Server turns a blind eye to his coworkers poisoning customers

  1. I've worked as a professional chef for 22 years literally seen people mess with a guys food only once and he was fired an hour later

  2. Spent a good decade in the kitchen. Have not seen any tampering with food. The closest was when a guy kept complaining his steak wasn't well done enough multiple times so the cook put it in the deep fryer.

  3. A coworker asked me to spit in my friend's drink and I told a manager and she was fired on the spot. And this was at a dairy queen, not even a normal restaurant

  4. Thank you for assuaging my fears. We place a lot of trust in cooks and chefs. I sort of feel like there should be an equivalent of the Hippocratic oath for those in food service, but I won't push it. :)

  5. Same, 20-something years here in kitchens. It just doesn't happen, and if it did it would go exactly like it did in your situation.

  6. I'm sure it happens but I was a waiter for a decade and never saw anything like it. Though I have seen some eat food from the plate they were bringing out, and that's pretty bad to some.

  7. Yea I mean I was an employee and a manager at McDonald’s for like 8 years and nothing like this ever happened… it’s just wild that he says he’s seen it at 7 places but almost everyone here is like.. nah I’ve never seen that haha

  8. after 10 years of working in multiple kitchens, the worst i have seen is cooks accidentally drop food on the floor and try to pick it up and send it out so they don’t have to re-fire it during the rush. and i absolutely say something every time. never ever mess with someone’s food.

  9. The worst I've ever seen during my time was a cook who dropped their tongs during a huge rush and dipped them in the fryer for a few seconds to sanitize them.

  10. I've seen tons of servers steal A straggling french fry (without touching any other fries or food), and have even done it myself when I was younger, but that's not a big deal. I personally wouldn't care if the staff taxed a single french fry off of my plate.

  11. Same 20 years in the industry and it’s extremely rare to see people mess with food intentionally. Doubt many want to lose a job over annoying customers

  12. I've worked and fastfood for some years as a teen and worked in restaurants and pizza parlors off and on for some time and I've honestly never seen anything remotely that foul as op said and I don't think I could turn an eye to it. I don't care how terrible someone is, you don't screw with someones food.... However, I absolutely don't doubt this happens either. I don't understand why people are rude to people who are handling what you'll eat.

  13. I feel like a lot of the wild stuff that people report about commercial kitchens are probably in college towns. creative writing assignments.

  14. I never saw full blown sex in the walk-in, but did catch people making out. Two cooks who were cheating on their spouses. The walk-in was their only privacy. lol

  15. My friend worked at a froyo shop and often closed up at night by herself. I’d stop by to see her sometimes and we’d smoke in the walk in cause there was no cameras in there and then we’d eat a bunch of froyo after.

  16. not the walk-in but restaurants are notorious for a few things. one of them is everyone fucking around with one another…regulars included

  17. It's mostly crying that happens in the walk-in, although I would be lying if I said I never made out in the walk-in.

  18. I’ve only heard of one walk in incident and it was at my current job. It was put to a stop pretty fast when the manager announced he’d be checking the cameras daily. Not a college town, the perpetrators were just wild.

  19. Funny you say this...I just walked in on 2 servers 2 weeks ago in our walk in that is in the basement. I work BOH so I just laughed and went back upstairs. Like I don't give two shits. Just don't do anything on the food.

  20. Ah yes sex in the walk in. Cause who doesnt love having sex in a small, dark, confined space with a very slippery floor that's also freezing cold?

  21. I was a chef for many years. Thankfully I worked in places where I saw little to none of this... The worst I would personally do to shitty customers is oversalt their food haha

  22. They just got their order sent to the back of the queue for us, didn't like it the first time, guess you'll try again in 20 min.

  23. Wasn’t this from fight club? The book went into more detail about all the stuff they did to food when they were banquet waiters

  24. My first job was washing dishes at a "family style" restaurant. We had to wash off any lettuce that came back and put it back in the bin.

