1. pls settle a debate for me and my friend — in vickie when you say “would i ever have to buy more weed when i’m low” do you mean when you’re sad or when you’re low on weed 🤔🤔🤔

  2. Did y’all put crack in the Private Presley guitar solo? I foam at the mouth every time it comes on, and hearing it live at the fillmore last night made me almost black out

  3. I’ve been wondering how all of you guys met. The chemistry seems unreal and I wanna know the all the Peach Pit lore. Beautiful album btw, just like the past ones :)

  4. yall have a lot of songs with names in the lyrics/title— are they actual people or just names you pick because they sound good?

  5. To Neil: is it ever painful for you to have to play some of the songs live? some seem deeply personal (at least they feel deeply personal) and I wonder what it’s like to be reminded of those feelings so frequently

  6. Who picked the name peach pit? Was it a group decision, or something randomly thought of, and was there any other possible band names that you guys talked about that could’ve been chosen instead of peach pit.

  7. What made you decide to slow down the vibe in this album? I’ve noticed a definite shift from album to album in energy. Still obsessed with your tunes of course!

  8. Hyper specific but what year/model Telecaster does Chris use, and what modifications if any have been done? Hands down the most creative and dynamic guitarist in music right now, much respect 🙏🏻☀️

  9. Well gosh that’s kind of you. It’s an ‘03 Mexican made Tele, no mods. But I find that era of Mexican Tele’s to be especially nice to play for some reason

  10. Look out! we fucked it up hard at first but chris saved the day and got us to re record it in a much more folky way. thank you chris!

  11. GUBG, mostly because I think we succeeded in writing a pretty decent country tune and we'd never written one before. Breaking new ground baby!

  12. We’ve played it 12 million times now so it’s hard to keep it feeling fresh. It’s nice other people can still enjoy it but that one didn’t age to our tastes too too well

  13. Before Covid happened you guys said you’d come play disc golf with me and my boys in Atlanta when you came for a show... still down?

  14. Whats ur fav song off the new album? Mine is Drips on a Wire or 2015. What would you say 2015 is about?

  15. I think it’s great! Maybe not for the billboard charts but music is more accessible and easy to self record than ever before so if you go digging you’ll always find good stuff

  16. will we ever hear a studio version of Am I Your Girl? and will there be a deluxe version of From 2 to 3 as well! also, Chris! what year is your surf green strat!

  17. Hopefully we put that song out! we really like it but just werent happy with the finished recording. no deluxe 2 to 3, we didnt scrap any songs!!! and no idea about the strat haha

  18. Are all the lyrics so cryptic because you don't want to allude too much to the actual events and people in it? I have to know if yall are just really good at stringing together stuff or if it's real world inspiration.

  19. quick question for chris. how did you pick up the guitar? and how did you get so incredibly good at it? any tips?

  20. ¯_(ツ)_/ couldn’t tell ya. Picked up an electric when I was 13 and just learned to play every song I could. I think that’s the best way to learn

  21. Will you guys be playing songs from Being so normal this summer at the Sea Hear Now festival? Also, you guys should be headlining that shindig

  22. As a guitarist, what scales should I learn to riff like you guys? I have the pentatonic down all over the neck 110%, but I’m struggling on what notes to add/what mode to use to sound more like you guys. You’re my fav band and I love all your stuff, thanks in advance and keep rocking!!

  23. I can’t explain things technically but I would suggest just playing around in that pentatonic scale and then finding little “rules” you can break to make it more interesting. Try making the major 4th a minor if the chord progression allows it or throw in a blues note! Also lots of bending around on different strings, that’s all I got! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  24. I’ve never seen any live videos of Figure 8 & was wondering if you plan on playing it live someday? Would love to hear it in London in May! PS: new album is fab thank y’all for that x

  25. We will probably play it there! There are no live vids cause we never got to tour after we released it! It’s in the set now tho!

  26. Neil used to play in a folk duo so he was deathly afraid of acoustic guitars when we started this band. This album was the first time we all felt like it sounded pretty cool

  27. Love you guys! I saw you in Montreal in October of 2018 and it was an amazing show. Took a pic with you guys after and hungout for a bit. I’ll be seeing you in Brooklyn on April 4th for the first time since. My question is - do you have plans ever to do another cover? Did I make you cry on Christmas Day is one of my favorites. Love y’all ❤️

  28. Hey guys! Loved the new album and the new sound you guys explored with it! I’m curious about your songwriting process and how you go about constructing these bops? Whether it’s chord progression first or lyrics or maybe a cool riff first, I’m super interested in what order you guys put these songs together! Thanks for doing this and excited to see you guys in LA on Thursday!

