Kejriwal again insults Hindu God by misquoting from Bhagwad Gita.

  1. Geeta is a philosophical book. It's subjective, so you're welcome to interpret it. Don't be a gatekeeper OP.

  2. Not a fan of Kejriwal in any way. But if you think Hindu Gods are insulted here in any way then you are typical example of “Udta teer gand me lena”. And I feel sad for your life. I wish u had a happier life.

  3. The same OP will hate on Muslims for being fundamentalist about an abrahamic book but has no problem being a fundamentalist about a philosophical text.

  4. Upar wala jhaadu chalata hai means krsna cleans up the mess. He is quoting bhagwat gita to align his party's values with dharma and reinforcing his identity as Hindu leader. Nothing wrong.

  5. I sometimes amaze these people who claim that Kejriwal has defame any god have ever realised that our pm has made 125 crore people fool by luring common public into false promises and then taking u turn and that is costing a public great amount of money but this kind of people have one agenda not to analyse any politician by their work but to pretend like they are superior Hindu and have every right to what people can link to Hinduism or not.

  6. OP is just trying to act cool infront of Bhakts. If you feel this is an insult, post an objective analysis of what you are claiming.

  7. Nobody has any count how many times politicians have mistreated common man. Its normal. Bagwat Geeta's teachings cannot be insulted by a pathetic sinful human. So chill.

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