Indianapolis council approves TIF district for Marion County Jail II site

  1. This was kinda given. I spoke up against this in my neighborhood meetings and was kinda patted on the head. Over the last three years, the city has sent me documentation after documentation on how we were going to use this as low barrier to entry homes for those suffering from homelessness. And on each of the docs...I wrote "how long until these are luxury apartments".

  2. I'm just a random internet guy, but in my opinion there was absolutely no chance this would become low-income housing/homeless assistance/anything that would help vulnerable people. The location is too prime and too visible. I can only assume the old APC building is going to be involved in this development too (correct me if I'm wrong). This seems like another chance for Joe and Samuel to make Indy look pretty and attractive to Hamilton County residents while continuing to ignore the actual problems we've been dealing with for decades.

  3. I disagree with you about this. The costs to teardown and rebuild a jail are so high that any reuse essentially has to be will be "luxury apartments" (as to be profitable) or 100% financed by the city.

  4. I live right next to jail 2. Before they closed it down the homeless would sleep around it all the time. Why would I want even more of them to congregate there? That’s just asking for more crime in the area

  5. For what it's worth, all TIF districts have an affordable housing component that requires the developer to include a large portion of affordable housing in their proposed projects, this one in particular. And with regards to how long the affordability will last, DMD is currently enforcing 10, 15, and 20+ year affordability periods.

  6. Just in case anyone is a dumb dumb like me (and the article itself doesn't explain).... TIF = Tax Increment Financing

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