What are some examples of healthy, well developed INFPs in media?

  1. nah actually wall-e was straight up legitimately such a cool character. Though I guess people could probably argue that they're not the healthiest INFP, but also I'd disagree with that tbh, I think they're a pretty strong individual.

  2. Aurora is INFP personified. Her music is magical and uplifting, and her voice is captivating. I still remember when I saw a video 6-7 years ago of her playing piano in her home in a small town in Norway, and being mesmerized that someone like her existed (who was also famous!). I love how sheโ€™s begun creating more songs to empower disadvantaged groups, such as women and LGBTQA+. Sheโ€™s an inspiration โœจ

  3. I should get around to watching/reading lord of the rings and the hobbit to be honest. But yeah alright, cool! I hope people respond to this with more characters, since like those are easier to read the story of than actors, lol

  4. Lucy Pevensie. She has so much faith and purity. She has conviction and courage.The books called her "the Valiant." She has a tender and compassionate heart. Her strong moral center. Her sense of wonder. The ability to perceive to world in a different way. Even her gift from Father Christmas suggested that she was a healer and comforter.

  5. Utada Hikaru! One of my most favorite musical artists everrr. She sang the themes for Kingdom Hearts but that is just a scratch on the surface for all of the amazing stuff sheโ€™s put out. Her lyrics always seem to hit home for me as well.

  6. Just saw Everything Everywhere All at Once the other day and I picked up major IxFP vibes from Wayland (Ke Huy Quan). Leaning toward N because of the optimism but not sure.

  7. You won't know how healthy they are because their private lives are mostly hidden. As far as being in the media, Andrew Garfield and Tom Hiddleston seem rather unproblematic in the media's eyes. You can't be seen as anything less than perfect sometimes in the media, and that can be tough. They don't try to portray themselves as perfect, they are well-liked and supported for who they are.

  8. Uncle Iroh, and Zuko when he comes around. Iroh is literally the healthiest INFP character I've ever seen, he's confident, wise, empathetic, and uses his pain as a driver to be a better person, and without his patience and love, Zuko would've never found his way.

  9. And he's funny as well ๐Ÿ˜‚ Very artistic too, he's learning piano, loves photography and he also composes a little. What can I say, I love all of BTS ๐Ÿ’œ

  10. not sure if all of them are in the healthy, role model or complete character development stage but: princess diana (definitely a role model) shakespeare j.k. rowling edgar allen poe audrey hepburn tim burton johnny depp john lennon kurt cobain lana del ray hellen keller bob marley tom hiddleson lisa kudrow andrew garfield

  11. No idea how to type other people, but Keanu Reeves always gave me similar vibes to myself. Like I could def be drinking with him at 3 am roaming the country roads of Wyoming on horseback and philosophize about the stars and bugs and how weโ€™re all the same thing but different. And I could also just be petting animals with him and eating brownies

  12. Adam Driver is a pretty solid guy, no drama, protects his family from the spotlight, turns in great work and moves on to the next job. He has the kind of follow-through and consistency that I feel I lack as an INFP.

  13. Desmond Doss. Heโ€™s a real life US war time hero and combat medic who saved over 75 of his comrades in WWII. All without touching a single gun because he truly believed in being pacifistic. Andrew Garfield did such a fantastic job playing him in his biography movie โ€œHacksaw Ridgeโ€. Truly a swoon-worthy INFP guy. ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ

  14. I say Stephen Colbert. Heโ€™s not a stereotypical INFP in the way he talks or acts but I think it helps him to put out the ideas he believes in, which makes him such a great host.

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