At my wits end, is ibs solely the cause for my symptoms?

  1. I forgot to add in the post, i edited it now, my bad. I had an endoscopy which was normal except for some minor irritation and inflammation which I was told was benign. I don’t think it’s entirely upper GI issues since the noise happens everywhere in my guts. It’s just so insane that I can’t even have the pleasure of laying down without this. I’ll try what u suggested and may begin an elimination diet.

  2. oh my gosh yes I have this exact thing you mention with the stomach pressure, gurgling, bubbling as saliva and liquids enter my stomach. It’s absolutely horrible and keeps me up many nights because my gut just won’t stop churning and the stomach pressure. I just want to stab myself with a knife to release it

  3. I haven’t had a barium swallow test. But now looking into it that seems like a good option to figure it out. My gastroenterologist said that aerophagia might have something to do with it and I think so too since I have pretty much chronic belching every time I swallow. He prescribed me an antacid and something for constipation and was hoping that after enough use the symptoms would be relieved. I’m pretty much the same since it all started, and is probably something to do with my esophagus since my upper area always feels tight. If you do a swallow test or make any progress pls lmk, I don’t know what this is but I’m certain there’s a solution. Just gotta keep trying and trying.

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