This guy really pulled a gun for this?

  1. That’s brandishing a fire arm “You brandished a firearm in a public place with a firearm capable of being concealed on you—mandatory minimum jail sentence of 3 months and up to one year and a fine up to $1000.”

  2. So, if someone was there with a concealed carry, could they blow this guy away based on the implied threat to the skateboarder????

  3. I’m guessing he purposely parked like that so that inevitably the skateboarder comes close to his car, thus being able to pull his gun out of fear of skateboarder hitting his car

  4. Never underestimate someone with a gun. They may look pathetic but even a pathetic finger can pull a trigger. Stay safe from crazies

  5. I'm not trying to be a badass but genuinely, is this guy serious? They have a camera, 2 witnesses in broad daylight in a parking lot which could have cameras, mans willing to throw the life of a teenager and his own as well as the relationships he's gained over a skateboard?

  6. Me as a non American cannot comprehend how it is to live in a country where situations like these might happen, living in fear constantly. I wonder how you guys cope with this ...

  7. He was waiving it around in public I would have called that in and I am pretty against calling police for most things... That's jail time for him.

  8. What’s sad is they have so much contempt for this pathetic pos and probably don’t realize that he just broke the law and could (most likely not) be charged for assault if they report him

  9. Probably not. Cops wave violations away all the time. Of course it depends on who you are and that guy lands squarely in the cops 'you are one of us' demographic.

  10. Where exactly was the hostile intent from skateboard guy? Was he trespassing? Damaging property? I got nothing except excessive force for a disagreement.

  11. he was taking the paint off the railing, so as i understand that in New Mexico, that is a crime punishable by gun point.

  12. That is called brandishing a weapon and it's a very serious crime, the person doing that could get himself killed since he clearly doesn't know how to handle it, or prosecuted and loose his right to carry it.

  13. Any update? This pos get arrested or anything? He still out on the streets threatening people with a gun?

  14. Why did he wrap his hand all the way around his gun like that? I thought at first he was going to rack it, but he just kept his hand there.

  15. Because he has no idea how to handle that firearm, the cops should get this video. That’s a felony I believe to brandish. Good way to get your CCL pulled pretty quickly

  16. It's more scary to go up against a guy holding a gun like this, than it is someone who is actually using it correctly. I wouldn't trust this man to not shoot someone on accident, or let alone his judgment on if he should shoot someone. Gotta be a loose screw to pull a gun this fast

  17. Regardless of the state brandishing a firearm is illegal. Report him as he should be charged and right to possess a firearm revoked.

  18. That’s actually conceal carry. In Most open carry the weapons must be visible from three side. And you can see him putting it into his pocket at the end of the video.

  19. This was what I came to say. Literally just wanting to show off his gun and would take any tiny opportunity to do so. Wanted to feel big and tough. In his head he was so cool. To the rest of the planet he is a douche looking like he wants to compensate.

  20. I was in college next to where cops trained. They casually joked about "getting to shoot people" way more than I will ever be comfortable with.

  21. Hell if you Brenda's weapon you better use it , just be there should be some charges for that man because his life was not in danger his ego was probably 😄 people like him do not need to own guns take all his guns away

  22. Obviously he wasn’t that threatening but I’d still try and press charges here. Dude doesn’t deserve the right own a firearm and pressing charges might result in him no longer being able to legally own one.

  23. He should be arrested and get a felony for this. Hopefully, somebody recognizes him and sends him a red letter or notice or whatever it is because he should not have a weapon.

  24. I know many of you anti gun ppl don’t believe it but.. Get the cops out on him for brandishing, gun laws are taken very seriously, believe it or not.

  25. You do realize most people aren’t anti gun but rather pro reasonable gun laws. What was the point of your comment to drag people that want some gun control. Fun fact gun control doesn’t mean anti gun.

  26. I feel like he is the opposite of a Tesla driver stereotype. Most Tesla's I see are actually good at parking and I've never seen a Tesla driver with a gun.

  27. In my country we have a little law prohibiting "illegal threatening". I think this would fall under that law. Is that not a thing in 'murica?

  28. No it is very illegal here and I'm willing to bet this guy is in prison for at least 3 months, has been fined $1000, and is now permanently banned from ever holding a gun in his hand again.

  29. What a great example of why we need to make it easier to purchase and carry guns. This guy really makes the point. /s

  30. Pulling a loaded gun out and pointing it at someone is the same as holding a knife to someone's throat, perhaps even worse even because of how effective and easy they are at performing their primary function,killing.

  31. In this guys defense they were skateboarding and not bothering anyone, obviously the next logical step is to confront them and pull a deadly weapon. This guy can go F off and I hope he doesn't have children.

  32. I have never understood the blatant hate for skateboarders. The insurance thing I get. Someone gets hurt snd they sue the place. OK then make them sign a waiver saying they can't and just let them skate. Who cares?

  33. I have a feeling his the land lord and he might have tenants who are complaining at the end of the day it’s private property was the gun pulling necessary not at all small dick energy at its best

  34. Are we sure this isn't just a low-budget film? They have a fairly large camera filming him right there, he quickly pulls up in empty parking lot and parks sideways and draws a firearm in a movie-ish way. Seems like its all intentional.

  35. Nice brandishing a fire arm. Brandishing a fire arm is the same way as saying "I'll shoot you" which in many ways can be considered a threat.

  36. I don’t know the rules in some states in USA. Just have heard that you can use your gun on your property. Looks like the area of any company and the guy in the video is the owner. I would bet that he has asked the skater before already to leave the private area but they wanted to finish their video. I wouldn’t take out a gun but it’s disrespectful to skate in private ground and jump on the railing which is not made for this force. The guy on the skateboard is provoking but jumping extra even when he parked his car there to stop them. Better would be to call the cops for trespassing when the guys won’t leave if you ask for it.

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