  29. Thank you! we have several meetings with our video producer and discuss ideas until we make him laugh really hard. thats how we know its a good idea, he doesnt laugh easy

  30. Thank you for such a great show in Seattle! What has it been like being back on the road after having to cancel 2020 shows?

  31. Hey guys! Congrats on the fantastic release of the new album. In love with "everything about you" and "give up baby go". So excited to see you in Buffalo!

  32. That’s sometimes how it goes! We just jam til we find a riff that gives a good vibe and then refine it from there. It’s often one of the first things that I play that ends up making the cut

  33. Yes! most of them are based on real friends and real experiences either through Neils perspective or the perspective of a friend talking to Neil

  34. We always wanted to try but always made us burst out laughing because key changes can sound HILARIOUS when you’re not expecting them. This one just felt slightly less hilarious and a tiny bit cool

  35. Hey dads, I’ve been a huge fan since the first EP and will be seeing you guys live this year for the first time in Dallas! Might have to commemorate the occasion with my first Peach Pit tattoo.

  36. Let me just say that the music you guys make is incredible. I've got tickets to the cologne show in may and I can't wait to go! What was the most difficult thing (if anything) about making From 2 to 3?

  37. Hey guys! I’m a huge fan; love the new record! I’m a DJ/host for a college radio station and am planning on playing “Look Out!” or “Give Up Baby Go” during my show on Saturday (I already played “Up Granville” on air back in November). Which one do you think I should play, and is there a message I should share or anything specific I should say when introducing/commenting on the track I go with?

  38. Neil what did you mean on Give Up Baby Go when you said “I came to know of all things passing” and also was there a specific George Harrison song or lyric you were thinking of you when you said “that’s what George’s records say”

  39. Hey! Thanks for doing the AMA — I was at your show at the Fillmore last night and was really looking forward to hearing the set!

  40. Hey!! Been a fan since I first heard the song Peach Pit in 2017 and have fallen in love with your music ever since! Me and my girlfriend are sooo excited to see you in Toronto on April 8th :)

  41. Love the choice of touring with Haley Blais! (Her lastest single slaps). I think she fits the vibes of From 2 to 3 really well. From I can tell she seems to also be from Vancouver. I’m an ignorant American from Pennsylvania, so I’m curious as to how y’all met and if Vancouver is just a hub for indie heads such as yourselves?

  42. Is there a song you’re most proud of/never gets old to play? (By the way, Live at the Swamp makes me foam at the mouth. It’s so good. The new album is amazing too; 2015 and Everything About You are always stuck in my head.)

  43. not a question but psychics in LA is easily one of the best indie pop songs of the last decade i listened to it like 100 times in a row when it first came out. i love u guys so much see u in houston !!!!!!

  44. No question, but I met you guys outside a guitar shop in Dublin, Ireland a few years back, you were playing in Grand Social. Such a great gig, and the new album is 10/10. Love ye ::)

  45. Niel, you held my hand while walking the rail at firefly music festival in Delaware last year. Not a question it was just really awesome and hope to see you come to Florida soon

  46. Have you guys ever been to the east coast of Canada? Lots of love from Cape Breton, NS and cannot wait to see you guys in Ottawa 🥳

  47. When making the music videos for your previous LP but more so this LP (from 2 to 3) how much specificity was put into pre production from the bands’ side? Or did you guys just present ideas to your various video people and let them take the reigns? I loved the creativity across all you guys’ videos! Thanks for playing the Moroccan lounge All those years ago!

  48. Hey fellas! Long time fan here with one simple question - what were each of your alternative career choices? Gotta say I’m forever grateful music worked out for you talented folk but have always been curious as to what my favorite Canadians would be up to if they never broke onto the scene

  49. How did you guys film the music video for Black Licorice? Did you literally film yourselves doing the whole song in double time while running or is there trickery involved. Same with alrighty aphrodite, did you literally just learn the entire song backwards phonetically and then film it?

  50. A lot of your music mentions some light drug use, how many of your songs have been influenced by an experience you had on any kind of substance? Most memorable experience?

  51. How did you come up with the ideas for the videos for From 2 to 3? Like the video with Mikey getting the drone stuck in the basketball net. They all seem so random but also fit the vibe of the songs so well, was that the band’s idea or more the video producer?

