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  1. Based on the other idiotic statements this dude makes, I bet he doesn’t believe those people actually died and it’s all a lie by the government for…reasons or something

  2. I love when an atrocity happens to living children but they're more concerned about the "very real murder of millions of babies" I. E. Abortion.

  3. Well, the guy they think is definitely not a crook, rapist, racist, thief, traitor did it on tv. On Christmas. So I’m not sure who their audience is.

  4. Nope. They’re just accusing her of sleeping her way to being a district attorney, a congresswoman, and the Vice President, because they think that’s the only way a POC woman could achieve those roles.

  5. Its the time honored idea that a woman can't be successful without having fucked her way to the top. We can never earn it, just be given it by men according to many

  6. Back when she was just starting her career she had a relationship with a major Bay Area politician who was several decades older. Guys like this have completely latched on to this as evidence that every position she got came from sleeping with powerful men

  7. Nothing really gets to me more than the "almost no one" dying comment. Millions of people around the world have lost their lives to this disease and pricks like this person still act like it's nothing? I hate it. It makes me seethe with rage.

  8. I don’t know, for me it’s the Kamala Harris swallowing a Pepsi can whole. That’s such a weirdly specific thing, that’s physically impossible. That bizarre theory is pretty tough to swallow.

  9. I have yet to see a delusional person admit that they are delusional. I have yet to see a truth-denyer admit that they are denying the truth. No hope for the adult that thinks Santa is a feasible truth, that person is unfortunate to suffer from both delusion and denial.

  10. Fuck this sandy hook denial bullshit! Jfc, if there's ONE tragic event you shouldn't say is faked, its this one. 6 YEAR OLDS DIED. As a parent of a child who is close to that age, fuck every single one of these deplorable, despicable pieces of shit. I would be in prison if some redneck fuckhead said that about my murdered child.

  11. It’s interesting how for a guy like this it’s still bad to be called a racist, but good to actually be one. I guess they don’t like “labels.”

  12. Where did the swallow a Pepsi can whole come from? That is a new level of believing everything you read in your Facebook group.

  13. It has been a talking point of the right for years that she only got where she is by sleeping with powerful men. So it's an attempt at slut-shaming.

  14. It’s actually based on a really misogynistic and racist lie- Some conservatives are claiming that Kamala Harris slept her way into being a district attorney, congresswoman, and Vice President… because “how else could a POC woman get to those positions”. I’m not Kamala’s biggest fan politically, but it’s disgusting for people to slander and dismiss her like that.

  15. Michelle gave birth to two live offspring. So maybe they are really progressive on the topic of men being pregnant? Or just don’t understand science. Yeah okay I’m guessing it’s the latter.

  16. I think of all the crazy things this person said in their post, the one that pisses me off the most is the claim that the Sandy Hook shooting was bogus. Someone who claims that the parents of several murdered 6 year olds are somehow faking that to promote an agenda is a shit human being.

  17. Let me guess, this person is pro-life/anti-abortion but either pretends 900,000 people haven't died or believes they all had it coming. Major assumption, but I've yet to encounter one who is consistent in their ideology of pro-"life".

  18. Six million people are dead and this fucker has their head so far in the sand that they are practically in the earth’s outer core.

  19. My reply when I see these sort of posts. Don't pick on people who pick on people who still believe in Santa clause, they're are people who believe that 6 million people is almost no one

  20. I completely forgot about the whole transphobic thing about Michelle Obama, it also seems a little racist too? I vaguely remember them saying that her hands were too big and compared her to a gorilla? Right Wing Americans are a scary lot.

  21. I love how The Michelle Obama trans conspiracy is theory is only built off the fact that she had short hair at one time bc conservatives equate women with short hair with men

  22. If you’re a woman with short hair to these people, you’re a man, but if you were born female and transition (including a short haircut) you’ll “always be a woman”

  23. Ok . Now I’ve heard it all. When did this type of intelligence start multiplying ? Seriously . This is beyond smoking too much meth . This is almost dangerous . Funny but dangerous . What happened ? Did someone poison the water supply ? Did too much inbreeding take place . Help me out here ? I’m baffled

  24. It all started with Saint Ronnie stripping money from public colleges and universities and public schools citing a budget crunch. Meanwhile he took all those funds and 3x again to build up our military.

  25. Sandy hook was real that's why alex Jones got sued for defamation! But this post is fucking bullshit im so done with these mfs

  26. There are ppl that believe that the person who wrote that post is making a valid point, when in reality they sound like the type of person that thinks to win an argument is by yelling the loudest at the family dinner table.

  27. This is funny coming from the same people that believe Jebus is going to save them and Trump is some kind of modern day messiah. Lol

  28. You see the majority were just those pesky elderly folks and people with other medical issues..... I mean, they aren't REAL people anyways! Am I right??? Guys..... Am I right??? ........

  29. COVID has a higher mortality rate than polio. Look it up yourself. You can get this info from the Wikipedia page on polio. You only need the intro and some basic, 1st grade level math skills.

  30. From my perspective, the only people who fuck with kids believing in Santa are the ones espousing all the bullshit and conspiracies this jack wagon used. Lonely, petty little people who hate themselves so much, they cannot help judging everybody else for everything else. Kinda sad, actually

  31. It's worrying how in reality there's no shortage of idiots who believe half the nonsense they have listed and really that is rather depressing.

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