A parent in my daughter’s public school district. 🤦

  1. This is what public school is becoming. Lots of conservative states, including mine, are allowing parents to literally pick and choose what their kids learn in public school.

  2. My French ex was shocked when I told him I was never taught evolution in Georgia public schools, also my knowledge of world geography is pretty shit although I was a 3.8 honor student in a nationally ranked high school. LOL

  3. For every monkey who picks up a stick to use it as a tool, there is another who tries to stick it up a sleepings lions ass.

  4. Humans didn’t come from monkeys. Humans and their previous evolutions evolved alongside Monkeys. Whatever we evolved from no longer exists, whatever Monkeys evolved from no longer exists.

  5. I remember when I was in high school a dude in my science class asked why there were still monkeys if we evolved from them and said that's proof evolution might not be real

  6. Humans didn’t come from monkeys. Humans and their previous evolutions evolved alongside Monkeys. Whatever we evolved from no longer exists, whatever Monkeys evolved from no longer exists.

  7. Yes, but this thing was more similar to monkeys than what we are now. Also monkeys didn't go far from it, unlike humans. "Humans come from monkeys" is just to simplify it a bit, because these little things don't really matter to children

  8. Humans didn’t come from monkeys. Humans and their previous evolutions evolved alongside Monkeys. Whatever we evolved from no longer exists, whatever Monkeys evolved from no longer exists.

  9. Humans didn’t come from monkeys. Humans and their previous evolutions evolved alongside Monkeys. Whatever we evolved from no longer exists, whatever Monkeys evolved from no longer exists.

  10. Humans didn’t come from monkeys. Humans and their previous evolutions evolved alongside Monkeys. Whatever we evolved from no longer exists, whatever Monkeys evolved from no longer exists.

  11. Humans didn’t come from monkeys. Humans and their previous evolutions evolved alongside Monkeys. Whatever we evolved from no longer exists, whatever Monkeys evolved from no longer exists.

  12. Humans are descended from the last common ancestor of monkeys we are part of the monkey crown group, this mean that we are monkeys.

  13. I’m pretty sure Darwin was also religious at the time he wrote the origin of species. A real scientist accepts the facts presented. Research is research. Every scientist has the right and is even encouraged to disprove a theory, thus far none have been able to successfully provide enough evidence against evolution but, since I follow the facts myself, if they did manage to do it they are only upholding science as reliable.

  14. I must offer a small note. It is unlikely that Einstein was religious in any way that we would recognize as being religious. He was at most, an agnostic and described himself as such often. In response to rumors of his faith, he had this to say:

  15. spot on, this is exactly the reason why I stopped being atheist. before I always felt like religion and science were mutually exclusive, but really they can co exist.

  16. It's the idea that science and belief/faith have to be mutually exclusive. That you can't possibly accept both. A lot of the most notable scientist understood science as a way of understanding god. They accepted the facts as they were presented and understood those facts do not eliminate the possibility of a god. I am not religious but there are times when I'm learning something new about the universe and I can see a purposeful design in it. I'm still not convinced there is a god but I do know, if I ever change my mind, science will most likely be the reason. People who reject science in the name of god are depriving themselves of seeing the universe (and god) in a beautiful and amazing way.

  17. Take your kid and put them into a Christian school idiot. Oh yeah they probably can’t afford it. Just stupid.

  18. I went to Catholic school, a lot of the teachers where nuns and they still taught us evolution. This lady is insane.

  19. It’s good for you to be exposed to different religions it prepares you for the real world. It’s so sad how simple minded people are.

  20. Or better yet actually talk to your kid about your beliefs and how they are different from the schools curriculum. I have no idea why some people believe the teacher/school has to be exactly what they believe where there is about 120+ other families represented in the grade level. Heaven forbid these parents actually talk and discuss things with their kids about things.

  21. I know, right?! My pilot was talking about some globe nonsense (IN FRONT OF MY KIDS!!!) when we clearly live on a flat earth. I personally believe I should be able to fly the plane if my kids are in it because I know how to keep them safe better than someone who believes in the globe lie!!!

  22. I need to know what others think about a buss drivers safely driving students to school. Is it just me or is there something wrong with that? In my opinion they shouldn't, myself I believe God has a plan and knows the way. I think they should allow Jesus to take the wheel, not the buss driver.

  23. Growing up in a very christian household the parents of every single friend I had growing up wanted exactly this.

  24. I anticipate with the new Parent Bill of Rights legislation I will have to show up to every PTA and school board meeting and after every parent say, “Under my rights I demand you ignore everything that every other parent has said. They are clearly idiots.”

  25. I always feel like this mindset comes from ego. When someone says “I believe God created me and I didn’t come from a monkey!” my brain can’t help but translate it to “I have so little superiority over anyone in life, I’m clinging desperately to the idea that I’m special & not essentially an animal. If I admitted that I was a product of evolution, I would stop feeling superior.”

