Graffiti vandal spray paints security guard in the face when confronted.

  1. Bruh? They should've thrown him in jail for 2 years and slapped a 50000 fine. It was malicious assault. Wtf this only encourages more offenders.

  2. Ugh there’s this book i read as a kid about this kid with orange sunglasses because his abusive brother had sprayed paint into his face with his bully friends holding him down. Their parents lied to him and said it was because of a solar eclipse. Then a sinkhole opened up toward the end or something. Anyone have the book title?

  3. Ultra wide Montana more than likely. Edit: I love how this comment got so many upvotes then my other one got nuked love y’all 😂

  4. That would be satisfying. I don't think this is even a security guard though. He's dressed like a regular train conductor.

  5. This was filmed in Queensland, Australia. We don't carry bear spray because you don't see drop bears coming until it's too late.

  6. the train says queensland and it’s from nine news so the video might be from australia where bear spray is illegal. or maybe just unnecessary idk lol

  7. Unfortunately you can't carry anything like that to defend yourself legally in Australia. No knives, guns, mace, tasers .

  8. He got 2 years probation and a $5000 fine. For assaulting a 61 year old rail worker. Disgusting.

  9. While we’re at it, please disown the ones that tag natural landscape (cliffs, rocks, trees, etc…) such a garbage thing to do and 100% of the time the “art” sucks ass

  10. You ever watched an underground graf movie? No one who actually does panels would 'disown' this guy

  11. And toluene which is not good for your eyes. It dries fast, leaving an impermeable residue on lungs and eyes. Can easily blind or kill if inhaled.

  12. Most may not realize how serious that is. Spray paint is toxic if ingested, and can cause permanent blindness. Hopefully the security guy is okay. I hope this guy got charged with assault.

  13. This is when you need the same type of punishment as Singapore dishes out. Even the president couldnt get the little prick off the hook.

  14. Hahah yeah. Reminded me of that one time when 2 Germans came to Singapore and vandalised the trains. No mercy given.

  15. Spray paint is unhealthy to get on your skin. Imagine in both airways and eyes. Poor guy was just doing his job

  16. Not that it means he's willing to lose his sight for $42/hr but this is in Queensland, Australia. Average train conductor gets paid $42/hr. Generally wages are a lot higher in Australia

  17. This guy deserves a swift kick in the balls and pushed into the train tracks, humanity at its worst right here. Absolutely does not deserve anything in life. Poor guy

  18. in another post it was stated that the vandalizer didn’t got charged of anything and was set free after a couple of hours. he's on probation though. the security guard got some health issues after the attack though

  19. The part the pisses me off is when he moves the bottle to go under the guards hands and get his face again. Like dude chill out this poor old dude isn't even a real threat after like 1sec of paint to the face. He was noticeably immediately worried about his safety, not you spray painting.

  20. It's sad theat there is a whole community that supports these people and their actions cause its "art" when majority of the time they just right words in different fonts

  21. Why is that the first thing u think of when u see this video lmao. So weird. No sane person is gonna defend this, but ofc a redditor has to be weird about it

  22. Bro but how tf you think he started? You think he was always famous? He got arrested so many damn times that’s why he’s anonymous because the cops know who he is. He can claim is a copy cat artist. He’s a street artist not a graffiti artist.

  23. Vandalism misdemeanor turned into felony assault…..congrats on trading a ticket for a prison sentence

  24. This is Australia. There's no such thing as a "misdemeanour" or "felony." Either "summary conviction" or "indictable offence," as is the case in pretty much all British Commonwealth countries. Not everyone is American around here.

  25. I do a lot of graffiti and not once have I thought of doing this. Not even as a joke. This is the classic "Skateboard Situation". People, within a certain community, do fucked up stuff to people hust doing their jobs and make it seem like all others, in that community, are shitty people. Literally made me stop skating as much and makes me not want to spray paint as much.

  26. graffiti is good but this dude isnt. Its his fuckin job. edit: i only find the legal ver. of graffiti good(for example, a street in the netherlands or a legal art project) edit 2: i didnt know the difference between street art and graffiti until now👤

  27. Graffiti is trash and nobody needs it. As well as nobody needs that fuckn community. Thousands of dollars to clean up the trains. Any sprayer can suck my dck.

  28. Train writer here. That’s super bogus of him. I’ve had many runs in with workers and we just talk it out and if they wanna call the cops we will get out. If they just want to turn a blind eye we will hurry up and leave. Whenever you confront a worker or injure them it just makes the spot 10x more hot. Think what you want of graffiti but just sharing a point of view of someone who actually does it on this fashion.

  29. Where you writing on the side of a train that can carry people or on the side of random freight cars? If it’s on random cars whatever all freight cars get covered in paint, but on the side of a passenger train would just make the business operating the trains look trashy, and please for the love of god don’t spray paint historical trains just cause you are ruining what could be one of a kind locomotives that are from a long time ago

  30. How about next time they want to call the cops you stick around and serve your punishment for breaking the law? Just a thought.

  31. Human eliminator here, that is super bogus of him. I've had so many runs in with paramedics and we just talk it out and if they wanna call the cops we will get out. If they turn a blind eye we will hurry up and leave. Whenever you confront a paramedic or injure them it just makes the spot 10x more hot. Think what you want of murder but just sharing a point of view of someone who actually does it on this fashion.

  32. Sorry, do you think this situation would have had a better outcome if a firefight also erupted and someone was shot to death?

  33. Yup, that spray paint can blind you permanently/lead to severe breathing problems or even suffocate you. At this point your defending your health and life so it'd 100% be justified

  34. I saw a video like this on YouTube. It was recommended and basically some guy got on a train and spray painted nonsense inside the train and covered most of the walls and some of the floor. I felt sorry for whoever had to clean it and also for the people who just wanted to use the train.

  35. I love graffiti, but this has nothing to do with graf. It just gives a bad name to an already disliked community. What a POS.

  36. People promote graffiti saying how cool it is. I never understood that I just see it as destroying property.

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