  52. would you ever consider making a fun mamma mia style (instead of all abba songs all your songs) movie just for shits and giggles. bc fr fr i will direct/produce it :))))))) lollll (in italian accent with the hand thingy) mamma mia here-a we go-a again-a

  53. Hey dads. So between Tommy's Party and Brian's Movie, are there really a lot of friends you've lost closeness with and if so what do you think brought it on, or is that just life and you can write super good about things that happen to us all?

  54. Man my algorithms are in perfect sync. I came across you guys months ago and lo and behold you are here on Reddit in front of ma face.

  55. don't want this to come off as rude or disrespectful to chris or the other members but why is chris sort of the "face of the band" (pfp on spotify has usually been of just him, some single art as well if i remember correctly etc) and not neil, given how he's the lead singer. i dont really ever do deep dives into the artists i listen to, i just listen to the music an enjoy it lol without much knowledge of the artist, so i was under the impression that chris is the lead singer. again, not that this aspect makes the music any less or more enjoyable it just seemed a little atypical to me (i also was majorly mind fucked when i found out neil is the lead singer, since i had always associated his voice with chris' face in my head)

  56. hey guys! been a huge fan since i heard sweet FA back in 2018, being so normal became my first year uni anthem album and you and your friends is still an album i listen to at least weekly in full and i can tell that from 2 to 3 will be an all timer as well. you guys absolutely rock and have become my favourite modern band, i’ve put everyone i can onto your music since 2017 and have done pretty well. lots of friends now jam your music and i even got my old school pops onto your music!

  57. Hey guys, i've been a big fan for a while now. I loved how natural and unbound Being So Normal felt, it really pushed the boundaries on what i felt is modern indie rock and I fell in love with you guys after listening to Private Presley.

  58. I’ve been listening since that opening bonaroo set in 2019. Everyone I spoke to about that set said it kicked off the festival perfectly and I couldn’t agree more. That first album of y’all’s has been a staple in my long drives list. So my question is did you all sit down and write that first one or did you already have some of the songs together and hadn’t put them in a single project yet? Always excited to hear your new stuff! Thanks guys

  59. hey Peach Pit, i discovered you a few years back and have loved your music since! i just wanted to ask all you guys (though I'd assume Chris will be overseeing typing duties for the AMA) about the possibility of a Nardwuar interview.

  60. Excited to see you guys in Edmonton! A bunch of my friends dropped some of their university classes because the final exams are scheduled at the same time as your show hahaha. You guys are great and I love how well crafted your sound is and I’m looking forward to hearing how it develops. Ever since I first heard you guys I have always wondered whether you would prefer a gay son or a thot daughter??? :)

  61. Any advice for a fellow Vancouver musician trying to be heard? I've got a lot of confidence in my songs, I just need to be more confident in myself. I'm attending Nimbus right now, a lot of my teachers have worked with you guys in the past which is great because I'm finally able to record my album I've been working on for ages.

  62. I know I'm real late to this. My wife got me into you guys and we were at your show in Detroit this Monday. You guys are amazing live performers and probably the best stage presence and energy I've ever seen. So if you do see this, my question is, do you think you guys will stick to smaller more intimate venues or grow your venues as you guys continue to grow?

  63. Hey guys, thanks for the AMA. Already have tickets to see you in Calgary and can’t express how excited I am to go!

  64. Hey, I’ve been absolutely enamored with your music since my freshman year of college. it’s honestly been the best thing for my anxiety, so thank you so much for existing!!

  65. Not sure if this question has been answered previously but what is your process in finding lyrics for your songs? I love in psychics in la how almost none of that song is I guess traditionally sensical in terms of lyrics (hope that came across right) but all the lines just flow so beautifully with each other. Is the process for thinking of lyrics hard?

  66. How did you guys come up with the name Peach Pit for your band? And is it in any way correlated to the song Peach Pit? Also, in regards to that song, who wrote the lyrics? Because they are beautiful and it’s one of my favorites. I’ve never been to a concert before but I’m hoping you guys will be my first someday. Thanks so much, I love you guys. ❤️

  67. Hey there! Just wanted to say I love the new album, From 2 to 3 and Vickie will been my daily drive playlist for the foreseeable future!

  68. Do yall find it a vexing paradox that indie bands who have a unique sound in the first record (like yall) will be criticized for sticking with the same sound in subsequent albums just as much as they are criticized for changing their sound?

  69. What is your process in writing those banging guitar solos? Is it just Chris who comes up with it while noodling or do you employ a more strategic way in doing it? I love playing your music on guitar and I’ve always wondered how you come up with it. Also can’t wait to see you at the Fillmore today!

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