When mom says don't talk while driving

  1. He still has his weight in the centre mass of the motor cycle so it’s not tipping over, the bike is also to heavy to be affected much by how far forward or back he is sitting so it’s pretty much the same as if he was crossing his legs and not holding the handles while sitting in the middle. And if you owned a bicycle in middle school I’m sure you can attest that the “look ma no hands” trick isn’t too hard once you can balance, now imagine how much easier that trick would be without the pumping and with the bike providing its own acceleration. Shit I bet he could probably even steer like this to if he wanted

  2. Bastards like this should never be allowed on roads. This is a highway, not a gali in his pind. Lakhs of people die or get maimed due to human stupidity on roads and he is doing it deliberately.

  3. The guy on bike is talking on Phone and the guy taking the video is doing it while driving a car. Reasons our roads are not safe

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