Colonial Israeli settlers hold a music festival inside the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, in a flagrant violation of the sanctity of the mosque.

  1. People get so salty when you talk about shitsrael. They Expose their inner racism almost every time. Either you hate these Zionists or you suck their cocks just because you don’t like Palestinian people.”it’s a building get over it” Straight from the mouth of a colonizer. Human waste is what y’all are.

  2. Reddit “fuck religion lol” Jews throw party in mosques Reddit “ they disrespecting their sacred land omg oppressors “

  3. "Chosen" to be assholes because our old book and pretend things, are better than YOUR old book and pretend things!

  4. Religions is dumb. Jews, Christian’s and Muslims all have the same god yet they treat each other like crap. What would there god say if he/she/it could come down and see what’s happening? Maybe their god likes all the violence.

  5. The Jews in the video are pieces of shit, the government allows this because there is NO government. Benjamin was corrupt, and the new P.M. resigned. It took a failed election and one successful election for Natalie Bennet, and he is also a total piece of shit. In 2 weeks there is another election and MAYBE finally the government will be stable. Also you were probably sarcastic because the settlers in America enslaved the native population

  6. Look, I’m from Israel. These people do NOT deserve to represent us. These are pieces of shit, and the fact that they come from Israel that shouldn’t mean Israel sucks.

  7. I actually know some people who are Jews from Isreali Background who live in my street here in the UK, they're pretty awesome, I don't personally categorise them as the same is these lot in the video..

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