My friend has gone from #Plandemic to #fakewar in the space of week. Why is everything a bloody conspiracy with these people?

  1. Isn't this pretty common everywhere too? We did in in the UK forces before we were issued a Rifle, although it was mainly for marching drills.

  2. US forces did similar before world war 2 when our forces were depleted, all these maga types really don't like us history haha

  3. It's amazing the level of "not paying attention" going into these people who feel they are enlightened. I deliberately have been keeping my news consumption at a healthier level, and I repeatedly saw that the civilians were being trained with wooden weapons. It honestly takes effort to miss the origin of this photo.

  4. Oh I’m sure you are just being paid by Big Wood Farma to say that we gotta train with wood instead of quality imported American aluminum guns.

  5. Did fox "news" at least mention that the picture or video was a training exercise or just put it up there and let the conspiracies fly like they always do?

  6. Ok thank you because when I saw this picture I was like “they do look wooden”. I honestly thought it was like the rubber tanks of WW2. Subterfuge is great

  7. They get addicted to conspiracy because the brain gives you a dopamine reward for knowing something most people don't. It doesn't have to be true to get the reward, you just have to think it's true.

  8. You just described my dad to a T. He loves the rush he gets by having "solved the puzzle". He use to get that same rush playing online chess and those empire building games. But now he has a chronic brain condition that inhibits some of his executive functioning, so he's relying on conspiracy theories and support from those online communities to replace the reasoning and logic he use to enjoy before he got sick.

  9. It happens because these are peole that do not have control of their lives. They always blame some faceless "they' for their problems, because they're not courageous or intelligent enough to solve their own problems. "Victim mentality".

  10. While this is very true, I think it goes much deeper than that. Many people use conspiracy theories to cope with what's going on. If the pandemic isn't real then everything is actually fine. If the war isn't real, then everything is actually fine, and there's no need to worry.

  11. In a weird way, I'm kinda jealous of them. Just imagine a world with no mass shootings, no war, no one dying of Covid, no terrorist attacks. Everything is just government sponsored street performances.

  12. Okay so wait you’ve got a point. Maybe they just need to play more video games? It’s like the tiny brain reward you feel when you figure out a puzzle in a Zelda game? I mean I feel like it’s basically what they’re doing. But instead of being a game they actually just spread disinformation that has the potential to harm actual people?

  13. Adidas is funding the whole thing so that the US can destroy their biolabs where they created Covid and future viruses to gain more control over the population! /s

  14. So this all powerful cabal, that can fake a whole war, slipped up and allowed this proof to be filmed? Literally takes 5 seconds of critical thinking to realize conspiracies like this are a load of bollocks.

  15. This is the logic that always makes me laugh at conspiracy theorists. They control the whole world but fucked up and let a guy with his iphone take pics of their grand master plan.

  16. The smartest, most devious planner in the history of civilization, undone by a wooden gun. He would have gotten away with it too! Blast, the wooden guns!

  17. There were protestors at the latest 'Freedom Rally' here legitimately wearing tin foil hats because they believed the Goverment were going to blast them with radio waves or some jazz. My first comment to my partner was "So if tin foil stops it, why would they allow it to be sold to the public?"

  18. You know what's easier than faking a whole war for your own benefit? Just creating an actual war. Lmao I don't get why, if there even was some crazy conspiracy controlled by these evil people who want to enslave us all, they would even bother with creating a fake war lol. Why would they care about killing indiscriminately? No logic in their thinking

  19. Let's not forget the conspiracy theorists who believe the cabal is actively sending diabolical messages through symbolism found in movies, commercials, etc. Why would they put their "diabolical cult" on full display? It makes no sense. If this cult wanted/needed to "communicate" they would just call each other on the fucking phone.

  20. I had some moron who felt so smart saying that the world has changed narratives on the separatist movement in Ukraine, because only days ago apparently we were all in agreement that they wanted to leave, but now we’ve apparently all changed our minds to thinking they don’t. Supposedly this is evidence we’re all mindless drones.

