What do you think of my Indian ex? Did I dodge a bullet?

  1. Yeah I thought he'd be like 20-22 years old from how OP described him. Then she mentions his age, and yup you dodged a bullet OP.

  2. I want karma to do its job and I'm wondering whether this girl will be as stupid as me to accept his behavior. Poor soul.

  3. You’d be surprised how many serious runners drink regularly or run on a hangover. This is from a personal experience being in many running groups, many threads on

  4. I was also wondering why the would they post this request for validation in the Indian subreddit. Is it just to show and have Indians validate how bad Indian men are to date?

  5. So you dated a tool for a year and a half, why are you posting here and not the actual relationship advice subreddit? With the exception of the first point (Hindu weddings take days and you are expected to meet/help with your family in the lead up to the wedding) nothing you've said could apply to his Indian citizenship so why ask us?

  6. That's like dodging an asteroid. These are the same people who marry girls from conservative family and abuse them till she dies.

  7. If it was just spending time with fam friends cousins, it'd be fine IF he included you. It makes no sense to ask tou to stay behind 🤷🏻‍♂️ I mean you could have probably enjoyed those barbeques 😂

  8. OMG you dodged a bullet. No loving person will do that to his partner be it Indian. Even if they prioritise family he will respect his partner if it was serious for him. Be happy.

  9. Wow.....you just exactly described my toxic Narcissist ex. Just like your ex, mine also financially abused me. He never had money for us and I used to take care of his many expenses while he spent his money on his friends and frivolous things. Good riddance I say.

  10. You didn't have to ask this to Indians. Any person with that behavior irrespective of gender and nationality is someone to avoid.

  11. Lol what a post, apart from the fact that the guy is Indian this has no purpose being here. He’s a man child and just happens to be Indian, and you’re here looking for people to tell you you were right. No shit you’re right but that’s not gonna be enough is it?

  12. As an Indian- It's him. He's not going to change. Congratulations on dodging that bullet 🥳 Dodged a similar kind of bullet once, it was the best thing that could've happened to me even though i couldn't be sure at the time.

  13. You did dodge a bullet. This dude embodies a typical self entitled guy (I'm a guy btw). Quite a few Indians regard family has the most important thing in the world and I guess this guy took it too far and plus asking you to take care of his family? Thats BS.

  14. Wow. This dude is a champ. Im thirty years old and now with all my friends married off and nobody else to go out with, im only left with an option to sit and vine all day about how i missed few good girls in my life: could have married any one. I am not great at new relations as i feel at this age it’s only materialistic. And now… i don’t know how i can do solo to gym, trek, clubs or even movies. To top it all up wfh is taking me to newer lows. I hardly interact with anyone now

  15. Why did you like him? Is it because of looks or personality or education qualifications or job or a lot of things combined? It depends on what ur looking for. Some girls I've seen don't really care much about spending time with their boyfriends but I really don't understand how girls think in general cuz I'm not one

  16. Kutti is not bitch😅, I think it's a Malayalam word for saying "baby girl", Kutti - baby girl, kuttan - baby boy. He might not have intended anything bad. I myself am dating a malayali guy who gets called "she's now a malayali kutti mol" - "she's a malayali baby girl". But again, idk if that friend meant it bad or smtng.

  17. Asian and Indian men will always keep family as their first priority. Outliers can be there so don’t start in replies but what I am saying is family is very important here . Rest Only you will know better .

  18. For me, it's all about hypocrisy. If he cared so much about his family, why is he in Europe and plans to stay here? Why did he work in another city far from his parents? Oh yeah, he is free to party and get drunk as much as he wants without caring about his family.

  19. On a post specifically trying to highlight the negative stiff about the guy, if this is the best you could come up with, then i don't think he's that bad. So he loves to spend time with friends and family, didn't split bills once, had a passion for running, and decided not to wait in line on one occassion?

  20. Well there is no doubt white girls are better in every department whether it's looks or personality. Don't get insecure. So it's better to work on yourself rather than calling someone "SOB" and maybe you can get out of your pathetic existence. And OP always remember most brown girls you meet will be jealous of you.

  21. He is just a prick, nothing about being a Indian. If anything clubbing is just really unpopular here. He just wants to look cool and most probably doesn't thinks what he did wrong. You dodged a big poisonous bullet, move on from him.

  22. Well, sounds like you were never the priority. When he had to go to meet up with his friends why didn’t he invite you? Or you didn’t want to go along? All on all, I think you’re very lucky the relationship didn’t work out.

  23. You dodged a trainwreck. He will never change. The problem is always him. He might eventually marry an Indian woman and make her life miserable till he breathes.

  24. Just to understand what went on before you fell for him? I know it would be difficult but think about such things always helps

  25. He is a shit head for sure and you're lucky to be rid of him. But I don't know why you have to draw attention that he's an Indian. I don't see how his nationality has to do with him being such a selfish bastard.