  25. Oh, the small places are the worst because health inspectors and law enforcement don't care enough to go after them. The place that I worked would put silverware back onto tables without washing it if it "looked clean enough." Chefs were doing lines of coke off the counters before preparing food on them. The owner's son was a bartender and he had a fake bottle of vodka with everclear in it, so he'd spike girls' drinks with it to get them wasted and try to take them home.

  26. I worked at a similar restaurant when I was a kid. There was mold in the lemonade container one time and when I told the owner she just poured it into a clean container and kept serving it. Luckily they went out of business pretty quickly.

  27. That ideology honestly applies to any service that can affect your health or well being. Don't piss of the guy cooking your food, don't piss off the surgeon about to cut you open, don't piss off the dentist about to drill a hole in your tooth cause of a cavity.

  28. Yeah I believe it does happen, but the stories in this post are made up. Bartenders keeping special bottles for people who are rude? I just don’t buy it. I worked in food service when I was younger and the worst I ever saw was someone dropping food on the floor and replating it and that dude got fired for that and for being a jerk all around. It’s extremely rare and not an accepted practice where a lot of coworkers would see this and no one say anything. Bullshit.

  29. This is fake. 15 years in the industry and only saw one guy rub a pen against his balls. That’s it. No one in any reputable place would do this.

  30. Guarantee this post is fake. I also worked in multiple bars, restaurants, etc. Even bartended at two strip clubs. Never in a million years would someone be able to get away with this. Other employees would turn them in immediately.

  31. I know right, when your a complete dick to someone who makes your food, and them being a dick right back. Unacceptable.

  32. Mmm yes sending the dish back because it's cold or unenjoyable is definitely worthy of unknowingly eating another person's bodily fluids for all sweat. The saying 'all is fair in love and war' does not include enjoying dining establishments probably for a reason

  33. This restaurant I worked at a few years back had a big catering they were doing. Well the one kid they had picking the turkey was new and apparently didn’t pick it to their standards. So what do they do? Well they pull the turkey out of a disgusting ass kitchen garbage can and pick the rest of the meat off. God I feel bad for that newly wed couple. If only they new their marriage was getting kicked off with trash turkey

  34. Worked at a restaurant. The only bad thing was prep cooks didn't wash their hands after cutting chicken and then make salads for tables....

  35. Yeah this doesn't happen, like at all. This is some fantasy created by this person to create outrage

  36. This is why I know food service is going to die. I trust a robot far more than a human being. They can be forced to clean, don't emit hair, skin cells, body fluids or microbes.

  37. I remember being recommended one when I was in Vegas, never ended up going or looking into it but I’m pretty sure they already exist

  38. I just like mentioning that I worked in food service for close to 10 years and never once saw or heard of an incident like that. One guy made a joke about spitting in food once and we berated him for the rest of his shift. This was at a kinda nice spot though, so maybe it does happen at nasty places.

  39. Worked in the industry for 12 years and have never witnessed anything of this sort. I do see cooks not wearing gloves and handling food which is foul but that is about it.

  40. I worked in food service for 11 years (same place), and this sort of thing NEVER happened there. It wasnt even a great place. You have be be an absolute degenerate to participate in this sort of behavior.

  41. Been in thr food industry for 10 years, now own my own restaurant. Never seen it happen and fired a guy for joking about it. Doubt this is even true. Either way she is a shithead

  42. Restaurants that have their staff do this usually get closed down by the Health Department. That's why the penalty is immediate expulsion. No messing around. And OP, your silence IS complicity, therefore, you are as guilty as the perpetrator!

  43. Just so you know this is 100% fake, if it was true people eating/drinking there would be getting sick left and right, the cause would be picked up super quickly and the establishment would be closed down extremely quickly.

  44. It isn't hard to be nice to servers. I've gotten wrong orders, or really fucked up orders just be nice because mistakes happen. A simple, I ordered the fish, when given a steak, they will take care of it. I received nearly raw chicken once, I stated, I'm very sorry to complain and showed them the raw chicken, they were horrified, they fixed it and my meal was comped. I didn't make a scene and I still tipped 20%, including what my meal would have cost and thanked the waiter for being wonderful.