  21. I can't remember the details or name so I can't provide a wikipedia article, but there's this principle that there's only so big a conspiracy could conceivably get, because past a certain point it's inevitable that someone would leak it/slip up.

  22. One conspiracy I've seen is that these satantic veggie burgers will change your DNA and you won't be able to go to heaven as God won't be able to recognise your soul.

  23. Personally I think many people are afraid that shit just happens, that they have no control, no agency and no way to do anything about it except hope people in charge can act appropriately to look after everyone.

  24. You are definitely correct about people having that safety net of being in control. I’m control of your life, your comfy surrounds, everyone around you.

  25. It's almost like they're training untrained civilians through basic movements in which they would be carrying a gun in order for them to build confidence before arming them.

  26. It makes them feel special, like they know something other people don’t. A lot of these people aren’t too bright, so they probably enjoy having “inside information” on what’s happening, real or not.

  27. Fake Ukraine, there’s no other countries outside of America. All other ethnicities are just science projects gone wrong. -in their mind

  28. Because your friend wants to feel like they're smarter than everyone, but they don't want to put in actual effort to be intelligent, so they default to mental gymnastics in lieu of education

  29. The MAGAs aren't personally capable of being either selfless or courageous, so they naturally don't believe it in others.

  30. I think there was a study that showed less intelligent people were more likely to buy into conspiracies. Personally I believe the right just uses them to cope with things they can't explain, or causes a cognitive dissonance. Like they believe Putin is good, but also he's invading a sovereign country? Must be fake.

  31. I believe there was a study a while back that linked low intelligence with being more prone to conspiracy belief

  32. Guns are fake bro! All wars are a hoax! The world's hasn't seen a war since medieval times. The information is all there! They are just covering it up! The alien lizard illuminati wealthy elitist baby-eating leftists came down and enlightened us all to GOD! No more wars! NASA and the Biden's are working together with Putin and Zelenskyy to invade Ukraine and stop the Nazis! Trump, Michael Jackson and JFK are going to arrest Biden and end the globalist cabal controlled by NASA and Bill Gates!! Trust in Trump! GOOD PEOPLE BOTH SIDES!

  33. America, where it's citizens are too stupid or too ignorant to care about anything that happens outside of the USA!

  34. It’s a combination of wanting to feel intellectually superior to others and being very susceptible to misinformation. Ironic isn’t it, but that’s what I boil it down to.

  35. It’s amazing how the conspiracy nuts have gone from being experts on Covid 19 science, vaccines, Constitutional law and now experts on determining the veracity of photographic evidence. Being an expert on everything must be exhausting.

  36. From what I can tell as I have similar friends, its a weird ego thing. They like being able to say they know something more than us normies.

  37. I think part of it is fear. If the world is random chaos, then that's more frightening than some shadowy cabal being in charge of everything. Better some villainous puppet-master pulling the strings than face the terrible truth that NOBODY is pulling the strings and it really is random.

  38. Intellectual inferiority complex that forces them into trying to feel like they're smarter than everyone else because they know they aren't.

  39. They want to feel they are smarter than average and “know” more than the rest of us “sheep”. It’s their own psychological issues that lead to this.

  40. It’s bc they are dumb and have always been dumb but conspiracy theories allow them to finally feel smart bc they are ahead of the curve on something for once.

  41. Because life in the West is for the most part, and the majority of people, easy and comfortable. And that makes life basically meaningless (sidenote: I'm not saying that's a negative thing, it's just a fact when there are billions of us on the planet. And that's not too say your life can't be meaningful for yourself, family and loved ones... But outside of that circle, when you're gone, no one will notice are care for 99.9% of us). So they either can't or don't want to acknowledge this fact, and have to cook up & believe all this hogwash to make themselves feel special.

