Would veganism make my IBS better or worse? I have tried incorporating more salads and so in my diet. But it seems to get worse When I do. Certain animal protein doesn’t aggravate it if not over processed.

  1. Some vegetables and beans and meat alternatives are awful for my IBS unfortunately. Animal protein is the least of my problems, but every body is different! Doesn’t hurt to give it a try and monitor your symptoms :)

  2. Everyone is different with diet. For years, being a vegan helped my GI system. But then I couldn't eat fruits or vegetables or fibre any more so it was the opposite. You'd only know if you tried.

  3. This is the way. It’s really important to keep a food diary and work out what your triggers are. One of my major problems is with insoluble fibre and brassicas. I would be a hopeless Vegan.

  4. Ah it really depends, everyone is different. Personally, I can’t digest sugars and fat. I have low pancreatic elastase and I just can’t process too much of those almost at all, even with extra enzymes. Being vegetarian was great until my issues started and then all of a sudden it was wrecking me - fruit is almost completely off limits now. I have mostly written off avocados as well. I find that chickpeas and chia seeds are really helping me though so it’s not fibre per se.

  5. I prefer vegan digestion personally, however its likely much harder with IBS. Limited fruits, vegs, nuts and legumes is really hard to eat healthy. I take a vitamin suppliment while I slowly expand my diet. Can't say if it is better or worse but I won't compromise as long as my blood tests keep comming back good.

  6. My IBS is still triggered by high fat food so the only changes will be the changes you make. So it's no cure all but good luck with the change! Been 3 years for me and I've never had a regret.

  7. I did it for about a year. It was great at first, then around month 6-8 it was awful on my stomach. Varies for everyone.

  8. FYI, as I've gotten older (I'm 60 now), there are less and less veggies I can eat. I've had to remove almost all legumes from my diet. Also lettuce, green beans, and the list goes on. When I eat proteins, chicken, fish, beef and pork, I feel better. I still can eat peas, carrots, corn, small amounts of broccoli and cauliflower. I can eat pasta all day. Good luck with your journey of discovery.

  9. For me, animal products are the easiest on my intestines. Veggie fiber is fine too as long as it's cooked thoroughly. Otherwise too much fiber is bad for me.

  10. I'm vegan with IBS and it's never been a problem. But it's helpful to know what your options are. Being vegan doesn't mean you have to just eat salad. There's so much out there, and a lot of plant-based foods are low fodmap and generally well tolarated for people with IBS. It might also depend on your area and what's available though. Also, portion sizes are important for fodmaps and what you can tolerate.

  11. Well for me personally I got way sicker and had a lot more pain when I tried to be vegan. Honestly I'm not sure why I even tried because I know that a lot of fruits and veggies will make me feel ill.

  12. I'm vegan and it's been working out OK lately. Raw vegetables are pretty much out of the picture because of the insoluble fiber and fruit or any kind of sugars don't work for me because of diabetes. I eat a lot of beans which have been well soaked and thoroughly cooked plus several low gluten grains (brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat and millet) also properly cooked, plus cooked veggies, although I'm just starting to add brassicas (cabbage, collards, kale, cauliflower) again so not completely sure about them. Been off onions and garlic for some time but plan on trying them again at some point.

  13. veganism helped me so much! the only non-animal product that aggravates me now is sugar alcohols (xylitol, maltitol, erythritol, etc) here’s a LONG write up!!!

  14. Lots of sour cabbage, and anything that goes along with it? Best stuff for the guts. Allegedly. It kinda works for me. Ofc i'm eating a lots of sugar lately because fuck this condition, i have stomach pain no matter what at least I can enjoy something.

  15. I've always heard people say it makes it worse and has even been the cause of IBS for some. However, every so often someone will say that it's helped.

  16. It depends on how bad your ibs is it might not change much but it's also very likely to increase your symptoms because some meats are good for ibs apart from red meat obviously, and there are a lot of high fiber foods you won't be able to eat that digest fast like chicken,white/brown rice salmon that have a lot of benefits and help A LOT with irritable bowel syndrome specially on the "worse days"

  17. Gosh there is so much propaganda these days its pathetic. Stick to meat and eggs and build from there. Then try rice. Then try olives, then try cucumber etc. the foundation of your diet needs to be meat and eggs. You will not have any issues.

  18. It's different for everyone. For some people it really helps, for me it doesn't. I react pretty badly to a lot of vegan protein sources but red meat something gives me problems as well, so I'm sticking with chicken and fish.

  19. From my experience, it doesn't make it any better. As a matter of fact, makes it way worse. Because youre consuming so much more fibers, so it aggravates diarrhea, which in hand aggravates constipation. I suffer from mostly ibs-d, so I've found that having a balanced diet that's slightly directed more towards foods that hold bowel (pasta, bread, rice, protein, etc) make everything balanced and much easier. I'm. Not saying don't eat vegetables or fruits, do so they help with easy bowel movement and not cause constipation, but less than the carbs. I'd recommend digestive enzymes as well. I take one a day before my main meal and it seems to do wonders. Good luck!

  20. A lot of vegan foods make things worse for me. I tend to do better with animal based foods like meat, dairy and eggs.

  21. When I try and eat vegan and start consuming legumes like chickpeas, beans etc it’s like I have food poisoning the amount of trips to the toilet is ferocious

  22. Thank you for your answers everyone. I have IBS-D most of the time. Sometimes IBS-C which quickly turns to do when I eat something else that triggers. Bloating during constipation can be really painful. I find eating a little starch with a very small amount of fiber and chicken or beef goes a long way to improving things.

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