Anyone know what this might be? It stung me when i tried to pick it up so maybe some sort of wingless wasp or bee?

  1. Velvet ant (really a wingless wasp), sometimes called cow killers. Can pack a painful sting but you’ll live barring an allergy or something.

  2. I know this because of the totally educational and not insane Brave Wilderness show with that Coyote nut bag lol and if I remember the velvet ant that stung him was one of the worst ones.

  3. I found out quickly 45 years ago.. as a kid in west texas. it still hurts like hell just thinking about it

  4. Your so right! It best not to pick up any bug can’t identify. I’m am constantly shocked by how many people do this!

  5. Cow killer ant. Also known as a velvet ant. Basically a wingless wasp. Idk how it didn’t hurt when it stung you, these are notorious for being excruciating. Hence “cow killer” name

  6. Venom is a valuable resource for insects. They use it for hunting and generally don't want to waste it on annoying humans unless they absolutely have to in order to survive. They are perfectly capable of giving a warning sting without envenomation if they think that will be enough to get out of the situation.

  7. I only know this is a Velvet Ant aka Cow Killer because of this subreddit. I have learned so much here and I’m 51. Thank you guys!!

  8. That’s a cow ant. They’re almost prehistoric and tough as nails. The colors red and black are supposed to serve as a warning. But yeah, don’t try to pick up stuff like that.

  9. It probably didn’t hurt so much because it was either; A. A species with a less painful sting, or B. It did a defensive bite instead of a sting.

  10. Used to catch these in Florida growing up. We call them cow killers. Painful sting.... their stinger is 1/2 inch long I imagine to get through think hide. If stung It will hurt but you won't be seriously injured.

  11. touched a fluffy vibrant caterpillar once as a kid.. never again. if it’s a bright color i refuse to touch it unless i know it’s safe lol

  12. Damn those do hurt. I picked one up when I was a little kid. Right before I grabbed it I thought about the book from the library I read that told me all about bright colored insects and amphibians and how they are not to be fucked with , I fucked with it anyway.

  13. One mistake was touching that. Anyway that critter there is called a velvet ant also known as a "cow killer" due to the extreme inflicted pain. They range from colors of velvet red to dark yellow. Now despite being called velvet ants they are actually a species of wasps which are sociable but tend to live solitary lives. Also only the females have stingers and are wingless while the males don't have stingers but have wings.

  14. Red velvet ant - you are correct, its a type of wingless wasp. Fun fact: they are sometimes referred to as "cow killers" because they live in grassy areas and sometimes cows sniff them into their nose. The sting can cause their nostrils to swell so much that they are unable to breathe.

  15. Velvet ant, cow ant….packs a mean sting and has one hell of a long stinger. Also they are pretty tough little buggers.

  16. actually this. Good luck mate, you'll need it anytime something like this happens, but just for a few moments

  17. No clue what it is. But genuinely curious why the fuck you tried to pick it up with your barehands. I’m not an expert on insects, but I know looking at that it is not something I wanna grab with bare hands lol

  18. I used to pour sand over these guys as a kid and was always impressed by how easily they could get out of it. No matter how much sand I put on them I never had to blow any away. Tough little buggers. The stinger is insanely long. I would believe it if someone told me that they were telescoping stingers like those old lightsaber toys.

  19. So, aside from the Jackass-level idiocy involved in grabbing a bright red fuzzy insect… (lol- I am actually highly entertained by the comments resulting from said act tho) … is she okay? I hope you didn’t hurt her. … and also… did she feel like velvet? (Before the stinging of course)

  20. Its just my curiosity. And yes she is fine. I didnt everything with the intentions of making sure she wasnt hurt. And yes she was very soft. I love critters like this. Theyre so fascinating

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  22. How does the sting feel? Is it the most painful thing ever, or do you think she gave you a dry sting?

  23. Id say a dry sting. I dont feel it at all anymore and when the stinger hit me it was a smidge worse than a regular ant. It went away after about 2-3 minutes

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