Gotta give her credit …she’s consistent . She’s stupidly and maliciously consistent but consistent,no less.

  1. Why does antivaxxers and the like assume everyone can only have one thought at the time? I assumed everyone had that ability. Did I fall for a fallacy?

  2. Exactly. These people also don’t realize that Delta is still a big deal too. It’s not the most talked about anymore, but it’s still out there. The GOP lacks object permanence.

  3. Because one "thought" at a time is all they're capable of, so they apply that limitation to everyone else.

  4. The difference between them and you is that you see covid as an ongoing world event that will keep existing even if we aren’t actively discussing it. They (crazy people) see world events as illusions created by an evil cabal, so they only exist (aka succeed) as long as they are #1 in the news cycle.

  5. Conservatives really love giving power to people who lack basic mental faculties like object permanence and an understanding of cause and effect. I wonder why that is?

  6. I think it's more about being perpetually on the offensive, so the quantity rather than quality of her arguments is the focus. It's not a good thing, but may be an explanation of her approach and that of outnumbered conservatives.

  7. One of my closest friends (ex-USAF, martial arts instructor) just died from COVID. Is it bad that I want to dump his body on Boebert's desk right now?

  8. For a while now I had been thinking the way Covid is discussed sounds like people are treating it like seasonal content. As if there's some manager subjecting it to them after it got old and if they complain enough, the studio might be compelled to write a new season with something different.

  9. When we first started to ignore it and reopen businesses and insist on keg parties I saw a twitter post saying how very American it was of us to have gotten bored of Covid and therefore decided it was over

  10. The health officials in my country has actually said we should treat covid like the flu or common cold, so who can blame the average Joe for treating it like that? This was way back when the cases in my country was declining and it looked like we were in the clear, until they removed all the restrictions and pretended it was January 2019.* Shocked picachu face * when the cases climbed with 20k+ cases a day, teachers out sick, elderly and disabled people didn't get their daily /weekly visits from home nurses and hospitals crumbling. It's still a dire situation. But only health workers in some places has a mask mandate. We still have zero restrictions out in the general population

  11. According to Worldometers, there were 10,865 deaths recorded related to COVID-19 in the past 7 days. This is far from over, there are many thousands dying every week.

  12. They're like small children who can only hold their attention on one thing at a time, thinking it no longer exists when not in immediate vision.

  13. That Bobert cunts face triggers me so fucking much to a level I never thought was possible and that's not even including her bullshit, just the face

  14. That Jack Pos=== of shit whatever guy was one of the biggest douchebags I have ever encountered when I had twitter. Scumbag entitled prick. Fuck all those people.

  15. I had engine problems in my car, but then I blew a tire. Thank god, now I don't have to get the engine fixed.

  16. Given that about 3.38 million people die annually in the US one would almost certainly be foolish to think that 947k died from the Coof alone, Jo.

  17. Yeah, makes much more sense to be the jewish-nazi reptiles from the cheesemoon and not letting covid run absolutely rampant, amirite fellow scholars?

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