What’s your favorite super underground song?

  1. Yeah their music looks pretty good I have only listened to a few so far. I will definitely be putting it in my rotation

  2. I LOVE that song. It is definitely one of my favorite Tame Impala songs for sure. Honestly it probably is my favorite I even have it on my “favorite songs” playlist

  3. Aslan- Crazy World - famous in Ireland but the lead singers heroin convictions stopped him from travelling/touring so they never got famous anywhere else.

  4. Asian has a nice late 90s feel to it. I have never heard of a million miles away, but I will definitely be listening to it from now on. Im not sure how I have never heard at the bottom of everything before. Im not sure how I feel about it. It was very different from what I am used to

  5. I’ve never heard of them before. After listening to some of their songs I think Medieval Heart is my favorite

  6. Bunker Bitch-ALI It’s rap/punk rock distrack about Trump with heavy guitar, just warning you. Produced well.

  7. Def not as underground but The Rift by Chappaqua Wrestling is a great “noisy” rock song if you haven’t heard it.

  8. She big now but a bit ago Doja cat did an emo song and it’s only on YouTube I think, it’s called Better Luck Next Time-4 Morant

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