  45. in 20 years as a server, bartender, cook, I've never seen anything remote to this type of behavior. But I've been living in a blue, liberal, snowflake state my entire there's that....

  46. All of that is a felony in NY and by not reporting you, POS, are an accomplice who would get jail time… which you really deserve

  47. I worked in a restaurant and the chef dropped a well done steak on the floor and picked it up and still served it. Also now thinking about it, i never got trained properly neither did the waitresses. I remember one guessing how to make a latte

  48. This is either a shitpost trying to freak people out, or someone who is fed up with shitty customers and is trying to fear monger good behaviour out of people

  49. I've seen cooks that vape in the kitchen (like, a lot), but never piss in the food, thankfully. Your burger may be smoked a la fruit-flavored tobacco cartridge, but I think it's safe to say that in most places, especially mom-and-pop, your food will be fine.

  50. I worked at Jimmy Johns from 15-17. We had a customer that would order delivery 3-5 times a week. He would always tip the driver a single dollar and he wasn't all that close to the store. He would often complain about the most minute bullshit (there's not enough oregano on this sandwich, there's too much oil & vinegar, etc.) and our GM would make the driver remake the sandwich and take it back to him. One time he called in complaining about some non-mistake when we were super busy. The driver at the time was fuming, so he DOUSED the thing in O&V, then dropped the sandwich on the floor and stepped on it. Surprisingly, the dude didn't call back after that one.

  51. Home food are the best , you lazy people should serve yourselves instead always eating outside , the food they give is really easy to make just buy the ingredients and do it for yourself . That way you'll save money and know that your food are safe to eat .

  52. Damn. I don’t eat meat but it’s expensive. If you’re nice about it and it really is off they shouldn’t be mad about it. I get it, they can’t cut into it to be positive. Damn

  53. No. Because the restaurant can actually fix it before you eat it. If you eat it and then complain? Then you just look stupid.

  54. Open kitchens are the best in my opinion, watching other people cook and how they cook is a great way to visually learn.

  55. This is why if I feel the service is horrible rather than arguing and complaining I ask for my bill and walk away. Once I show I'm not happy with the service (which to be fair has only happened once in my life) I pay if I feel I have to (which was the case) but not just I leave, I never come back (To avoid this same situation or the server throwing fluids to my food).

  56. I worked as a bartender for a decade, at a pretty low class joint, and saw someone do something like this once. He was quickly called out, fired and cops were even called.

  57. i’ve worked at various sit down restaurants over the last 5 years and have never seen anything remotely close to this

  58. I’ve worked BOH for 4 years and I’ve never seen anything like this. Absolutely repulsive. I hope this restaurant got shut down.

  59. i have worked the past two years in fast food as an irresponsible teenager and still have never experienced someone messing with someone’s food, at any of my past food handling jobs they would be immediately fired and even most teenagers are above doing something like that

  60. I've worked in many different kinds of kitchens starting as cashier, ending as Chef and not once did I see anyone mess with someone's food. That being said, had I seen someone do something so despicable, I would have reported or fired them immediately and would have prevented them from serving the food they tampered with. If I was aware people were coming in with anything to be ready ahead of time to contaminate food, I would have called the police!!!

  61. Another reason I don’t eat out. 🤷🏼‍♂️ I’d never, ever disrespect a server or a cook but you never know if that person is just having a bad day and you end up on the wrong side of that.

  62. I’ve worked in the food industry before for almost 20 years, in multiple states. I have NEVER seen anyone do anything to a drink or food. Nobody usually has time for that. It’s usually, hurry up and remake this dish so we can do this other stuff

  63. So clearly fake. If whoever posted this was accessory to that much fuckree, s/he would've gotten caught up in it too already.

  64. I've been cooking for 20 years and I've never, nor have I witnessed, someone intentionally fucking with someone's food. And as a head chef now if I saw that happened that person would be fired on the spot.

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