Lady throws her dog around like a ragdoll.

  1. What’s worse is that she’s teaching her kid that’s that’s how you treat an animal. Hence the vicious cycle in the world we live in today.

  2. Maybe, but kids can talk so POS like this are taking a risk. With pets they can release 90% of their anger without karma striking back, especially with dogs

  3. Because their narcissism is unfounded so they need a being with enough intelligence to be dependent and they need to feel superior. Or she's just an absolute fucking nitwit.

  4. They adopted that dog and gave the sweet babe a better life. That was the best "instant karma, justice served" ever. I was just talking about it the other day. This lady needs some of that.

  5. For the karma to eventually balance out, she needs to be dragged by the kid, the same way she's dragging the dog when she's older and at the end of her miserable life.

  6. Worst part is the poor animal isn’t even making any noises indicating it’s been hurt. I can only assume that means that it’s used to that sort of behavior. Hurts deep down to see

  7. Animals are like children. They rely on humans for so much. If she does that to her puppy, imagine what she does to her kid when she is angry.

  8. The child is keeping his distance because he knows what’s coming for him next. Seriously disturbing and she should have both taken from her and not just the dog.

  9. This is a video I found on Facebook from the girl that lived in the same apartment complex as this lady. The video has been sent to PETA and the police.

  10. 1- That’s not a lady. 2- even satan bowed down and dimmed the lights as she passed 3- it’s spawn knows to maintain a safe distance at that young age.

  11. Why we as society allow people like this to exist among us I’ll never understand. If we have no problem putting down an aggressive animal, why does this trash get a pass?

  12. I understand what you mean, but many think because humans have a consciousness and are aware of how life works that makes a human death worse than an animals.

  13. Cause this is a human society. No animal kingdom. If you think human life and animal life have same value, you have too much empathy.

  14. I bet her social media is flooded with posts and pics about how much she “loves” that dog and how much it loves her. Too many people get animals just for social media attention

  15. Maybe the dog could trip her up and make sure she falls off the stairwell up as high as possible. And the dog stays behind.

  16. I don’t even care about the dog at this point. Poor child, seems like she doesn’t even notice that he’s a floor below her. Who knows how she treats him

  17. Please for the love of, tell me the person with this doorcam reported her and got the dog taken away. It makes me wonder how she is with the child as well.

  18. i’m so confused. what’s the point of getting a pet if you’re not gonna treat it right?! Someone humans have interesting ways of thinking

  19. I know their is plenty of other dogs just as lucky as mine but sometimes it brings tears to my eyes to know my dog is living his best life because he’s with me and not someone like this.

  20. There's a video making the rounds again of these guys who drag a dog's owner in a pinch/prong collar, pretty brutally, because he was dragging his dog. Then I think they take the dog.

  21. I find it in the midst of "I'm bigger than you, so I'm better in everyway so I'll take advantage of my situation" vibe. It always seems to be the defenseless and frail ones that these people target and it unfortunately never stops. Then again too, people like this can never get help because help is so damn expensive nowadays..kinda gives me the reason why I agree when people end up offing themselves instead.

  22. She just likes the thought of being perceived as one of these ditsy small doggie in the purse types but then comes to the realization that oh this takes effort to own and the fantasy is ruined.

  23. I would see if this is reportable in your area. If she treats her pets like that imagine how those kids could be living.

  24. Thats fucked up, it looks like a little Maltese or similar small breeds..I would send this video to your local SPCA if i were you. And hopefully that dog has a better owner than this shitty person.

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