Infps what is your opinion on prostitution?

  1. If an adult makes the choice to do sex work, then I'll respect their decision. There's nothing wrong with using what you got, as long as one can maintain mental and physical health while doing so. It's a dangerous line of work, and I'd only hope that anyone getting started in prostitution will learn how to be safe from someone caring and experienced.

  2. My issue is regulating and true consent. I honestly don't trust any government to be that good at regulating it when we know that human trafficking is a huge problem that also happens where it's legal.

  3. Ok, this is kind of what I was going to say. There's the argument that it should be legalized and regulated, and that's all well and good, but in reality as it is, prostitution is enslavement.

  4. Correct. Consent can’t be bought in a society where women earn so much less and have so much less power. Not to mention it increases incidents of rape against the general population of women. Men dont view us as people and feel entitled to our bodies as if we were objects. I’m surprised so many INFP men are chill with it. I thought INFPs were meant to be the ones that actually cared about others.

  5. Unfortunately most of the women have no other choice but to do it. I wonder why men don't feel ashamed to take advantage of the despair of these women.

  6. Other than the ones who are kidnapped or forcibly made done, they do have other choice there are so many things to do in this huge world. Also this industry would collapse if men stop going.

  7. I think there are many other jobs that require real labor and time that they could do. You always have a choice as to what to do with the time given you. Many of them are in really tough places but there are always other things they could choose if they actually wanted to get out of that.

  8. Bingo! Do I feel like people should be able to offer sex for money? Sure. However, I don't think anyone has the right to buy another human, or rent any part of them (so technically, this would include commercial surrogacy). Go after those who buy humans, not the humans who have so few options selling sex is the most lucrative for them.

  9. As long as the one doing it is a consenting adult, more power to them. I've heard some people who are in the industry say it's empowering and they genuinely enjoy the work.

  10. I feel like most women who are in that industry are broken in one way shape or form, I personally don’t support it ,but I’ve heard of like single college mother’s doing “high end escorting” which is apparently big bucks ,but still i think sex should be reserved for people who truly love eachother

  11. Hi I’m a stripper so I know a lot of full service sex workers. Prostitute is sort of a slur nowadays because of the negativity that has been attached to the word (like how the r word is no longer a medical term because of mockery) sex work is the oldest industry in humanity and it’s never going to go away. It’s my political belief that less government is best and decriminalizing would benefit a lot of people. Just like we saw with alcohol prohibition, making something illegal doesn’t make it go away it just makes it dangerous. Additionally, why is the hate/blame always on the sex worker and never on the customer. Are they not engaging in the same activities and taking the same risks? I’m not interested in full service sex work but thats because it’s not in line with my boundaries. Different people have different boundaries. And that’s ok. Why shouldn’t a 40 yo virgin in a wheelchair be allowed to seek out a sex worker to experience a woman’s touch once in his life. Why shouldn’t she be compensated? (Or he whatever)

  12. Ok, ideally, sure. But in reality, prostitution is hugely oppressive. Human trafficking feeds it, and a lot of it is incredibly exploitative.

  13. Yep this exactly. What people don’t realize is the criminalization of it is exactly what allows it to be exploitative. If sex workers are allowed to be their own boss, like only fans or other similar services, suddenly they are empowered to make and build their own business just like any other field. And even then they are still being exploited by only fans in some marginal way. We have very antiquated views of sex work on western culture and I feel we’ve made some progress but at the same time responses in threads like this just make me depressed.

  14. I actually did 2 papers both for and against prostitution and in the end I found myself siding with legal prostitution with the proper health services to be provided for the sex workers. When sex workers are demonized it is a lot easier for women to especially be taken advantage of by their pimp and others because they can't go to authorities when things happen that aren't. Also just like pay for sex if you want ig. I don't see why that's such a problem yet porn is legal it's a similar principle.

  15. It should be legalized, and there should be healthcare provided for all sex workers. It’s simple harm reduction.

  16. I just feel that a lot of lines and boundaries with human trafficking, porn etc can get blurred with this kind of work. Personally I feel anything like this damaging to the human spirit and I just can't agree with it.

