Need some advice for a car, being sold for $9500 Canadian, good condition g35 124000 km, New to cars. is this a solid deal or bad?

  1. Only thing the seller says is that it's well maintained and "runs like a dream" but I know ow what you mean lol

  2. What year. That actually sounds like a crazy deal. except typically when someone has a list of mods like that they have driven the car pretty hard. But the km it has and the price is way better than anything you would find in the US market

  3. I would be leery of buying a car with that many mods. I'd much prefer to have a totally stock car and then mod if necessary.

  4. 124000 miles which converts to 77k miles for 9500 cad sounds like a decent deal honestly bro. Would need pictures tho

  5. I paid 9.5k to a 2013 x sedan with 73k miles so I day its a good deal, especially with the parts put in. Though I would be sure to do a through inspection.

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