  26. You did dodge a bullet. Keeping aside the family bit, the way he left you hanging on multiple occasions, when he could and should have been considerate of you, speaks volume about him. It seems you were a convenient adage to his life and not a priority. You deserve better. Much love. 💕

  27. I am sorry that you still feel like you may have been the problem OP. He seems like someone who was not willing to meet your needs.

  28. You def dodged a missile, but one common rumour is not to masturbate/sex before any major physical activity (dance/race/sports), not sure about scientific backing but wayy common hearing.

  29. For sure dude wanted to date a white women just to look cool in front of his friends once that was done nothing matters to him

  30. Wow, not a bullet, you seem to have dodged a freaking cannonball. The antics you described are truly repulsive. It seems you met one of the worst kind.

  31. This is certainly a one sided story but even then if I assume half of it is wrong, I think this is good riddance and you certainly dodged a bullet.

  32. Definitely dodged a bullet. But the marriage thing, everyone in india is like that. Indian marriages are a BIG thing, ik it's big in Europe too but it's even more in india. But seeing how he didn't fulfill his promises, goos riddance

  33. You were only his western toy i think :( probably bragged a lot about his white gf when he was with his friends.

  34. where do biodegradable garbage belongs in the the dumping pit, no need of carrying garbage around, it's better you ended up things with him sounds like a man child who only cared for himself.

  35. Spending more than the stated time with buddies is normal and not really an issue; often times, we have got to provide our time to them as well and it is not something like prioritizing them over you but the other stuff that you mentioned just puts the impression that he isn't that interested in you. Dogded him for the better, I guess. Wish you peace and happiness.

  36. It is beyond my comprehension how people can be so shitty and pathetic, thank your lucky stars it wasn't for more than 1.5 years (still a long ass time imo), you dodged a nuke

  37. He was texting another women on tinder while he was dating you? I’m sure that’s enough of a reason to leave him lmao

  38. So msny red flags. My gf will leave me without a second thought if I do any of the things listed here also things not listed here. I will also do the same if she ever does anything.

  39. 1.Forget about your ex what ever he is doing, who ever he is dating just forget . 2. Start focusing on your life / your carrier 3. You will definitely meet someone who is perfect for you ,who ll respect you and love you .

  40. Brah, how entitles guys like him can get such caring girl is something that puzzles me. Being an introvert and a shy person who has never been in a relationship, I could only dream of spending quality time with a loving person. IG we value something we lack the most

  41. You dodged a tank. This is the kind of guy that ensures all of us are perceived as a bunch of entitled, man children in the eyes of European/western women. His new girlfriend is going to find out as soon inflation catches up with his lifestyle (which is gonna be soon considering the crisis in Europe) You are fine. Don't put this on yourself. In the land of 1.3 billion you'll easily find a thousand better guys, but that's going to consume a lot of your time. So chuck it and watch some Netflix. Go to Barbeque Nation and stuff yourself with some good food.

  42. This man sounds like an absolute nightmare. It seemed like he expected everything in the relationship to be about him, you were pretty tertiary in your own relationship. Glad you’re out of it, there are better Indian guys out there I’m sure (if you would still want to date Indian men).

  43. He is the definition of asshole. He's not even a bullet, a canon or missile or something huge ass like that. He probably brags to his friends for having foreigners as girlfriends and will definitely end up marrying someone his family arranges for him.

  44. I was thinking in part that is what immature teenagers, early/mid 20s might do but when I read he was 30, you not only dodged a bullet but dodged the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs.

  45. Yup!! It's one of those free spirit people case ... Even I ..as 20 yr can see that he his relationship with this girl is what we casual...the guy doesn't see her as a potential future wife

  46. Both you and your Indian boy friend dodged bullets. I mean there is someone else who would be a better match for your and hopefully same for him.

  47. Oh yes u dodged a bullet. Why was he not taking u with him to all there places ywith his cousins friends breakfast, barbeque etc?

  48. i guess when it comes to a relationship we must think about how the other person makes us feel. if that is bad and that you dont like them you must and should break up with them for your own good.

  49. Thank yourself on two counts , one for ending that relationship and the other for speaking it out here , it's out in the open and you are so done with him.

  50. You are lucky OP. From what I figured out from your post, he was just using you as a sex slave. He wasn't serious about you nor he was serious about his life. I can assure you he lied about multiple things and is still lying to you. Please move on and don't waste your time on him.

  51. Indian men make Blue eyes blonde girls or asian gf only for segs, at the end will only marry beautiful modest IND women who look beautiful without makeup. You westerners or Asians are only for temporary pleasure.

  52. You ever got your socks wet while in your shoes? This guy sounds like a human equivalent. A relationship is supposed to be mutual and equal, and a guy in his late 20s fails to understand that?

  53. Let past be past , any and all discussing regarding him will bring you pain. Hope you get courage to move on .

  54. I think he probably used u....n now with a German girl...he has been using u bcs i guess u are white ...now he is using german bcs she is white too ..the fetish for white women is for real ...damn

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