God wouldn't bless Babbitt

  1. Guess Capital Police aren't supposed to "stand their ground" against someone trying to get through a locked door to people they are protecting.

  2. Don’t know why they want to cling to this lunatic. And are they mad? Aren’t they happy their insurrectionist princess got holey?

  3. Lol, I was watching that day live at home in my office and I saw that idiot getting wheeled out all shot in the neck on MSNBC and they cut off it real fast.

  4. "We should make statues of terrorists" feels like it should've been one of those thoughts you keep in your head.

  5. Ashli Babbitt, simultaneously an antifa plant and a patriotic hero, depending on the sentence.

  6. You could have both at the Capitol highlighting the juxtaposition between the two. One, a black man killed by the police because...well, we all know why.

  7. These people have never heard of books. Like, fuck sakes, history is not recorded on bronze plaques, we invented paper. Their obsession with eulogizing traitors with large metal effigies is so weird. Their version of history class would be a vacation slideshow?

  8. I see her trending on Twitter, I immediately look for a good comment where they mention she was a veteran. I love to point out Tim Mcveigh was a more decorated veteran, I hope they pray as hard for him.

  9. The people saying we must preserve history are the same people who would gladly rip out a section of a history book that makes white people look bad

  10. Even worse she was an Air Force veteran. Remember when we swore an oath? It said "against all enemies foreign and domestic". Qultists are domestic enemies, so yeah, she's a full blown traitor. It bothers me when was on the Air Force too, because it gives the rest of us a bad name.

  11. Her lawyer tried to use that as a defense. He claimed that she would have surrendered once she got through the window because she respects authority.

  12. “Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to wit: There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect." - Francis M. Wilhoit the composer.

  13. Floyd’s situation could’ve and should’ve been dealt with much much differently. I’m surprised only 1 died during the capitol incident

  14. She wasn't the only one trying to climb through that window. If she got through, dozens would have. I don't give a fuck if the magats claim she was unarmed, the others behind her weren't and they were going to climb in too

  15. I'm dumbfounded that the 1/6 insurrectionists weren't met with a hail of bullets at any point, not even when they were closing in on the VP's hiding place.

  16. You know what...do it...erect a statute of her in front of the Capitol Building with a placard..."Fuck Round and Find Out".

  17. … and if the MAGA cult seceded from the US, leading to civil war II, they would probably pull some shit like this. Until then, apples to oranges, my dude.

  18. Actually there is one. Because he was an respected commander before he turned traitor, some people believed he deserved a statue. But since he 'was' a traitor, it was only of his boot:

  19. She was a woman involved in the attack on the U.S. Capitol last year. She was shot by Capitol Police when she went through a broken window despite being ordered not to by the person who shot her.

  20. Nazi Qultist(Qanon believer) that was shot dead in the middle of her attempt to overthrow the US government by a hero.

  21. It’s not important. But she was a treasonous domestic terrorist who took part in the January 6th insurrection and was consequentially shot and killed by Capitol Police when she tried to breach a broken window.

  22. Did we ever get her toxicology report? Those seem to come out for certain people, I would like to know what's in hers.

  23. Let’s see….. One was just at the store doing every things and was suffocated to death, the other was part of a conspiracy that caused people to attack our capital and try to over throw the govt, and was shot, after be given warnings to stop breaking into the room. These 2 are NOT the same!!

  24. I am not adverse to putting a statue of her saying she was a misinformed, misguided woman who died for nothing due to being severely manipulated. Her death should be remembered and accounted for as one more crime of Trump and his lackeys.

  25. Conversely, and just bc statues of named individuals carry a very particular meaning/symbolism, would prefer a symbolic sculpture representing the larger issues embodied by Floyd’s murder, and Babbitt’s death.

  26. Guy Fawkes Day is the weirdest fucking thing. Imagine if, every year on September 11, people in the US gathered together to burn effigies of Osama bin Laden. That's what Guy Fawkes Day is.

  27. Air Force veteran here. My service is more than 20 years in the past but I'm proud of it - 2 deployments to the Persian Gulf and a year in Korea as a dog handler (Military Working Dog Handler and Law Enforcement Specialist).

  28. I also will not forget her. She is a sad memory of that day and what happens when you break into the Capitol and try to murder people operating the machine of democracy. RESPECT THE BLUE.

  29. Theres a pretty big difference between having your windpipe crushed and jumping over a police barricade and attacking capitol police

  30. Can almost guarantee this person does not give any actual fucks about Ashli Babbitt. It’s not about her at all. It’s about being angry at George Floyd. Like it always is. If they didn’t have Ashli, they’d pick some random other person to “honor.” Probably a monument to “Don’t say Gay” DeSantis.

  31. I always wonder how a room full of macho men sent the female in first. Was she the only one in good enough shape to jump through the window?

