anybody got any ideas why these are hyperflashing?

  1. I have the tail as turn on the taillights. Basically whenever I use the right turn signal and use the brakes, the whole right side of the car hyperflashes. If I don’t brake, it works fine. When I got rid of the tail as turn to test it, it hyper flashes regardless if the brakes are pressed or not. I changed the brake bulb and that didn’t do anything. Little bit confused right now.

  2. Because they are LED's. If the headlight has a resistor for them, it might be bad. If not you can install resistors to fix the hyper flash.

  3. take off the lights then throw them in the garbage, then go look for oem lights and put them on, your problem will be resolved.

  4. Actually alpharexusa makes a high quality oem replacment gtr style lights. They are top quality and I can vouche for that. Just that there are like 6 other brands with same gtr style and from my research some are not oem quality.

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