Hello ❤️INFPs❤️. Please send me the saddest song you know and I'll award the first song that makes me cry.

  1. I remember the exact day I saw that episode for the first time a few years ago. I had just come home from school and thought I would watch a funny, lighthearted cartoon on tv. Instead I bawled my eyes out. But damn, what a good cry, absolute 10/10

  2. I always feel proud thinking I've made it through that song without shedding a tear, then he sings "your love will be safe with me" and I admit defeat

  3. Not an infp but: being human - bent knee. I cy everytime I hear this song. My ex was suicidal and manipulative. She used her will to die as a way to get a certain response from me. She is now no longer (she is my ex because she cheated on me on the day my grandmother got burried. I dont respect her)

  4. Fourth of July by Sufjan Stevens, the whole album it's from is heartbreaking and the story behind it is even sadder.

  5. Death Cab for Cutie - I Will Follow You Into the Dark. This is the ultimate sad song for me, I defy you to listen to it and not cry.

  6. Ya don't have to be religious but the entirety of Gavin Bryars's "Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet" with Tom Waits at the end always has me tearing up.

  7. I see you, by missio. I always listen to this song, when I'm so lonely I just wanna do bad stuff to myself. It's like a tight hug embodying the feeling of being seen and comforted by a loved one you trust. It doesn't stop the sadness, but it stops the urges

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