  32. Ah yes, the terrorist who ran past multiple security barriers and head first towards an agent with a gun pointed at her is exactly the same as a guy who was killed after having already been detained for a petty crime. I dont even think a lot of people consider Floyd a "hero," he was just wrongfully killed and became a symbol against police brutality.

  33. If it had been a group of brown non conservatives charging the capitol, there would have been a lot more dead. Hell, even if they never stepped foot on the capitol and were just peacefully protesting there would still have been several dead. And these same people would be saying they deserved it. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  34. One was an innocent man who got caught trying to pass a fake $20 (Which was later revealed to be a real $20) while on drugs. He was murdered in public by police officers who had gotten complacent with the belief that they could get away with it because, had this happened fifteen years ago, they easily could have. George Floyd was not a martyr, he was the straw that broke the camel's back, a point which has been made repeatedly by those who protested in his name, and the names of Breonna Taylor, Ahmad Arbery, just to name a few.

  35. In the minds of the ku Klux Klan a white woman being shot will attempting to assassinate the vice president for refusing to overthrow democracy and a black man being tortured to death for 9 minutes without cause are equally unjustifiable Acts

  36. As some one who raised my hand on several occasions to swear to support and defend the Constitution. She, as a veteran of the US Air Force, categorically betrayed that same Oath. I feel zero pity for the death of a traitor of her magnitude.

  37. How about a statue of her clawing through a barricaded door like a fucking zombie while a horde of terrorists in tactical gear carrying confederate flags and nazi flags stand behind her?

  38. Let’s see, one citizen was part of an angry mob threatening to hang the Vice President of the United States and forcefully disrupt the peaceful transition of power in order to install a dictator in America. They were shot attempting to force their way into the capital building.

  39. I remember several years back when the locals got pissy because someone on CNN suggested that there were white, Conservative terrorists.

  40. What's that saying faux entertainment likes to say when cops kill unarmed black people? She should've complied...

  41. Her death was tragic and senseless, but it was of her own making. You think she would have known better than to try to storm the US capital building after serving in the military.

  42. “She should have just complied with the officers orders.” Where were all the boot licking MAGA Republicunts that say that every time police kill someone?

  43. Yes because intruding a federal building and lunging at a capital guard is just the same as being suffocated by a knee over a $20 bill..

  44. One died from police brutality. The other committed treason. Then again, these people are the ones calling for secession from the federal government.

  45. If you compare the death of a traitor who was breaking and entering when she was shot to the death of a black man who was tortured to death for 9 minutes because he was shopping you're a racist

  46. i mean, she is an example of how deeply this country fails its people; an iraq veteran who, possibly disenchanted with the lie that iraq turned out to be, became entangled in the rabbit hole of internet conspiracy theories, and ultimately died in service to another lie. she genuinely believed she was saving children.

  47. Nazi Qultist that was shot dead by a hero in her attempt to overthrow US democracy on January 6th because Trump told them to.

  48. Not really surprised as the republicans have erected many statues of Traitors to the United States. They have a giant picture carved into a stone mountain full of traitors who lost as bad as trump.

  49. So help me understand: They believe that it The riot was orchestrated and carried out by ANTIFA. Surely that would mean anyone partaking is ANTIFA by that logic, right? And if not, then why did this terrorist (who is haled as a hero) take part in an ANTIFA led riot?

  50. They should write a silhouette where she got shot for breaking into a government building and be like “This is what you get. R.I.P and may god protect our White House from criminal activity.” It would be appropriate. Otherwise, no statue

  51. This woman was in a "throuple" with her husband and another person. She screamed into her phone making unhinged videos - while driving. She was warned not to enter the House floor by visible security who had drawn down on her.

  52. Despite evidence to the contrary (thousands of statues/schools/streets named after Confederate clowns), insurrectionists shouldn’t get statues.

  53. Sure. A guy paying for something with a legit $20 that some teller thinks may be fake and he gets put on the ground and suffocated to death is totally the same as trying to break through the inner doors of the Capitol Building to stop an election while high level governmental security keeps warning they will shoot.

  54. If people got statues for blind stupidity, I would have them all over the nation just for my teenage years.

  55. Last I heard, Floyd was a victim of unnecessary police brutality, but Babbitt was part of the insurrection who forced authorities to shoot her (to save their own).

  56. Is this the moron shot dead when she tried to enter the inner part of the capitol during the attempted insurrection?

  57. Someone so deluded they believe bullshit from a failed casino magnate - all the way up until they get shot protesting on behalf of him?

  58. He was a man murdered because of his race, she was a terrorist who sought to overthrow the U.S. Government and kill those who didn't agree with the false delusion that Trump won the 2020 Elections. They are not the same.

  59. These are the same people who defend cops that kill 14-yo unarmed black kids. Absolutely INSANE cognitive dissonance. Just such a level of unbridled privilege mixed with "whites vs. everyone" mentality.

  60. Nazi Qultist that was shot dead by a hero in her attempt to overthrow US democracy on January 6th because Trump told them to.

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