  42. Literally yes, I'm in a Facebook group for a small conservative town I lived in for a while, it has devolved into literally every mishap within the town being some wild conspiracy. I was accused of being part of a "cult of scientism" for agreeing that businesses should turn off bright lights at night so we can keep our dark sky status. There's no saving these people. It's sad.

  43. Because it's scary to think bad things happen. So to comfort them and to keep the illusion of control they tell themselves all these major events are fake. They are terrified inside.

  44. These are for the training.. I know the world has gone nuts right now but there’s really no hope for some keyboard warriors. Pray for Ukraine 🇺🇦 x

  45. I heard "The fake news" slogan from Trump first. Now I hear it from the lips of my Russian friends and Putin's minions. I wonder if Trump was tought by Putin himself to use this phrase as often as possible at the first place.

  46. Conspiracy addiction is a thing. People like this are basically hipsters. They get off on feeling like they know something the rest of us done.

  47. These pics are from a month ago when they were training civilians with wooden guns. But of course FOX will run with the BS that it's current

  48. No no no you've got it all wrong, it's a fake war and fake invasion but it's actually a real invasion by Russia to take out the American biolabs funded by the deep state to create airborne rabies. Putin is the real hero here.

  49. They really think this shitpost is evidence that everybody else missed? Dunning Kruger effect is strong with this one

  50. I used to be a conspiracy nut too. When you realize that the media has swayed the public's perception of events in the past, like the gulf of Tonkin, that basically got us involved in Vietnam, and that it was lied about or faked to get us involved in a war no one wanted......or how we knew there were nukes in Iraq after 911 etc....

  51. I'd love for your friend to take my fucking place just for a day. Let's see how fake it is. Have her wake you to explosions and crying 24/7 because you can't get your parents and cats out.

  52. Pathetic people need something to feel superior about. Conspiracy theories make the person feel superior in that they are the only ones (or one of a very small group) that "know the truth and aren't affected by propaganda or big brother".

  53. The shadow government is running on a budget and they blew it all, so they had to use wooden guns instead of realistic props? Gotta manage your money better.

  54. Most of these folks have never tried to organise anything. Just try to get everyone at your workplace to fill out a form properly.

  55. Everything is a conspiracy to some people because for them it feels good to be a contrarian, it feels good to make people angry, it feels good to have the courage of their convictions, and it feels good to find other people who feel the same way.

  56. I just call them propagandists now. They're Putin sympathizers, they're traitors. They work with and for Putin.

  57. If older people in the US, because we’ve been lied to in just about every conflict we have been dragged into. Or have we forgotten the imaginary weapons of mass destruction? And that would be just the beginning of the many lies throughout the years on various subjects. Perhaps the truth may one day trickle down. And although I don’t support the invasion I’m waiting to see what comes of this other than the weapon manufacturers getting richer.

  58. Conspiracy theories are a cooping mechanism for some people that always assumed to be smarter than everyone else..

  59. Plandemic was because they couldn’t handle a chaotic disruptive event that wasn’t an act of someone in control, and they’ve spent the last two years being groomed by authoritarians.

  60. I adore the idea that this was to fool the camera. Because no "damn dirty demoncrap" could ever tell the difference between an ak-47 and a cardboard cutout, right? These people man, fuck

  61. During the Civil War, the Union Army came to quell rebellion in Callaway County, Missouri to find that they'd fortified their hills with just a staggering number of cannons. They left them alone for a couple years.

  62. Because some people can’t exist without believing that they are special and know super special secrets that are more convoluted than the actual story itself.

  63. He should go over to the Ukraine and see how "fake" it really is... Also did he just call Fox news fake news?

  64. Does your friend also support and defend Putin and Russia? If the war is fake, wouldn't that mean that Putin/Russia were in on it too? And Trump is defending Putin and Russia as well. Hmmm. Ask your friend a few simple questions, don't let him go off on a tangent, keep the questions simple and press him for a direct answer. Watch how quickly he breaks or reverts back to tangents and just shouting "COMMUNISM!" randomly.

