I'm so exhausted of this excuse

  1. Taught elementary school in South Korea. Most of my students played very violent video games. Some of my 6th grade boys straight up brought full-size replicas of assault rifles to school to play with during recess one day. No one gave a shit, except for me, the American. I had a heart attack when I first saw them in the hall. There’s been one mass shooting that I’m aware of, and it was done by a cop in the 70s(?).

  2. That’s the thing about white Christian conservatives, they’re too stupid to have any critical thinking skills. It’s the same reason they act dumbfounded when they found out they’ve been neglecting their kids and played accomplices to their pastors and priests raping their children for years. They’re horrible people who want to take a collection of made up stories by dudes basically living in caves thousands of years ago about even older dudes they never knew or met as their truth, rejecting reality because of “faith”. It’s literally a gateway drug to fascism and totalitarianism, they’re conditioned from birth by Fox News and their rapist church leaders to be stupid.

  3. Because it has been studied extensively and they have concluded that violent video games do not create violent people. Rather, violent people tend to seek out violent video games to play. That in no way means that all people who play violent video games are violent people. Not even close.

  4. If this excuse was not there then they would blame movies, after that "evil books", after that people not going to church, after that immigrants, and, finally, commumism or whatever.

  5. So true. I was just having a seemingly-innocent marathon of HoI4 last week and now I'm wanted by the ICC for several counts of genocide and war crimes.

  6. Ah yes, I forgot that video games were the reason gun violence ever existed. The history books are lying about the civil war, it was started over a bad game of Call of Duty.

  7. Ozzie, video games, records with secret messages when played backwards and my favorite … mental health not caught early.

  8. In Canada we have easier access to firearms than most non-Americans and as far as I'm aware we play a lot of video games per capita because winter is dark.

  9. No, they're so right, videogames are the problem! Oh, wait, the movies that we've been making for many more decades that glorify violence? Oh... They surely can't be the problem, cause if there's a problem... It has to be those damn videogames!!

  10. Do the people who promote these ideas think we don’t play video games in other countries? Don’t have plenty of people struggling with their mental health? Don’t have schools with more than one door?

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