Doing chemistry

  1. I mean she set up a camera, I think she knew what was going to happen. The fume looks like the result of a nitrate reaction, it’s probably a mixture of different NOx gasses. Not good for you but far from deadly.

  2. Well she was wearing smart glasses and a lab coat and made two liquids go poof, from my humble point of view this is all you need

  3. I had the opposite thought as someone who actually works in a lab. The only thing that made me think she's just a student was that she was actually wearing a coat and glasses.

  4. She's a model. Models can't even figure out how video game controllers work. Would you expect them to know basic safety practices when doing chemistry?

  5. It's not bromine gas. Bromine gas is much heavier than air and would sink to the ground instead of rising in the air like that

  6. it's nitrogen dioxide. it doesn't smell good and it doesn't feel good. not as bad as nitrosyl chloride though.

  7. safety glasses aren't even good enough, you need goggles with a good seal for when something might splash

  8. Holy fuck, I think that brown vapor is either bromine gas or nitrogen dioxide, both poisonous and she just leaned over it like it was nothing

  9. I was just going to say it looks like nitrogen dioxide. That stuff is not fun. Was on a job site where a release of it happened and managed to hit the entire area, thought it was dust that had been stirred up - ended up on the ground struggling to breath, snot coming out of my nose, eyes watering, the whole nine yards. 10/10 would not recommend.

  10. This happens all the time in undergrad orgo. I remember going to my TA and being like “so it’s cool that we just spray HCl and HBr acid in the air on accident, and inhale it?” She shrugged lmao

  11. It's definitely NO2. Much easier to generate accidentally than Br2, plus it's a bit more orange in color and has a significantly lower boiling point.

  12. No gloves, no fume hood, fucking worthless safety glasses that don’t seal to her face so anything can splash up under them. This is “bad lab safety” bingo.

  13. Gloves, actual fucking lab goggles and not ones you pulled out of woodshop, this should absolutely have been done in a fume hood. It’s just a shit show full stop.

  14. Surprised she didn’t mouth pipette from one side of her mouth and puff a Marlboro out the other side while she’s at it.

  15. One time a kid in my Organic Chemistry lab got kicked out of the lab mid-experiment (and a very nasty verbal reprimanding) for mixing a CSL level 3 liquid with no gloves. I’m very curious how this chick would fare in it.