Mt. Everest visible from Kathmandu, Nepal for first time in living memory

  1. Just think about this: For thousands of years, the people living there woke up to that mountain range towering over them, did their daily tasks in the shadow of these majestic mountain tops. Their dreams and myths were probably shaped by them.

  2. I haven't been for 10 years but it was the worst place for air pollution I'd ever been to apart from Delhi in late winter.

  3. When I was there during rainy season you could not see any peaks at all. So everything in white in the photo was invisible.

  4. Generally the peak of Everest is above most weather, so if you look at photos and video from the summit you will most often see mountain peaks for dozens of miles, but straight down just cloud

  5. The everest is almost as high as a typical airplanes cruise elevation. Considering you can rarely see anything on earth while being directly over it, something hundreds of kilometres away being visible from your vantage point is not quite easy.

  6. From base camp, not even close to possible. You're kind of in a trough. I haven't gone past that but from photos, you usually can't see anything but peaks and clouds.

  7. 110 miles (roughly 180km), or the distance between New York City and Philadelphia (the distance between Los Angeles and San Diego for you West Coast redditors)

  8. About 200 km, according to the post from 12 hours earlier, which is where OP got the title and the image (naturally re-uploading it to look like OC).

  9. Why is this such a rare event? Does pollution or weather (rain/snow clouds) block the view? Something else?

  10. Clouds and mist are often present in the Himalayas but Kathmandu is quite badly polluted. So it's a combination but without the pollution, it's just a matter of getting a clear day.

  11. Its usually a nocturnal mountain and only comes out at night but with everyone self isolating the pollution during the day isn't nearly as bad as usual so its been coming out during the daytime every now and then.

  12. I’m sure it was pretty common to see this view a couple hundred years ago before we humans ducked everything up

  13. Kathmandu is in a valley, and 98% of Nepalis live there. The air pollution is utterly atrocious. If you drive in you can tell straight away.

  14. Some of them have been climbed at least, though fairly recently. Some of the subsidiary peaks probably haven't been climbed, as they are a less alluring target than the main peaks. Here is a labeled photo I made from OP:

  15. It was supposed to be Tibetan monk like the comics, but China said they wouldn't allow its release unless Disney pretended Tibet didn't exist. Fuck the CCP to death.

  16. Kathmandu is where lots of people go in lots of fiction for spiritual reasons. Seems to be stereotypically 'spiritual'.

  17. A Redditor in another thread said Everest is about 110 miles away. Ithe mountain on the left probably only looks taller because it's closer .

  18. It's such a shame that our natural splendors are receding to due COVID-19. It used to be the tallest mountain in the world, now it's not even the tallest mountain in the photo.

  19. Why does is not appear to be the tallest mountain in the picture? Because of the earth’s curvature? If so this would be good evidence against flat-earthers. Assuming we can confirm that mountain with the arrow really is Everest

  20. I'm sure there are some old people in Nepal that were able to see the Everest peak before pollution took over in the beginning of the 20th Century.

  21. I'm doubtful of that because the pollution that cloud the Himalayas is not man made (sort of). At least it's not industrial. The smog is from forest fires which there are many of due to the pine covered mountains. And forest fires isn't something that was just invented in the 1800s.

  22. What the fuck I just watched doctor strange up to the point where Stephen strange arrived in Kathmandu Nepal, and then I opened up reddit and this is the first thing I saw

  23. I keep seeing this while thinking about the global population which has yet to see the Milky Way galaxy in all its glory.

  24. I spent two months in Kathmandu 20 years ago in the summer and never saw a single mountain from the city. I have to go back when it's not monsoon season....

  25. Wait the mount Everest is smaller then the mountain in front of it? But I thought the world was flat, how is that possible?????? (JOKE)

  26. This is the first time I think I've ever visibly seen the curvature of the earth in a single picture from the ground and that's cool as fuck

  27. Now The flat earth theory should explain why the highest mountain in the world is visually below the others that are nearest.

  28. It is visible because of quarantine for Covid 19 in Kathmandu for past month or so. Very few vehicles, thus lot less dust and pollution in the valley.

  29. Do most people truly understand how fucking insane this is? If this doesn't show you just HOW BIG Mt. Everest is then I don't know what will.

  30. Would this also be proof the earth is round since the highest mountain on earth appears lower behind a closer mountain?

  31. God, they’re beautiful. Hiking through the Himalayan mountains is an unforgettable event, can’t wait to go back

  32. Today I learned that at most, there were 300 bodies on Mount Everest and they all remained relatively untouched until recently.

  33. This is crazy, 3-4k are the highest Mountains I know from the Alps, this one is more than double but doesn't look particularly outstanding. On what altitude is Kathmandu?

  34. Living memory for younger Nepalese people. There will be plenty alive in the 1950s when this was visible.

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