  17. I just see it as a work , sex is essential in people life if sex workers don't exist then there will be increase in the rise of rape cases and sexual harassment respect those involved in prostitution they don't judge people on their caste,wealth, race face color, nationality they treat everyone equally prostitution always should not mean only having sex it can also mean having some one giving you kisses, hugs physical contact that so many of us are lacking do not shame them they are fellow human like us just let them live as they want ..I respect them but I don't want to sleep with prostitutes ,its different matter. I am from Nepal and there is this indication "raat ko rani"रात को रानी";which means " queen of night"and I just find it so wonderful

  18. So you basically say that it is in the nature of men to rape women? That men aren't able to control themselves?

  19. Sex is not a right. Your desire for sex doesn’t trump our basic human rights to safety and being free of rape.

  20. It’s the oldest profession. It won’t go anywhere. Might as well legalize it so sex workers don’t have to worry about going to jail, and they can get benefits. I’ve slept with a few in the red light district of Amsterdam. The experience overall was pretty empty and I was disgusted with myself every time, so it’s personally not something I’d pursue further, unless I absolutely need the release. Also, it would help improve the self esteem of incels.

  21. Incels should have other ways to improve themselves than exploiting a woman body. Their problem is in their brain, not in their dcks

  22. Prostitution actually increases rape both against prostitutes and the general population. You can’t buy consent. Coerced consent isn’t consent.

  23. Legalisation increases rape and violence towards all women. Trafficking isn’t something to be shrugged. Women hold less wealth. If your choice is poverty or letting a disgusting man use your body, it is rape. Have some fucking humanity. Women are people too.

  24. I think the idea of being able to buy a woman exploits us and devalues us. It should be eradicated not legalized. It also is a symbol of truly hitting rock bottom since you’re using your own body as a product

  25. Sex work is not buying a woman. It’s buying a service. What do you think happens when you go to the hairdresser? Nail Salon? Get a massage? Hire a plumber?

  26. This, this this this. Men don’t seem to see us as fully human. It’s disgusting, depraved, dangerous and dehumanising. You cannot buy consent. Coerced consent is rape.

  27. But... Shouldn't every woman have the right to decide what to do with their bodies? Aren't you also devaluating other women by prohibiting them to use what they have to their advantage? Where you see hitting rock bottom I see agency and liberation.

  28. Terrible, degrading, dangerous and immoral (as in, it is immoral to buy sex). It increases rape and violence against all women including non prostitutes and it increases sex trafficking. Since I, a woman, recognise that I am a human being deserving of safety and equality and so are other women, I do not support it. Consent cannot be bought. If your choice is dangerous homelessness or being raped by disgusting men you’d never say yes to, it’s just rape. Rape by coercion is rape.

  29. Don't care for it, I automatically associate being dirty though. I dont think youre a bad person for doing it but others arent bad people for not wanting a relationship with a sex worker either.

  30. Before I turned 30 I was considering buying an agency business. The local government said I had to do one of 3 things for 12 months. I wasn’t going to work. Or do reception. So I drove the girls around. It was an interesting education to a different side of life. The majority of the staff where addicts. Some where students. And a couple where well…. Doing a side hustle. I’ve personally never felt the need to pay. And I never accepted favours. I felt sorry for the addicted girls. And the others who struggled. I always talked to the girls to get an idea of if the booking was safe or not. After I decided it wasn’t for me I stopped driving. I’d see some of the girls around and they all said I was the best driver they ever had. As a man I think things would have changed if I was the boss. Not by me. But by the girls. And I understand that. But in full. I understand it’s something that is around. It’s necessary for the industry. But I feel it’s not something just anyone should do.

  31. Then it is rape. If the man is dangling money in front of an oppressed class of people in poverty and saying “let me rape you or you’re sleeping on the street where you might be raped and stabbed” it is simply rape.

  32. If you mean regarding legalization, tbh I don't have very strong feelings one way or another. You have sexual freedom on the one have and sexual exploitation on the other. I'm not sure what the solution could really be. Like, how could one demonstrate even to themselves, that they are totally cool with being paid to be fucked (or to fuck someone). Every analogy I have ever seen (massage therapists, or just any ol' job where you feel like you might as well call it being fucked in the ass every day) falls short of really encapsulating how important sex can be for the human psyche and how messy things can get when you bring money into the equation. I've also seen ppl make the argument that dating basically is just prostitution in disguise. it? So yeah, it's a tough one imo. Though to be fair, I haven't given it too much thought.

  33. Its okay if a person is willingly doing prostitution and not forced into it directly or indirectly(financial situation). But, I also think that even in best of circumstances with sex worker rights like in Amsterdam, prostitution still takes heavy toll on mental health.

  34. Sex is a basic human right. A lot of us are biologically wired to constantly have sex with as many strangers as possible. Unless someone's truly asexual they should not be allowed to take a moral high ground that looks down on sex and sex work.

  35. people keep talking about true consent as if it's the only job that requires you to put yourself in danger when most blue collar jobs require that too lol imo ppl who say "it's not true consent cus..." are really just ignoring sex workers and their opinions on the matter specially given how many sex workers openly come out and say they enjoy what they do

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