  26. So we had this revolutionary teaching style when I was a kid. We were taught about evolution and we were taught about every major religion in the world. We could decide our own beliefs.

  27. And this is why i think religion and school should be seperated. in school they learn all the facts, at home they may learn what their parents think are facts

  28. Evolution isn't a belief, its a fully fledged scientific theory, like gravity. They aren't forcing a belief, they are teaching facts.

  29. It’s fine for schools to teach evolution to kids, the kids can decide how they think humans came into existence when they are older if they wish to do so.

  30. Yeah, parents should take over all degree required jobs. If they can teach better then they can brain surgery and rocket science better too. Makes total sense

  31. I agree with the parents original post, teaching kids that we came from monkeys is absurd, if that were true monkeys wouldn't exist now because they'd be obsolete for there habitats, we had common ancestors and went in totally different directions.

  32. Interestingly enough, you do have that choice. Send them to a Catholic school where they can learn about God in religion class and evolution in science class. It's really not hard.

  33. I was in a class for the military once. Had this one marine who legit believed the earth was only 5000 years old. So I asked him “how do you explain Carbon dating and dinosaurs fossils and shit that is clearly older than that” he said “well I don’t know enough about dinosaurs to answer that”. Oohrah indeed.

  34. I was taught evolution in Catholic school. Some Christian’s want to keep their kids stupid so they still vote for Trump. I’d rather have an educated child that believes in science and not magical thinking.

  35. Gotta love how selective they are in their acceptance of what is fact and what is not. They trust doctors know what they’re doing for the most part despite everything a doctor is taught is based on science and research. They believe a detective can catch a murderer through a rigorous process of investigation and forensics yet don’t believe that the theory of evolution is backed up using (in the most basic aspects) the same process.

  36. To many people think facts should be an opinion and it shows how many are willing to follow this, because they are afraid of needles.

  37. I highly doubt they were even saying this, mostly because that's not how evolution works (we didn't come from monkeys, we have recent common ancestors with other apes and monkeys) and also because I don't think it's part of any kindergarten curriculum

  38. I went to a Catholic high school and even we were taught evolution. On the first day of our bio class one year our teacher made a point to tell us that you can believe in God and believe in evolution at the same time

  39. Some parents seem to think they own their children, as if they were little clay projects they can shape and form any way they want to. Just because you’re a nutcase doesn’t mean you have the right to pull your children into your fantasy world with you.

  40. Then dont send them to public school. Teachers still release a syllabus, right? So parents can know "If I send my child to public school, this is what he/she will be taught". If you don't like it, choose a different school or home school.

  41. I mean technically that's not 100% true but good on the teacher for trying to break down rudimentary science to kindergarten level.

  42. So when I was young I was hanging at my best friends and his dad is notorious by everyone to this day to be, let’s say very opinionated, and he had informed his fam that evolution was impossible and I was a fairly advanced kid so I told my friend he’s full of it but he had me go talk to his dad and get the explanation because, again, we were super young so he didn’t remember what his dads reasoning was. And this man says to me: “evolution can’t happen because cells and creature can’t become more complex over time. Now that is the worst reason i have ever heard. That is the literal definition of evolution and the reason for why it can’t happen is “evolution can’t happen cuz it can’t”

  43. I love how anti evolutionists always use the argument that we didn’t come from a monkey as if the evolutionists didn’t agree with that also

  44. The fact of the matter is secular schools will teach evolution. I went to a Christian school and they taught us Creationism. Just take your kids there.

  45. A few things here: Her grammar is atrocious. It is obvious she is uneducated, but many adults apparently didn't even pay attention to elementary English grammar. Also, separation of church and state dictates no religious view be taught in public school, so don't expect the FREE education your kid gets to be too your personal religious beliefs. Lastly, if you want a specific thing taught, go seek a private school that aligns with that.

  46. The thing that always bothers me about these posts the most is that Teachers don't just decide to teach anything. The state mandates it. Stop blaming teachers. Talk to your politicians. Or don't because the idea that the school would teach religious belief over science is how we get parents like this.

  47. As they probably proceed to tell their child about santa claus, the easter bunny, and tooth fairy. Im guessing they just have a problem with reality. Because in reality we come from monkeys because of evolution. In imaginary make believe world, there is a man giving children cancer and making them suffer before they had a chance to "sin". But he loves you!! Unless you say a naughty word, then you get thrown into a pit of fire and brimstone to suffer for eternity.

  48. No human was ever a monkey. Humans are apes, but no human was ever a gorilla. Gorillas and humans, though, share a common ancestor, hence the reason our dna is so similar. Maybe the person wouldn't be so opposed to evolution if they had the tiniest idea what it meant

  49. Apparently it’s not an unpopular opinion, but it is super fucking annoying when you can’t make this or that because so-and-so’s boy/girlfriend won’t eat it.

  50. my high school biology teacher felt similarly to this parent. refused to teach evolution bc “we all know we didn’t come from monkeys”

  51. Well then put your kids in a private school that will brainwash then just right. Or homeschool them. It’s simple Karen.