  65. Let read the article: KHARKIV, UKRAINE - FEBRUARY 19, 2022 - Two men with rifle cutouts take cover behind a corner during the territorial defence drill for civilians given

  66. I don’t think a lot of these conspiracy dipshits actually believe half the things they say. They just want something edgy to say at parties, which is ironic… because that’s the exact reason no one invites them to parties anymore.

  67. You should watch behind the curve! It was on Netflix for a while. Really good documentary about why some people are attracted to conspiracy theories

  68. I guess once you've convinced yourself of one major conspiracy theory, it's much easier to imagine another. If you think the event that has dominated news coverage for two full years now is entirely made up, why wouldn't the news lie about other things too?

  69. Examining the photo closely, I see the first issue here is Fox News (tends to use overly loaded language in broadcasts and skew said news). (For "balance" here is a statement for you now to say CNN also does this, that way the usual suspects won't be as butt hurt about what was said at the start of this post). Second, it does hurt to see someone fall into this crap but also realize that at some point the only person that will get them out of it is themselves- you are not anyone's babysitter. It sucks but that's life sometimes.

  70. Because they can’t understand complex ideas; conspiracies are usually easy to follow even if they don’t make sense. They also reinforce their own deeply held beliefs in the face overwhelming evidence contradicting those them

  71. I used to hate these people with all my heart. But I’ve grown and come to realize that they are very untrusting of the government. Just like I am. My political beliefs are very progressive. Shit man you can’t blame them for being so skeptical. Are they dumb? I will not say they are not. But I can step into their shoes and kind of see what they’re feeling. All they see on their social media is an echo chamber. Just like most of you reading this too. Damn I never thought I’d be defending these people. But imma be real with you all, division amongst working class Americans is what our real opposition wants. It’s not left vs right. It’s the poor masses vs the rich few. Get that straight and then we can all form better strategies to improve our way of life.

  72. It's not just the government, it's everything. Their worldview in general is one giant slippery slope. There have been tons of studies if you're interested. It's a certain type of person drawn to conspiracies and they fill a need. It's sad because on the face it can seem like scepticism, which is a good thing, but it's really not.

  73. Is is easy… it is because life Is a chaos and unpredictable thereby scary… but if everything is made up and planned… even by secret forces and cults… it is way more tolerable because there is a plan good or evil which control everything, which do you can focus your attention on the “culprit “ with your hate and disgust and ignore the chaotic world around you

  74. I'm not a medical expert. But I know lots of people like this and it seems to be connected to smoking weed. Some of my friends who smoked as kids, like 13+ (I know so young) are now on this conspiracy side of the fence. And it's on everything. From the pandemic to lizard people and everything in between. It's a mental condition connected to paranoia, I'm sure of it. I smoked as well, but never as bad as these guys I'm thinking about, they were the wake and bake kind of guys. Needed a spliff to take a shit kind of guys. They won't hear a single counter argument despite how I try to assure them that the world just simply isn't as exciting as they think. Like I said I'm not a medical expert, but I keep bumping into these types of guys and weed was always a common factor. Idk.

  75. Oh have they turned on 'Faux and Phonies' yet? Or is this just some delusional person trying to make themselves feel smart and important? I'm thinking it's the latter.

  76. This screenshot is from Fox News so I'm guessing that's where the "they're pretending to fight with fake guns" is coming from

  77. Because they are dumb and frightened and awful things can't be real, because then they'd have a moral obligation for thier talk to have consequences.

  78. It’s almost as if civilians shouldn’t carry guns without training… but that’s such a wild concept for conservatives

  79. When people are this far gone it’s better to just walk away. You will never be “in the know” and no amount of evidence or reality will bring them back. They’re a casualty to their own ignorance.

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