit people. OP should look him up. I wouldn’t be as proud.

  38. He was first according to his own claim with no other verifiable source. He probably was a racist fraud who used Inuit people as stepping stone to earn his fame. I mean who is going to verify if he ever reached there.

  39. Get this fucker forged into a family great sword on some GoT stuff with narwhal born inlaid pommel and call it Deep Tide or something

  40. Matthew Henson was the first in the party to reach the pole not Peary. But as an African American he didn’t receive the level of recognition as Peary.

  41. We’re the child saw him embalmed in an action pose on a school fucking trip!!! - and the resulting shot show when he campaigned to have him taken off display and laid to rest.

  42. I'm so confused. Why does the tusk only appear in the mirror and not in RL? it a reverse vampire narwal tusk?

  43. This is super cool and though I know you'd never sell it, considering it has provenance and paperwork showing it's origin it would certainly be worth a pretty penny.

  44. Well in fact, he wasn't even that because he actually had sent Matthew Henson up ahead to scout the path and Henson ended up being the first one to cross the pole!

  45. Hey that makes you and 15 other people, lol! It's where a lot of my family is from, though none of us have lived there in 50 years.

  46. That is definitely the most interesting as fuck thing I’ve seen for a while. I read the whole newspaper article. What year was that published?! There’s a bit of language in there I wasn’t expecting, so just wondering. Absolutely amazing though, a real piece of history!

  47. At least you didn't try to pawn it off during a presentation in high school so you could afford your first car, Sam Witwicky.

  48. There is a whole museum dedicated to him at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, ME. It used to be located in an old mansion but now it's just one floor. When I was a kid, I would stop in on my way home and wander around the dusty old exhibits.

  49. "Its interesting... but I don't know a whole lot about this kind of stuff. Luckily, my buddy is an actual Narwhal and can tell me more about it. Do you mind if I give him a call and he can come over and take a look?"

  50. Listen. Don't ask me how I know this. But if you happen to come across a crystal and attach it to the tusk. You can instantly transform into gandalf

  51. It's a actually a tooth from the narwhal. A cool factoid is that they spiral in the same direction. Its very rare that they spiral in the opposite direction.

  52. Is the great great grand son of the discoverer of the South pole sitting somewhere seething right now all triggered?

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