  52. I mean, technically, evolution isn't "we were all monkeys". So fundie mom is crazy, but it's a confusing and age inappropriate way to introduce to concept (which I sort of doubt happened--i can't imagine anything about evolution being part of kindergarten curriculum).

  53. I mean...they do have an option. It’s called the Christian school. There’s 3 of them in my area. Wanna learn about that stuff then you go to that school lol

  54. This is one reason why parents shouldn't have control over school curricula. A lot of them are total morons who have no idea what they're talking about, nor any interest in learning.

  55. You do have a choice of what is taught to your child. You can send them to public school where they teach science and evolution or you can send them to private school where they teach fairy tales.

  56. hey lady... you have the freedom to send ur kids to private school where they teach that cavemen were riding dinosaurs

  57. That is a discussion parents should have directly with God not with us lowly humans trying to share basic knowledge.

  58. Not insane. Just stupid and psychologically manipulated. Religion is a brain worm. You hammer in some message if hope and comfort onto a child's brain all their life of course they end up irrational for it. I pity those who just unthinkingly fall into it

  59. “A parent should have the right to choose” well then don’t send your kids to public school! Don’t get mad that we choose to teach our children science.

  60. Omg reminds me of when I went to a field trip at the Philadelphia museum and the guy who was giving us a tour was talking about evolution, I was a little kid and told the man that my mom said Jesus made everyone and he looked at me and said, your mother is wrong.

  61. Haha remember when there was this entire thing about this 100 years ago but then a highschool teacher said fuck it and taught the kids that they all evolved from primates?

  62. Something I’ve noticed about flat earth statements, vaccine/mask statements, pro trump statements, and pro creationist statements, are that they are all “I believe” rather than “Dr. ___ has provided the necessary evidence to further convey the idea that __ is true” they are self centered statements arhat talk about their personal beliefs, and how they are right, rather than think of society as a whole with scientific backing

  63. History repeating itself, wasn't their a law suit in like the 30's about a teacher who got arrested and the sack for teaching evolution.

  64. Honestly this stuff scares the crap out of me. I’m a teacher. I don’t teach evolution but one of the books I read is about apes and the big reveal to my littles is that we are in the ape family. Blows their minds a bit and I’m worried about Suzy running home telling mom I called her an ape. Oh and I’m in a predominantly black school.

  65. We should all have an issue with this. We 100% didn't come from monkeys. We came from apes. Monkeys are more like our cousins.

  66. I come from a religious family and I’ll never forget what my mom told me about things like this. She sat me down one day and said, “You will learn about things in school that may not agree with our beliefs. You don’t have to agree with it, but you still need to learn it.” I plan on teaching my kid the same way.

  67. Yea I mean this is kinda post-modernist nonsense, that’s probably why you’re getting downvotes.

  68. I feel bad for god. All these people using him as an excuse for their stupidity. Do you think he pauses us like the sims, sighs and walks away?

  69. She's right, it is wrong. We just share a common ancestor with monkeys, we're not actually evolved from modern day monkeys. It's a common misconception about evolution. We were never monkeys, we were what came before monkeys and humans.

  70. It’s very possible the teacher said “apes,” and either the child went home and said “monkeys” instead, or the child repeated exactly what the teacher said and the mother twisted their words to her own interpretation.

  71. How is this an insane parent? Some people believe in evolution. Some believe in creation (like I do). Schools definitely shouldn’t JUST teach evolution. It’s not fair to force that belief on others who don’t believe it. Why can’t they teach both? Whenever I was in school and they tried to teach me evolution, my projects would always be on creation and I always proved them wrong. Always got top marks too because they couldn’t argue it.

  72. Evolution is not a belief. Evolution can be backed up my mounds of evidence. There is precisely zero evidence for creation.

  73. I think neither should get to choose. A school teaches the scientific perspective, which is something they should make very clear. For example, my biology teacher always said that evolution is no more than just a theory. When someone asked why, she said: “well, we weren’t there to see it, right?”

  74. Ah yes, theory. Like the theory of gravity, or atomic theory. Evolution IS the scientific perspective, because every bit of information we have points to it. From natural adaptation, to vestigial organs, to the fossil record, and so on. We weren't there to see dinosaurs either, last I checked. Hell, we don't have many written records from early human history as is.

  75. Your bio teacher doesn’t understand what a scientific theory is. In fact it doesn’t sound like she should be teaching science at all.

  76. Gotta love it when someone with a complete misunderstanding of scientific terms becomes a teacher. This is why so many kids grow up stupid.

  77. Then your bio teacher doesn’t understand evolution, there are people who have been born without a specific tendon in their arms, this tendon does nothing for us but it’s extremely useful for monkeys or apes who climb trees, we wouldn’t have this if we didn’t have a common ancestor who frequently climbed trees and we wouldn’t suddenly have ppl being born without it if evolution didn’t exist

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